Zarbee’s All Natural Cough Syrup Review!

Cough and cold season has been mean at our house this year.  It has seemed like one child or the other is sniffling, sneezing or hacking constantly!  And it is often hard to know where to turn to offer them relief.  I’m hesitant to use strong medicines because of not knowing what type of reaction they will have but also hate to do nothing and see my little one’s suffer!  But now, I’ve found an all natural solution that leaves both them AND me feeling better!  Zarbee’s All-Natural Children’s Cough Syrup is a safe, natural and effective way to treat you’re little one’s cough and cold that delivers big results!

So, what makes Zarbee’s stand out from the rest?  Well, it’s pretty simple!  Made with Zarbee’s Special Honey blend, which is a combination of antioxidant-rich wildflower and buckweeat honey, clinical trials have show it to be the safest and most effective treatment for soothing sore throats and calming coughs in children!  There is no risk off scary side effects or overdose either which this mama loves!  And check this out (because I’m ashamed to say I so didn’t know) – Detromethorphan (DM), which is the most common over the counter treatment for coughs IS NOT suppored by the American Academy of Pediatrics and has been banned for children found years of age and younger!  Since my little guy is 15 months old, that is a pretty big deal for me!  And the thing that I love about Zarbee’s is that it calms coughs instead of suppressing them – leading to a healthier and quicker recovery!

Over the last week, we have been able to try Zarbee’s with MillerBug and have been super impressed with the results.  His cough has calmed down considerably and he seems to sleep better at night!  With great tasting flavors to choose from, it has not been hard to get him to take his medicine and I feel good knowing that I don’t have to watch him like a hawk for crazy side effects!  This will be an addition to our medicine cabinet in the future (and a replacement for the other cough syrups we have been using) since it has proven it’s effectiveness and safeness!  In fact (shhhh, don’t tell anyone) I caught the hubby drinking some of the night time Zarbee’s the other night to soothe his cold!  And it worked!

I am thrilled to have found the Zarbee’s line and I’m sure you will be too!  Zarbee’s is available in original cough syrup in great grape and cherry flavors as well as a nighttime cough and cold drink (2 years+)!   You can buy Zarbee’s online by visiting their website and be sure to like them on Facebook to get the latest news and special promotions!  Be sure to check them out and then prepare to say goodbye to coughs an colds in a safe and natural way!

I received one or more of the items mentioned above to facilitate this review.  Regardless, all opinions are 100% my own!


  1. natalia ellin says

    ty for the review on this i really wanted to buy this for my daughter because shes always sick and wanted to try something thats natural , now that you say it works , im gonna go get it for her ! ty so much!

  2. Rebecca Parsons says

    It makes me wonder why anyone would use “unnatural” products, because of all the possible effects of them. Great review, thank you

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