Finding the Beautiful Me Beneath the Allergies with Allegra #CBias #ClearBeauty

Dopey.  Sneezy.  Stuffy.  No, these are not the missing dwarfs.  These are descriptions of how I feel daily thanks to allergies.  Living in the South, I’ve suffered from allergies all of my life.  Every spring as the flowers bloom, my nose starts to run, my eyes start to water and complete and total exhaustion overtakes my life.  And while it has always been bad in the past, this year (due to a very mild winter) my allergies have gone to a new extreme.  I cautiously stick my head out of the front door and am greeted with a half inch thick coating of pollen.  I know what is going to happen the minute I step outside.  But it’s Spring and I must go out – with puffy eyes, red nose and tons of tissues in tow!

And so out into the pollen filled Spring I have gone.  Only the person going out hasn’t been the beautiful Spring me that I have wanted to see.  Instead, it’s been a sniffy, watery-eyed version of me that is honestly not very appealing!  I am constantly asked if I’m upset (no, my eyes just water all the time), if I’ve been crying (no, my nose is just perpetually raw) and if there is anything anyone can do to help (yes, rid the world of pollen!).   The symptoms just seem to get worse and worse and honestly, I’m tired of feeling like a droopy, withered version of me!  I want to outshine the flowers and in order to do that, I knew something HAD to be done!

And this is where things started to change.  Through a visit to CVS, my allergy problem found it’s solution.  Because by adding Allegra to my daily beauty routine, I was able to rediscover the old me!  The one that is not confused with Rudolph on a daily basis!  The one that can breath and feel great and play outside with my kids without the need to constantly clutch a tissue!  Because CVS has everything I need to beat my allergies this season!  Just look at how sure they want to be that I’m prepared! 

And they provide a wide array of options to make sure that I find the allergy medicine that is best for me!

I can go back to wearing makeup without worrying about my mascara running down my face!  I can put on powder without worrying that it’s going to make the redness of my nose more visible as it comes off.  And so, with the help of Allegra and some other great beauty supplies from CVS, I’ve found a completely made-over Spring me!

I know, you’re skeptical.  But seeing is believing right!  So let me show you the transformation that I was able to make.  This is me prior to starting to use Allegra and the fabulous beauty supplies I purchased (I so can’t believe I’m showing you this – eek – but it’s necessary for you to fully understand the difference that Allegra made).  Notice the red nose, the watery eyes, the dark circles.  But I couldn’t do much to improve on it with makeup because it would all come off due to sneezing and my eyes watering.

So, here is what I did.  First, I added Allegra daily.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            I was amazed at the instant change I felt.  My nose stopped dripping, my eyes stopped itching and my throat was no longer scratchy.  And since I was feeling so super fab on the inside I wanted my outside to match!  So, I picked up some Rimmel London mascara (I can wear it again – yeah!), some foundation to smooth on my not red nose and some blush to add a rosy tint to my cheeks!  And this is what happened!


Now, does this look like an allergy sufferer to you?  Because to me, it looks like a healthy, happy, ready to go outside and run after my kids mama!  Whee!  And that is something I can get excited about!

So, stuffy mom – listen up!  Runny eyed mom – take note!  Are you ready to make a change?  You can!  Because during the month of May, you can get a 30 count of Allegra for just $17.99 with your CVS Extra Card!  With those savings you can add in some makeup to perfect your look!  And if you need some inspiration , be sure to pop on over and checkout the allergy makeover game!  You’ll be able to learn some not-so-obvious allergy tips and secrets AND have a chance to win a $50 CVS Gift Card! 

So, my Spring look is now fresh, fun and completely allergy free!  Is yours?  To find out more about Allegra and how it can help you enjoy an allergy free Spring, be sure to visit the Allegra website and check them out on Facebook and Twitter!

And don’t forget to check out my Google+ album to see my entire Spring Allergy Makeover shop!  You may just find the inspiration you need to create a fun new you!

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    Cute pictures!! :) I feel your pain – my seasonal allergy symptoms seem to have gotten worse over these last few years but my poor baby girl… she has food allergies, skin allergies and seasonal (all year round!) allergies! It can defnitely take the mood right out of Spring and Summer. Glad to hear you’ve found something to help you!
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