Making Football Season Memorable with a Snickers Minis Football Cake Recipe #SnickersMinis #CBias

With football season gearing up, it’s pigskin madness around my house.  My J-Man is a HUGE football fan.  Since he was two years old, he has gone to football games with his Papa and has been cheering for the Carolina Panthers basically since he could talk.  But this year, with his Papa no longer being with us, he wanted to do something special to make football season memorable; something that would honor the importance of the sport and how much his Papa loved it.  And I just knew that something had to have some chocolate in it!  So I brainstormed.  I wondered if I could overcome my lack of baking skills and create something really amazing.  And then I came up with it!  A football cake that would commemorate how special football was to J-Man!  And fill up his belly with some yummy goodness too!

DIY Football Cake

So, with an idea in mind and a sketch in hand, I loaded up my football loving boys and headed off to Walmart to pick up the necessary ingredients to make this vision a reality.

I had a visual image of the cake that I wanted to create and I knew that it involved Snickers Minis.  Snickers are a favorite in our household and, let’s face it, they make anything taste better so I knew that I wanted to incorporate them into my creation.  We headed to the bagged candy aisle and quickly located the Snickers Minis.  But, with this being a epic football creation, just regular Snicker Minis would not work.  They had to be special.  They had to fit the football theme.  They had to be Snickers Brand NFL Minis!  And as soon as we saw the Snickers Brand NFL Minis display, we knew that our creation was beginning to take shape in our heads!

Armed with our Snickers Brand NFL Minis, we headed off in search for the rest of the ingredients for our cake.  My idea was to make a Chocolate Double Layer Sour Cream cake but to give it a football inspired twist!  So we picked up the items we needed.

We then headed home to start creating what was sure to be a spectacular treat!  We started out by laying out all the items that we needed.  The ingredients listed below are for a single cake.  We doubled the cake ingredients since we knew we needed two cakes for this recipe.


1 Box of Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake Mix

1 Four Ounce Box of Chocolate Jell-O Instant Pudding

1 Cup of Sour Cream

1/2 Cup of Water

1/2 Cup of Vegetable Oil

4 Eggs

Chocolate Icing

White Icing and Icing Tip

Snickers Brand NFL Minis


We started by baking our cakes.  We needed two large rectangular cakes to make our football shaped cake.  So we mixed the cake mix, Jell-O, Sour Cream, water, oil and eggs in a large mixing bowl and spread them into two well greased rectangular cake pans.  We then cooked them on 350 degrees for 28 to 30 minutes.  We had to check them carefully to make sure they were not overcooked since with the Jell-O and Sour Cream there was a very fine line between gooey and dry.  Once our cakes were baked, we let them cool and then flipped the pans upside down to remove the cakes.  We placed icing on the top of one layer and then laid the second layer on top of it, making sure that the dome shaped side of the second layer was facing up.

Once we were sure our cake was completely cool and set, we took a large knife and cut off the sides to shape it into a football.  This was easy to do and all it required was cutting a moon shape of cake off of each end.  This step didn’t have to be perfect because I knew I had plenty of icing to fill in any holes and really make the shape come together.  We were left with a cake that looked somewhat like a football but still needed a little help.

Now that the cake was cut correctly, we were ready to put icing on it and really make it into a football.  Using a butter knife and chocolate icing, I added and shaped and rounded the edges to give the cake the shape we were looking for.  It was easy to fill in some of the holes and give it an even look by just adding additional icing to the areas that needed it.

Once our base cake was completely finished, we were ready to add the detailing that would really make it special!  For this we had the Snickers Brand NFL Minis and white icing.  Once of my goals was to really give the cake a clean but almost three dimensional look so we took the snickers minis and used them to outline the perimeter of the cake.  This served two purposes.  One, it added a nice dimension and was super yummy!  Two, it allowed me to cover up the icing smudges at the bottom of the cake.  So, we simply unwrapped the Snickers Minis and lined the bottom of the cake with them until they wrapped all the way around.

Once the Snickers Minis were firmly in place, it was time to add the finishing details.  To do this, I simply used an icing bag filled with white icing and a regular round tip.  I was able to create laces on the ends and in the middle of the football using double lines.

Once all the details were in place, all that was left to do was add some end goals that J-Man had painted to the ends of the aluminum covered board and decorate with the team logo’ed minis!  And our final product could not have been more amazing!

Pin It

After admiring it for a little while, it was time to see if it tasted as good as it looked.  With the chocolaty inside, I was sure that it had to!  And by using the Jell-O and Sour Cream recipe, we were ensured a moist and tasty treat!  So, we cut it open, got ready and tested it out.

And our beautiful football creation got everyone’s enthusiastic seal of approval!  In fact, it tasted even better than it looked!  It was so good that it’s been requested for birthday cakes later this month!  Woo Hoo!  It’s a touch down for mom!

To see more on how we made this amazing Snickers Football Cake, be sure to check out my google+ album!  And don’t forget to check out Snickers on Facebook and Twitter!  After all, without Snickers Brand NFL Minis, this cake would not have been the same!  So, go!  Get ready for football season!  Make your own Snickers Football Cake and enjoy it while you cheer on hour favorite team!

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  4. What a fun cake and easy to make. Would be perfect for Sunday football party or a little boys birthday party!
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  11. PERFECT for football season! I wish I was going to be in the office for our football themed pot luck this year because I’d TOTALLY wow everyone with this! I wonder how it would be if you diced up some of the Snickers Minis and added them to the batter… I may have to try that!
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  13. Jenna Wood says:

    It looks delicious! I wouldn’t mind some of the snickers either!

  14. Nena Sinclair

    You did such an amazing job, I’m so impressed! You can tell your son is impressed as well! This is something he’ll always remember and think back on when he’s older. What an awesome mom you are!!

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  20. Jessica Beard

    This looks so cute and yummy! You are talented! I think I’ll bake a cake this weekend.

  21. how adorable! i’m not a sports fan, myself, but i’m a big fan of chocolate cake!

  22. Mike W Davis

    I can’t think of a better way to remember his papa and football all in one– It looks great you did a great job with a treasured treat– and built another great memory.Every child needs those special dedicated moments to remember, I commend you–

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    Yummy!I love this cake . I am wondering if I can create what you did but with a different shape . Iam not a sports fan but my family is a lover of music so I might make a music note or an instrument. thank you so much for the recipe

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    I love the cake! I have never done a cake like this but after seeing this I am going to give it a try. My husban is a big football fan & he would love this.

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    Im so into baking! I love it and u have some really neat ideas! Thanks! :)

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    What a cool cake. I love it and i have football fans in the house. Great for Superbowl

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    That looks like a great cake … sounds like you had a blast making it and just as much enjoyment eating it … love it!!


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