DIY Christmas Craft: Adorable Fingerprint Snowman Ornaments!

Each year we try to add a special, “personal” ornament to the tree.  One that the kids have made at school or something we have created at home.  This past year, I have been really into crafts made with the kid’s fingerprints so we combined the best of both worlds to create a fun, easy ornament that looks amazing on the tree!  I hope you will enjoy creating this ornament (and a special memory) with your child this year! If you need some crafting materials, you can use these Crayola coupons to help you save!
Fingerprint Snowmen Ornaments
What You Will Need:
1 Clear Glass Ornament (crafting stores have ones specifically for DIY projects)
Various Colors of Paint (White, Red, Black, Green, Blue, Orange)
Small detail Paint Brushes
Fake Snow
Holiday Ribbon
Start by pulling out your clear ornament.  Have you child wash their hand well and then cover the inside of their fingers with paint.
The size of your child’s hand will determine how many fingers you can fit on your ornament.  Since J-Man has pretty big hands, we ended up just putting three fingerprints on the ornament.  I held the ornament and he pressed his three fingers firmly across the face of it.  I then pushed each finger down and “rolled” them to make sure that the entire finger showed up.  Your ornament should look something like this:
These fingerprints will be your snowmen.  Set your ornament aside and let it dry completely before you begin your detailing work.  Once the paint is completely dry, you will want to add eyes, mouths and buttons to your showmen.  To do this take a small paintbrush and place black dots for the eyes, in the shape of a smile and for the buttons.  Then draw on a small triangle for the nose.  This is where you can really get creative!
You can now add hats, scarves and more – let your child figure out what they want their snowman to look like!  They can be silly or serious, cute or scary!  It is all up to you!
Once your ornament is completely dry, you will want to add the snow to the inside of it.  We found that using a piece of paper rolled up works really well!  Just take your piece of paper, roll it into a funnel and have your child hold it in the mouth of the ornament.
Slowly pour the fake snow into the funnel.  Depending on the kind you use, it can be a little sticky but go slowly and you will be able get it in.
Now, attache a bow of your choice around the top of the ornament and a hook and you have your finished project!
Finally, allow your child to hang it in a place of honor on the tree!


 You are sure to enjoy your beautiful ornament for the holiday season and treasure these little fingerprint snowmen for years to come!


  1. Maggie C. says

    I've painted some of my grandmothers ornaments (clear ones), but I've never thought of putting anything in them. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Anna at Mama Writes says

    This came out so cute! What a good idea, the ornaments look like a lot of fun to make and it's nice to have something that you and the kids made together to hang on the tree. Definitely something to remember when I want to do crafts with my little one!

  3. Jessica Parent says

    absolutely adorable-saving to my favs to do with my kids next christmas (I was just gonna let them pour glitter and paint inside to decorate the glass bulbs this is much more personalized and a keepsake!)


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