Midweek Hop Along! I’m Co-Hosting!

I’m co-hosting this week’s Midweek Hopalong!

Are you looking to meet fellow bloggers?? Do you want to grow your readership and following??  Sure!  Who doesn’t!  Well, now you can by joining in this fun new blog hop!
The Rules are Very Simple:

1.  Add your BLOG to the linky. You can also grab the button off the Fabulous Finds sidebar HERE and add it  into a blog post about this hop.
 2.  Follow the two hosts, Fabulous Finds and Musings of a Stay At Home Mom and the co-hostess of the week,  ME from The Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug!
3.  Follow as many blogs was you would like.
 4.  For every blog you follow be sure to leave me a meaningful comment, they will probably follow you back.
5.   HAVE FUN!!
 I’d love it if you would spread the word about Midweek Hopalong! Tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter so they can join the fun! Thanks for sharing.


  1. Denise Taylor says:

    Thanks for the hop I am following you now on GFC, Twitter, and Facebook. If you could follow back at http://savingmoneycanbefun.blogspot.com/ that would be great.

  2. Lynchburg Coupon Mama says:

    Thanks for the HOP! I'm still learning but I really enjoying these because I have found some wonderful blogs to read and follow along the way! :) I would LOVE to get more followers over at Lynchburg Coupon Mama as well! http://www.lynchburgcouponmama.com Any advice, ideas and encouragement is welcome :)

  3. Sherlinda Dix says:

    Thank you for the HOP


  4. TheHotGlueHangover says:

    This sounds so much fun! I love doing these and am always looking for new blogs to read!

    - Natalie

  5. Sherlinda Dix says:

    I appreciate the opportunity to join a HOP. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for co-hosting!

  7. Rachel Daly (Punksy) says:

    On my way to hop over to my fellow bloggers' blogs – thanks!


  8. Thanks for hosting :) I'm new to this, but it's great to meet and follow other sahms!

  9. Thanks for co-hosting. Excited to check out the blogs of my fellow bloggers!

  10. Thanks for the hop, I'm already a follower of your great blog!!

  11. Life it Happens in Oceanside says:

    Good morning, Mid week blog hop sounds fun. I am a real newbie and looking for help. My blog is about Oceanside Ca, so if you are coming to visit or want to know where something is hop on over. Oceanside is next to Camp Pendletom base too.

  12. I love these mid week blog hops!
    My blog is Southern Belle and I write about family, food, homeschooling, fashion and beauty.

  13. Hi! I'm an old follower of yours but joining this hop for the first time for my new blog. :D Thanks for hosting!

    Green Mama Monologues

  14. Susie B. Homemaker says:

    New follower from the hop (I'm also in the BSMB group). Happy Wednesday :)

  15. Hi, Thanks again for the times that you host this. It has made my blogs both find a lot of new followers, plus I have found some fascinating bloggers to read. You really have done a big service here.

    Dixie Goode

  16. SoCal Sweetheart says:

    hoppin on the hop!


    new followers are welcome!!! hope ur having a great mid week

  17. Aspiring New Moms says:

    Thanks for the hop! I enjoy following :)

  18. Roscoe Ramblings says:

    Thanks for hosting! I'm now following you via GFC!

  19. The Not So Functional Housewife says:

    Thanks for the hop! I'm on my way to follow!

    The Not So Functional Housewife

  20. Amethyst Phoenyx says:

    I added my link
    My blog is just about me and my thoughts, my life and so on…October is coming so I am changing some stuff up for the holidays that are coming.

  21. Kids in Denver says:

    Thanks for co-hosting. I'm excited to find some fun new blogs to read.

  22. Amanda Anne says:

    Thanks for the link! I'm a new follower!


  23. O'Brien Home says:

    Thanks for the midweek hop! Sounds like a lot of fun! :)

  24. Thank you so much for hosting this midweek hop! It's so glad to know I don't have to feel like an island unto myself in the bloggy world.


  25. msjamesteagall says:

    Thanks for hosting :) New follower here!

    Jamie Anderson
    msjamesteagall@yahoo dot com

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