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Back to school time can be somewhat stressful in our house.  As a mom, I’m always trying to figure out what items the kids need, what to pack for snacks, how to dress the kids for that all important first day and even what to wear myself to make a great first impression on the teachers.  Most of the time I end up frustrated, frazzled and not having any of the items I originally set out to get!  And while that’s not so different than my everyday shopping experiences, one thing is vitally different – J-Man’s excitement over the first day of school.  You see, for a nine year old everything must be perfect that first day.  He must have the right supplies, the perfect outfit, the right lunch packed and the cool looking mom.  Because first impressions to a child are everything.  And if you like us and going to a new school this year, the stakes are high to have items that show the world that you and your child have got it all together.

So what’s a mom to do?  I struggle with knowing what items to buy and then being organized enough to purchase them from the correct places.  Add two bouncing children to the equation and I’m lucky if I’m sane by the first day of school most years.   But this year, I’ve got a secret weapon.  One that is helping me get all the items I need for back to school success!  What is it you ask?  Well, I’m going to share it with you so that you too can come across as super mom with mad organization skills this year!  It’s the ISSU Back to School Guide!

So what is this holy grail of back to school guides you ask?  Well, it’s only the best thing that has happened to busy moms planning for back to school needs ever!  Featuring amazing brands like Elmer’s, Tyson, Sear’s Style and Cookie’s Kids, this guide will have you organized and prepared for the first day of school in no time at all!  Let me show you what I mean!  There are four important categories in our home when it comes to back to school shopping:  Supplies, Food, Kid’s Clothes and a Back-T0-School-I’ve-Got-It-All-Together-And-I-Rock outfit for mom!  Do those categories sound familiar in your home?  Well, here’s what the back to school guild does.  It breaks down those all important categories and offers real mom’s opinions on each one so that it’s easy to be organized!  Take school supplies for example!

The Elmer’s School guide gives you great ideas of what supplies will be helpful for your child’s back to school list!  I mean, come on, what ready to go back to school child can live without Elmer’s School glue and Elmer’s School glue sticks?  Those are two of the essential of childhood!   Add in the fabulous Elmer’s 1st Day app for your iPhone and Elmer’s Paint Markers to customize notebooks, folders, shoes and more and you’re ready to go back to school in style!  This really helped me get focused on the things that I needed and when I compared the guide with my son’s back to school shopping list from his school, I was pleasantly surprised to see how many items both had in common, letting me know that this guide has me on the right track!

Now let’s move on to category two:  Food!  you all know I have two boys and they eat like crazy!  So it’s important to me that I find items to fill their lunch boxes with that are good for them and filling as well!

This Tyson guide has great ideas for lunches and snacks that are sure to keep the kids fueled for fun!  And it was really  a new idea in my head to send chicken in their lunch boxes but J-Man is so very excited about it!  He says he will be the coolest kids around with a lunch box full of Tyson’s Popcorn Chicken and Chicken Nuggets!  Add some fruit to the list and we’re set on the back to school lunches.  Wow, this guides is really making things too easy!

So, supplies – check!  Lunches – check!  Now on to clothes with Cookie’s Kids!

My son attends a school where uniforms are mandatory and while you would think this would make things easy, it really doesn’t!  Because you still have to find the right colors and shoes and accessories to make it all work and Cookie’s Kids is perfect for this!  With amazing prices on brands you know and love, they have options for uniform AND non-uniform looks!  I love the real mom suggestions regarding clothing looks for back to school styles.  After all, I’ve been raising a baby this summer and am not quite up to date on what the newest looks are so this is hugely helpful in knowing what trends J-Man will need to be up on going back into school!

And then finally, there’s me.  I guess with school starting I’ll have to trade in my bathing suit and cover up (AKA my summer uniform) and find a respectable outfit for meeting teachers and J-Man’s new friends the first day of school!  And the Back to School guide can even help me with this thanks to Sears Style!

With great ideas and suggestions to beat the frumpy and frazzled mom first day of school look, this guide is all about ME!  I mean, look at the outfit in the center of the page – it’s fun, it’s summery and it looks totally comfortable!  That’s an outfit that screams “Yes, I’ve got it all together and my kid’s teeth are even brushed!” which is really what I’m going for on the first day of school!

The Back to School Guide is perfect for this busy mama!  Because it give me  way to get organized, find all the items I need and overcome the back to school anxiety that I sometimes feel.  I know that by utilizing this guide, I can be back to school ready in style and have J-Man fully prepared.  So no more running around like crazy trying to figure out what we need!  Instead it will be the Back to School Guide and a highlighter for me!  After all, where else can you find one easy to navigate resource that will help you get completely school ready?

So now you’re in on my little secret!  And next week I’ll be showing you just how well it worked in helping me find a back to school outfit for ME!  After all, back to school time is not just exciting for the kids – it’s exciting for the mamas too!  So check back in to see how this guide helped me get ready for J-Man’s first day back in rockin’ style!  But until then, here’s your very own inside look at the Back to School Guide so that you can get organized, find great ideas and get ready for back to school!




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  1. Sherry Compton says

    Hadn’t heard of this but THANK YOU. School time is crazy….clothes, shoes, supplies, kids excitement and worry. You are going twenty directions trying to mark items off the list at prices you can afford. You get to the store and are overwhelmed by brands and colors, and you haven’t even thought about school lunches and afterschool snacks. This guide looks like it will really help.


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