Skype Helps Make this Busy, Multi-Tasking Mom Successful at Communication on a Daily Basis!

A few weeks ago, I told you about how Skype helps me bridge the distance and stay in touch with my mom.  I showed you the delight on my children’s faces when they got to connect with their grandma through a visual experience instead of just over the phone.  But I thought it was important that I come back and tell you a little more.  Because for me, as a busy work at home mom, Skype is my lifeline to online success!

Running my blog and balancing my family life can be a little challenging at times.  I often find myself trying to juggle calls and emails and statuses and many other personal and impersonal ways that I have to connect with people.  I’ve been very fortunate to be able to immerse myself in this fabulous world of bloggers and have had some great opportunities to travel, promote amazing products and share stories of my life.  But sometimes, in order to make the connections that make those opportunities possible, I need to see someone face to face.  And that is where Skype comes in to help me out with my everyday life!

On a daily basis now, I use Skype premium to help manage and connect my world.  There are so many amazing things that I can do with it and I wanted to share how I’m able to use some of those features to help make me successful at juggling a home life and my growing blog.  I showed you in my previous post how Skype helped me connect with my mom but much more often I need to connect with fellow bloggers or colleagues and Skype gives me a great platform to do that!  With Group Video Calling, I can eliminate the need for hundreds of emails between multiple people and instead sit and talk to the people I am working with face to face.  And I love nothing more than to start my day that way!  So, once I’ve had my cup of coffee and gotten going, I Skype chat about projects, upcoming events and possible collaborations.

That’s a great feeling and a great way to connect with my peers on a much more personal level!  And, let’s admit it, it’s fun to see people’s faces and know who you are working with!

But that’s not where I stop using Skype on an daily basis!  In an 24 hour period, there are so many ways that I utilize Sypke to make my life easier!  For example, screen sharing.  This is one of my favorite Skype features because it allows me to take a presentation or a chart and share it directly on my screen with whoever I’m talking to.  I don’t have to worry that it didn’t go through on email or that they are not looking at the right thing because it puts ME in control of what is shown on the screen!  Daily, I will send power point presentations, sample proposals, traffic analytic shots and more to the people I am working with in order to better understand and improve my blogging practices.

Additionally, instant messaging through Skype is huge!  Yes, I know, I know, I’ve been telling you how important personal contact is but sometimes you just don’t have the time.  Or you just need to shoot a quick message to someone to let them know that a project is complete!  I do all of that with Skype Instant messaging!  And while I’m doing that, I can see friends and colleagues Facebook Statuses as well so that I know they are out somewhere and don’t expect an answer!  Because of the ability to do all these things, I keep Skype open on my computer all day long as use it throughout the day as the hub of my communication activity!

Skype has really amazed me with how it gives me the ability to connect in so many different ways throughout the day.  It makes my work life easy.  It makes me efficient.  And it makes it possible to communicate in any way I need to through one easy to use platform!

And of course, at the end of the day, it’s all about staying connected with those that I love.  Because lately I’ve been getting to travel more and more and when all the business is done and everything is put to bed for the day, I want nothing more than to see my husband and children’s smiling faces.  And Skype allows me to end my day that way anytime I can’t be with them.  And while it’s not the same as getting a big hug in person, it’s a great way to make me feel like I can have it all – family, work, balance!

The use of these amazing Skype features daily allows me to stay connected, organized and in touch in a much more personal way than I ever have before!  On just about any day, you can enter my home and find me with my headset on conducting business or enjoying family time thanks to the amazing features that Skype has to offer.  For this busy mama, it would be impossible to do what I do, to connect to those I love and to balance it all without the help of Skype!

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It’s time to say more and stay human. It’s time for Skype.

Compensation was provided by Skype via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Skype.


  1. says

    I love skype..I use it when travelling for work to stay in touch with husband and kids! Also love that my kids can get on and see and talk to their grandparents. I also love that my grandmother uses email..makes life so easy..I can email photos of her grandkids, scan pictures they make and send them…all without having to buy stamps or leave my house!

  2. A.Smith says

    I didn’t know you could screen share on Skype. My daughter uses it to talk to her father but that’s the extent of the features I’ve seen. Lots of great ideas here to look into.

  3. says

    Awesome points. I have been using Skype for years for business but I honestly went to FaceTime for a while. I realized that its not great for communicating with people who don’t have apple products. Back to Skype I go. Thanks for the pointers!!

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