Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop – Week 25

Welcome back to week 25 of Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop hosted by Shelly from My Saving Game and Jeannette from The Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug!  J-Man and MillerBug are back from vacation and we are ready to hop!  Thank you all for helping make this hop so successful!  We love you tons!  Now what are you waiting for?  Let’s get to hopping!  We are finding some fabulous blogs through this hop and having a great time getting to know so many of you!  So thank you for linking up again this week to those of you who are hop veterans and welcome to those who are new!  Let’s continue to make new bloggy friends and increase our traffic! We do have a few simple rules for you – nothing too tough though.  So here we go!

1.  Please follow your hostesses My Saving Game and The Advetures of J-Man and MillerBug.  Leave us a comment and we will follow you back! (If you already follow us on GFC, we’d LOVE it if you would follow us on Facebook or Twitter.)
2. Please follow our guest co-host who this week are Kadie from Seven Alive.
3. You don’t have to post our button but we sure would like it if you did. Not only does it help our hop grow so we can all get new followers, but each week we will choose a guest co-host and to be considered you must have our button somewhere on your site!  If you post our button and want to be considered for guest co-host, please email me at to express your interest.
4. You can link up blogs, facebook, twitter accounts, whatever – just be sure to specify what each link is.
5. Hop around and find blogs that you enjoy. Be sure to tell them you are following them from Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop so they can follow you back!
6. Have fun!


  1. echo says

    When i try to add the button my blog says URL contains illegal characters. What am I needing to do differently? I tried it on the add a Gaget on blogger

  2. mmbear says

    Stopped by for the blog hop and just wanted to say Thanks for hosting. I am already following!


  3. Ama_La_Notte says

    I love this blog hop! I'm hoping to get some new followers as well as followers I had before. I somehow accidentally deleted all 64 followers!! Eeek!

  4. Bunny Jean says

    Hi, I came from Katie's Seven Alive in a doublewide blog. She was #3 im my Bunny Hop Party last week. I entered my party… I hope that is ok, if not just remove it :)

    I also entered my other blog "the BIG blogroll".
    I hope you will come by to check out how it is different from other blogrolls.

    I am also following all three of the hosts.
    xoxo Bunny Jean

  5. Nordyke Academy Blog says

    I hope I can also say here I am having a My Homeschool Friends Blog Hop on our blog also and I love making new friends and I will follow if you follow me ♥

  6. KG Style says

    I did forget to mention for all of my blog NEW blog followers, I am running a contest so follow my blog and I will give you more information.


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