Expect Greatness with Britax and an Amazing Infant Seat Giveaway!

Winner: Carol Gowett!  Congratulations!

You’ve all heard me rave about Britax.  In my opinion, it’s one the must have baby brands, combining quality, comfort and top of the line research to produce products that keep your little one safe and secure!  And now Britax is touring the country in the Expect Greatness tour to show YOU just how phenomenal they are up close and personal!

Since Britax is one of the sponsors of the highly anticipated “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” movie, which can I just say, I totally can’t wait to see, they are traveling the country in special Britax and What to Expect vans to give fans the thrill of their lives!  How so you ask?  Well, Britax is rolling into cities across the US, including Charlotte, NC (Woot Woot)!  So listen up fellow North Carolinians because this is a don’t miss event!  On May 5th (yuppers, this weekend!) Britax will be at Destination Maternity located at 4716 Sharon Road in Charlotte, NC from 10AM – 3PM as part of the Expect Greatness Tour!  How amazing is that?

So what kind of greatness can you expect at this amazing event?  I’m so glad you asked!  Included in the event will be great giveaways, great discounts, great parent education and of course, the great quality of BRITAX!  Are you totally excited yet?  I so hope you will come out and join us (yes, J-Man, MillerBug and I plan to attend as well) to win super prizes, get tons of valuable information and be part of a memorable event!

But wait, for all of you who aren’t lucky enough to live in this beautiful state I call home (kidding, kidding, I’m sure your state is just as fab), you can still enter to win great Britax prizes – both here on the blog and through a national completion!  So, first, the big daddy prizes!  As part of the Expect Greatness Tour, Britax is giving away over 25,000 of fabulous Britax products!  And anyone can enter for a chance to win!  So head on over here and get your entries in, like, NOW!  There are a ton of super fabulous prizes people and one of them could be yours!

But, again, wait!  Because what fun is a party without a little favor of our own!  Sooooo, Britax has graciously agreed to let me give one of you lucky readers a black and silver Chaperone Infant Seat!

Featuring the anti-rebound bar on it’s base which stabilizes the child seat by minimizing rotational forces associated with front and rear collisions and the quick-adjust, no-rethread harness that allows you to adjust harness shoulder height without disassembling the harness straps, this infant seat is sure to make your life simpler and baby’s ride safer!  Designed for rear-facing travel with babies up to 30 pounds, the Chaperone is infant travel protection at it’s finest!  And now it can be yours!

Let me say as well (as if these giveaways could really get any better) that winning either the in-store giveaways, the national giveaways or even my Chaperone giveaway could put you one stop closer to getting your very own Boulevard 70 FREE with Britax Registry Rewards!  When you purchase (or win, or are given) one of the eligible products from each of 5 categories on the New Parent Checklist, you will receive the Boulevard 70 for free!

WOW, is Britax amazing or what?  All this talk of prizes, parties and phenomenally safe products has me ready to do the happy dance (and I just might for you all at the event on Saturday!).  But until then, let’s get to entering for some great prizes!  Again, don’t forget to enter to win one of over $25,000 worth of amazing prizes from Britax by going here and definitely don’t forget to win the amazing Chaperone Infant Seat exclusively through The Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug by using the easy Rafflecopter form below!

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    • Danielle Nelson says

      After giving away all of our baby stuff and now surprise expecting number 4 winning some baby stuff would be such a blessing :)

  1. Jessica Hays says

    I have lots of girlfriends who have britax car seats and they have nothing but good things to say about them!

    jessicaahays at hotmail dot ocm

  2. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    just a name that i know and have faith in their products
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  3. Maegan Morin says

    Britax is consistent with excellent quality and innovative features. They are always finding a better safer way of doing things!

  4. Andrea says

    Britax is great because of the level of research and testing that goes into their products before they sell to the customer!

  5. Patricia Williams says

    Its a trusted brand and I feel safe when one of my children is in one their products.

  6. Rebecca Wood says

    Britax seats are comfortable and safe for baby. I have heard nothing but good things about them.

  7. Jill H says

    Their products are top of the line, well made, sturdy, and all around worth the price. My husband is big into safety and won’t let me buy any other brand.

  8. Amanda Alvarado says

    Because they are one of the safest out there and have had extensive testing done on their car seats to make sure they are the best!

    • Thuy Vu says

      sorry I did not answer the question. They are the safest with many straps and harnesses. Drives me crazy to install but I feel better just using them

  9. says

    Britax is like the go to for anything baby. I have a Britax for my daughter now and love it. I’m due in Nov. and will need one for the baby:) I really want this for the comfort and saftey that it provides.
    Melissa Harris recently posted..I am the child…My Profile

  10. amy pugmire says

    because of their reputation. I have only heard great things about their products and I know it is the number one baby brand on the market

  11. Jessica Eaton Ledford says

    A name I can trust, never heard a bad thing about Britax! (and I had one with our first child and loved it!)

  12. Erin Rok says

    Britax is a well known company, known to make great quality products and I trust them to keep my child safe

  13. Jessica W says

    We have a few Britax products, and I love them! However, what really makes me love a company, is when they stand behind their products and customers. I have placed several calls to Britax customer service and never once have I hung up unhappy. They always go above and beyond!

  14. Sharon says

    I have only ever heard good things about Britax and the book “Baby Bargains” has excellent reviews on their car seats.

  15. ashley swistak says

    love the brand. love that there is a distribution center in clt, nc… love the safety ratings!

  16. Nikki Moore says

    As far as I’m concerned, Britax is the best there is! My 2 yr old DS had been in his Boulevard for a year and a half now and it still looks brand new. Not to mention all the amazing safety features!

