Flapdoodles and Taradiddles: Do Your Kids Tell Them?

Little white lies.  We all tell them every once in a while.  Hey, most of us don’t even consider them really lying. Just stretching the truth a little bit right?  Well, I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately.  You see, J-Man is in the stage where he likes to embellish.  OK, OK, he likes to lie.  And while the lies he tells are not earth shattering, as a parent you have to set that precedent that lying is not OK.  That there is no difference between a little white lie and a massive, bold faced lie.  Because for children, one of the worst things you can do is make that line blurry…..

But at the same time I have learned that as a parent that I must choose my battles wisely.  And that if he can discover the truth in the difference between right and wrong for himself, the memory that it leaves behind will be much longer lived than any impression left behind from a speech by his mother.  So how do I teach him without the impression that I’m correcting him?  How do I leave behind a memory that will last throughout the years?  I do it through

Flapdoodles and Teradiddles!

What are these crazy words that sound like the creations of Dr. Seuss?  Let’s take a minute to head over to the good old Webster dictionary and it will all be come clear:


Flapdoodle is synonymous with baloney, bull or bunk!

Taradiddle is synonymous with a tale, lie, untruth or just plain out whopper!


So what is it about these words that will leave a lasting impression.  Well, it’s the simple fact that you can turn an important life lesson into something memorable and make a correction fun.  You can take a situation that could leave a negative impact and create a lesson that will stick with your child for life.

So the next time your son or daughter tells you something that you just know to be false, take a minute to call them out on their Flapdoodle or Taradiddle – and create a lesson that sticks!

Try out these simple phrases:


You know that taradiddle is going to get you in trouble don’t you?

That story was full of flapdoodle and you know it!


Once you stop your laughter caused by the confusion on your child’s face, you will have opened the door to a meaningful conversation about lying and why it’s wrong any any form.  And I can pretty much guarantee you that you will have created a lesson that will stick with them through the association of a fun word.

So think about it mom (or dad)!  Correction doesn’t always have to be harsh.  And life lessons can be fun.  Just be careful how well you teach them or you may get called out on YOUR next flapdoodle or taradiddle!


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