Baby Fever!

Growing up, I would have never considered myself a baby person.  They were loud, smelly and usually had some kind of goo on them or coming out of them.  So, embracing motherhood was a very reluctant task for me.  And while it is undoubtedly one of the most amazing things I have ever done, it’s only been in the past year and a half that I have truly fallen in love with being a mom.  Prior to that, I loved being a mom, but I also loved my career.  And my social life.  And lots of other things.  But recently, motherhood has wrapped it’s all encompassing tentacles around me and taken hold in a way that won’t let go.

And as my boys get older and more independent, all I can think about is babies.  I see them everywhere.  All of my friends seem to be pregnant.  And I long for another little person.  Yes, it is official – I have baby fever!

And then today it happened.  MillerBug pushed my hand away and was ready to start attempting things all by himself.  And my heart sunk.  Because no matter how much I sometimes complain about the constant neediness of my children, I can’t imagine them not needing me.  And when I try to, it makes me even more desperate to keep them little.  And fuels the desire to have another little one to love and tend to.

So how do you make the correct decision for your family?  How do you know when to stop and when to try again?  Some of the worries that burden our minds are finances, school costs, room in our three bedroom home.  Do you just ignore these things and follow your heart or do you stop where you are and make sure you can provide the best possible for the children you have?  These are the questions that I’m faced with.  And must find answers to.

Because if I’m going to present the possibility of another baby to my husband, I better have some great solutions to these problems to back it up!

So, do I follow my heart or my head.  Do I jump back in to the craziness of another child just when the older ones are starting to need me less?  Who knows!  Only the future will tell.

What do you think?  Is there ever a time when you know you have enough kids or will there always be that desire to feel movement in your belly and see a new life created?


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    It is definitely an individual type of thing.. for me, I have 6. I got baby fever every 2 years and even now my 4 year old is my baby and I think about having another one. I love kids though and always knew I wanted several. I just want to be content with what I have, regardless of the number. Would I welcome another one, yes. Am I content with the 6 I have, yes.
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    You’re closer to being home free! Find a new hobby to take up your time lol.

    I know I am done. :) Maybe when I’m older and they’re all gone I’ll get baby fever, but then I’ll just get a dog or something LOL. I never wanted kids when I was younger.. I couldn’t stand babies! My 7 year old is the same way, she turns her nose up when she sees/hears babies lol.
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  3. Shelly says

    I think you one day have that feeling like “I am done.”! I didn’t feel like that until we just returned home from China with #4 (only three weeks ago). Before bringing home Alex, I never felt “done”…I always felt “one more”. But seeing how I just celebrated my 40th birthday and we now have 4 kiddos ages 7 & under….four grandchildren ages 6 & under…and a day that doesn’t go by that I feel well -tired…I am done. I know you may not want to hear this, but from reading your post, I do believe you are NOT done my friend…{plus you are young enough to do it again lol}

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    I know what you mean. The finances and space are an issue. I have an 11 month old and have baby fever! It’s because they grow so fast in the first year! I long for my little one to be a newborn again! LOL We know we want at least another one even though finances are tight as it is already. With us though, we are christians so we trust in God for our finances. He’s given us a desire for more children so we know He’ll provide for us when we do have another.
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  5. Reese says

    Oh how I love giving birth! If only living in the Philippines were that easy, I could afford to have 5 kids. I want a big family but unfortunately we are experiencing the consequences of living in a hardly developing country making it unreasonable to have so many kids. And we surely want to give each of our children a quality life they deserve so we were stuck at two.

  6. Robin Quick says

    I’ve had baby fever once or twice since my youngest was born. He is now 14 and doesn’t need me for hardly anything! However I’m glad I couldn’t have anymore. I couldn’t see myself at 42 running after a baby , getting up for 2 a.m. feedings, diapers and etc. Having another child is your choice. You know in your heart if you truly want another child. If you do then go for it. If you wait until “the time is right” it will never come.

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    It’s such a difficult decision. To be honest, my husband and I are debating whether we should go for a second. Our first 6 months with our first, while so precious, were rough. Now that we’re almost 9 months in, things seem manageable and he’s SO much fun…we wonder, should we mess with the balance?? (Stopping by from the weekend blog hop.)

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