  17. Candice Hull says

    They don’t just focus on the look (even though it looks great) they really focus on the design and safety. They don’t skimp on the parts and just go with the cheapest way to make it, they make it the best way
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  18. K.Pugh says

    I equate Britax with greatness because of the strong, stylish nature of their products. I have never seen or heard a bad review anywhere.

  19. Maggie says

    Britax has some of the safest features in the field. I know my baby and children are safe in their seats.

  20. Danielle Davis/Grady says

    Ive always heard great things about Britax! Ive just never been able to afford one! I would love to win!
    Thank you!

  21. Addison Kat says

    I equate Britax with greatness because I love their car seats. They seem so much comfier for my kids than others and they have an awesome reputation!

  22. Wendy O. says

    I think Britax is a reputable company that keeps a child’s safety as a priority. We’ve only owned Britax carseats and have loved them all. I wouldn’t purchase anything else!!

  23. Andrea says

    Britax has kept my daughter safe through 2 car seats. I equate Britax with safety and nothing is more important than keeping my family safe.

  24. brenda says

    i was just at a travel expo and got to see several of their products first hand. I am so impressed with the construction and design of their products…

  25. Trasina McGahey says

    Britax is a very well known brand and you don’t get that way without having quality products!

  26. Christine M says

    I equate greatness with Britax because it has kept not 1 but 4 of our babies safe as they rode in our cars and van. I couldn’t imagine using anything else.

  27. Brittany C. says

    Britax equates Greatness because research goes into every product they make, ensuring that they are both mommy and daddy approved! Plus, they love their customers!

    brittchelette at gmail dot com

  28. Amy Bailey says

    I love Britax brand because they have a higher safety standard than most brand and this is VERY important to me. :)

  29. Paul T / Pauline T says

    Britax has made its name in the baby product industry. The brand has earned the credibility and loyalty from its customers. That is what stands out in people minds when they think of quality. – emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  30. Alyssa says

    I’ve never used it myself, but I’ve heard good things. I also remember britax products being around for a long time in my childhood.

  31. tamar says

    Britax has high quality stuff. I have the Marathon 65 but now I have a second child (she’s 11 days old!) so I need to think larger :)

  32. Stephanie H says

    I know that it is the brand perferred by my brother and all of my friends that have children. It is the only seat that my brother will use with his 2 children, because their carseats protect them from a side impact colision.

  33. Annmarie W. says

    Britax products are so sturdy…they don’t fall apart. So that means safety…which I equate with greatness!

  34. jessica schueler says

    BRITAX has been a leader in mobile safety for more than 70 years, with a legacy of leadership in developing innovations that enhance the safety of child car seats and improve their ease of installation and use. I love that they are so big on safety!

  35. Erica C. says

    Pretty much all the mothers I know trust Britax and have no complaints about their carseats…so why wouldn’t I start with Britax!

  36. R Hicks says

    Britax isknown for their high quality products and they are engineered for saftey!

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  37. lisa bolduc says

    A great marketing move was top name their Products after what they are… For example b-ready can be ready to use right away!!

  38. Karla Sceviour says

    Its a brand I have heard alot about ,all being good things! I havent heard anything bad about them at all.
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  39. Deborah Hogue says

    Britax has high quality standards and they test their equipment to ensure its going to keep your child safe.
    That’s why it would be an excellent carseat for my grandson

  40. Jessica Hays says

    The best advertisement is word of mouth and all of my friends recommend britax!!

    jessicaahays at hotmail.com

  41. amberlyn johnson says

    Its a great brand with quality products. Have had a few friends have great experiences with this brand and would love to try it myself

  42. Lisa L says

    It’s a great brand that makes durable, safe products. We’ve been in a car accident before & the Britax carseats we had kept my kids safe

  43. Sally says

    I have never used the Britax brand but have hear rave reviews & definately could use the the carseat since we just found out we are expecting (can we say suprise?) and gave all our baby stuff away last spring.

  44. Nancy says

    I equate Britax with greatness because all of the scientific study and thought that was used to design their products to be so very safe!

  45. kindra baron says

    because it’s a well known brand that I’ve heard talked about a lot! it’s nice to know when others use & trust a product.

  46. Ellie Wofford says

    I associate it with greatness because I’ve never heard a complaint about them from people who own them! Ever! :)

  47. carol lewis says

    I really consider this the TOP brand in baby and toddler equipment. The quality is just there and TOPS.

  48. Nicole O'Hare says

    Britax for me is all about safety. I know every time I buckle up my 3 yr old in his advocate 70cs he is safe and confortable. I would love to win this b-safe seat for my newest addition due July 16!

  49. Cee Love says

    I have not actually had the chance to try one of their products, but having 2 kids I can say that is the best and safest looking car seat I have ever seen!

  50. christie kammerer says

    The name says safe and good quality and there is nothing more important than your little one.

  51. Colleen Fuller (mattandcolleen fuller) says

    I have heard so many great reviews on safety! That is why this is a great contest for me to win! Thank you!

  52. Gene says

    Britax is known to be safe. Our convertable carseat for the toddler is a britax and now it is all we are planning on using with our 2nd. This would be a huge help for baby due at the end of the summer!

  53. James says

    We love Britax and for the safety and quality we are converting most of our gear to Britax! The best! we need this chaperone and love the impact bar on the base!

  54. Michael Welle says

    Because we’ve owned multiple products and have never seen such outstanding customer service from another company! We recommend them to everyone!


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