Hot Wheels Nitro Speeders Review and Giveaway!

What little boy doesn’t love cars.  With two sons, my house has seems to always be filled with the sounds of “zoom” and “uuurk”!  It has helped transform me from a girly gift into a rough and tumble boy’s mom.  And through out it all, I have learned to love cars!  Now Hot Wheels has taken it to a whole new level with their Nitro Speeders!  These are tiny little cars that pack a punch!

We were sent a Hot Wheels Nitro Speeder to try and J-Man immediately fell in love with it!  I had not told him it was coming and as he opened the box, his eyes turned into saucers and he let out a squeal of delight!  Of course we had to immediately take it out of the box and find out how everything worked.  Both my little guy and my big guy (the hubs) were entranced by finding out how to get everything charged so they could get this car racing around the house!
The instructions were very easy and the car was put together in no time at all.  I have to just say, this is the coolest little car I have ever seen.  And then we put it down on the kitchen floor and ZOOM – it took off!  This car is fast!  And I don’t mean little kid fast.  I mean lightning fast!  The amazed look on all of our faces was priceless I’m sure!  For such a tiny little thing, it sure can go!  It is extremely versatile and can be used in anywhere your child imagines.  We have had ours on a racetrack, in the glass cake saver (it makes a surprisingly good circular track) and all over the house.  It drives well on both carpet and tile and holds it’s charge great for tons of play time!
This is a FANTASTIC toy for little boys (and big ones too)!  It is a huge hit in our household and is sure to be one in yours as well!  I do have to warn you to keep it in an area that is free of small spaces (we lost it under the fridge twice and after the hubby pulled out the fridge two times we decided it was a living room activity).  Even with those little instances however, I would rank it as a top boy’s toy!
To find out more about the Hot Wheels Nitro Speeders, be sure to visit their website HERE!  And if you want a chance to win one of your own, you’re in luck!  I’ll be giving away a Nitro Speeder just like ours to one lucky reader!  Just use the simple Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win!


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