Five Everyday Items that Make Great Toddler Toys!

Moms, you know that toys for your little one can get quite pricey.  Just look around the next time you’re at Walmart.  There are a variety of toys with balls, buttons, noises, light and more.  But here is what these toy boxes don’t tell you.  Yes, they may entertain your toddler briefly but in the end you are going to end up with a corner full of toys collecting dust!  So, how can you entertain your little one and keep your wallet full at the same time?  By finding items around the house that bring hours of enjoyment – that’s how!  So check out these five everyday items that make great toddler toys!  You’re child (and your wallet) will thank you!

Everyday Item #1:  Spoons

For some reason, children LOVE spoons.  The can bang them together, put them in and out of containers, carry them around and more.  Now, you might just find yourself in trouble the next time you have soup for dinner but your kiddo is sure to get hours of entertainment from this simple item!  Try putting a few spoons into a pitcher or large bowl and set them in front of your child.  You will be amazed at how this simple item will both capture your child’s attention and allow them to perfect their dexterity!

 Everyday Item #2:  Pots and Pans

You might want to get your earphones out for this one mamas but it’s a sure fire way to keep the little one busy for hours!  Before you start this activity, you need to either decide and pull out the pots and pans that are safe for your kiddo or purge the cabinet of anything dangerous.  We went with the second option and even added a few things that were sure to create hours of fun.  Yes, your cabinet will be a mess after this activity.  But it will be well worth it seeing the look of concentration on your child’s face as then bang, stack and build using your pots and pans!

Everyday Item #3: Tupperware

Tupperware is a fantastic toy!  Not only will your child be enthralled with trying to snap lids into place, these are essentially big blocks that can be built with.  A great idea is to create a tupperware drawer just for them – somewhere they can reach.  Then take all your mismatched tupperware (I am fully convinced that the dishwasher eats pieces of tupperware – much like the washing machine/sock phenomenon) and place it in the drawer.  This is the perfect toy for your child while you are cooking dinner or washing dishes.  They can stay close to you while still having fun and being creative!  This is a favorite in our house!

Everyday Item #4:  Paper Towel Rolls

This is a really fun one for the kids!  I buy my paper towels in bulk from Sams so we always have plenty around the house.  These are perfect to stack and roll and have a good old time with.  Your little one will be thrilled that they are big enough for him or her to really hold onto and the squishy feel will entertain their senses.  You can either pull out the paper towel rolls or leave them in the pantry for easy stacking!  You do need to keep an eye on your little one during this activity if you leave the plastic covering on the rolls (which is highly recommended – shredded rolls of paper towels are not a good thing).  Sit down and stack the paper towel rolls with your little one and see what you can create together!

Everyday Item #5:  Plastic Totes and Boxes

What child doesn’t like the oversized box or tote?  This is a fantastic toy that almost anyone has in their home.  Save those boxes when you buy large items or appliances!  And if you don’t have big boxes, pull out a large storage tote and leave the top off!  Your little one can crawl in and out, put items in and have hours of fun!  You’ll get some of the cutest pictures ever while they are having a blast!

These everyday items are just a start!  There are tons of things around your home that your child is sure to be taken with.  Let them explore (make sure the area is child proof first) and find things that stimulate their little brains!  You might jut be surprised at how everyday items provide hours more fun than store bought ones!

What items around the house do your kids love to play with?


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