How to Turn Any Room of Your Home into a Kid-Friendly Haunted House!

My boys get really into holidays.  And Halloween seems to be one of the biggest.  It is just a dream for any child to get to dress up, eat tons of HERSHEY’S candy and run around scaring each other.  And since I have two boys, scary is what they do best.  So when HERSHEY’S BOO BLVD. gave me a chance to share our ideas for  creating a haunted house, the boys and I were both thrilled!  However, one of them is still a little young so this year, we wanted to create a haunted house for him that would be fun, age-appropriate and a way to make Halloween decorations a family event!

Now, in the past we have not done too much decorating on the inside of our home.  We do pumpkins on the front porch and decorations on the lawn but taking on the indoors in scary style was a whole new challenge!  Keeping that in mind, I knew the first thing I needed to do was come up with a plan.  I will fully admit, I have this horrible habit of going completely over the top.  But with my busy schedule and my limitations on what I could do that would not drive the hubby crazy, I knew I needed to create an area of the house that could be fun; one that could be spooky but kid-friendly.  And one that would not overwhelm the rest of the house (since I’m so obviously leaving it up for the entire month of October!).

After brainstorming and talking to my son, I had a plan!  We were going to transform the kitchen into a haunted kitchen with a little time, a few key ingredients and a lot of creativity.  We started out by making a trip to Walmart to gather our supplies.  My biggest tip here is choose a theme and stick to it!  Keeping things simple is super important!  You will find that a small area can be overwhelmed with too many items and will lose the feel that you are going for!  So to start our transformation, we knew we needed spider webs.  After all, what haunted house has been dusted lately?  And since I didn’t think the hubby would go for me slacking on the cleaning for a month just to create the right look, we decided to go with a bag of webs instead.  This is a really quick and easy way to give any room of your home a spooky feel!  You buy the webs in a large bag and then just take it out and spread it where you want it to go.  There is no messing up with this – the more you pull and stretch, the better it looks!  So we started by covering our chandelier putting some spider webs on the table and a little on our glass doors.

But what good are spider webs without spiders?  I am a huge lights person and love them for every occasion so when I saw creepy crawly light stands, I knew I had to have them!  And while a glass door can start out being simply innocent, with a little deconstructed cloth and a string of spider lights, it can turn into quite a fright!

Next was the kitchen table!  I had a few really good ideas for this part of our room.  We started with more spider webs and a big black cauldron.  But in order to stick with the haunted house theme, we needed some potions to keep things scary!  So, I enlisted the help of the kids, who filled various sized glass jars with water, food coloring and fake eyeballs!  We then set these around the cauldron and added some big black spiders to give things a really creepy look!  Finally, we added some worm filled dirt treats by filling small containers with chocolate pudding, crushed Oreos and gummy worms!

This created a look that was both creepy and fun!  Once everything was in place, we had a Haunted kitchen that was ready for anything Halloween had to offer!

Halloween Decoarting Ideas

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The best part of creating this Haunted kitchen was doing it as a family.  That is what makes Halloween something the kids enjoy.  They know we will go trick-or-treating together.  They know we will carve pumpkins together.  They know we will create costumes together.  And now they look forward to the tradition of turning the kitchen into a Haunted kitchen together!

For those of you who are looking for a way to make Halloween memorable this year, I highly recommend creating a Haunted House that the kids (and you) will remember for years to come.  Through our experience I picked up a few tips that will help to make it easier!

– Be creative!  Look at ideas online but in the end, go with what you like.  If your kids are older, go really scary.  If they are little, like mine, you can still have a spooky time but have it rated G!

– Don’t over think!  Halloween is a little boy’s dream holiday because it is about all things gross.  Go with it!  Make eyeballs out of grapes.  Create dirt and worms.  There are endless ways that you can make the holiday fun.

– Don’t be scared to use items around the house!  There are everyday items that can be super spooky!  Make potions with water and food coloring.  Use Jell-O to create a slimy treat.  Don’t be hindered by budget or time constraints!  Instead, let your creativity flow free!

– Don’t get so wrapped  up in how it will turn out that you miss the fun.  Let your kids be a part of the planning.  It may not look fabulous to you but to them it will be a masterpiece!

– Have fun!  Create memories that will last long beyond Halloween.  After all, a Haunted House can be scary or not, but creating it will always be memorable!

– Don’t forget the HERSHEY’S Chocolate!  At the end of all your hard work, you will want (and need) a sweet treat!  And the kids will love the fact that they don’t even have to leave the house to Trick-or-Treat!

Above all, enjoy your Halloween!

To see more of my inspiration and how we created our kid-friendly haunted house, be sure to visit my Pinterest board!

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Good luck and Happy Halloween!

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  1. essijay says

    ohh i love the green goo with eyeballs on your table!!
    my favorite Hershey’s product was the bite-sized kiss-shaped cookies they used to make – but bah, discontinued (all the good stuff is, isn’t it?!) so my favorite now are the miniatures (Krackel, Mr Goodbar, special dark, orginial all mixed in one bag!)

  2. jo says

    You’re going to make me choose one hershey candy?! Ok, well, then I guess it would have to be Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

  3. I. Bou says

    I’m 100 Years old (LOL) and I still love Hershey’s Candies……….I still break the pieces off and eat them as I did when I was a kid :)

  4. clynsg says

    My favorite Hershey candy is the Hershey Kiss–especially the mint ones, which I have actually only found once. Don’t know if it was an experiment or not, but they worked for me.

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