Patti Gail’s Culinary Concoctions: Spicy Tuna Salad Recipe

So, here lately I have been eating a lot of protein bars for lunch.  They are quick, easy and keep me going.  Notice I did not say that they were tasty in any way though.  So when my mom sent me her recipe submission for the next Patti Gail’s Culinary Concoctions, I just about jumped up and down!  Because it took one of my favorites, tuna salad and gave it a twist!  It’s high protein!  It’s healthy!  And it’s absolutely delish!  So, here you go – today’s concoction that is sure to make your mouth water!

Spicy Tuna Salad Recipe

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What You Will Need

1 Can of you tuna (you can substitute canned salmon or chicken if you prefer)
2 Pepperoncinis
1 Tablespoon of Artichokes
1 Tablespoon Sun dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil
2 Tablespoons Manonnise
1 Teaspoons Cilantro Herb blend or Fresh Cilantro
1/2 Teaspoon Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy Seasoning Blend
1 Teaspoon Sunflower Seeds (optional)

How to Make It

Start by placing all of your measured out ingredients into a bowl.

Then mix all of your ingredients together well, ensuring that your tuna is broken up and evenly distributed throughout the mixture.

Now, how easy was that?  And much tastier than a protein bar, right?  Finish your delicious tuna salad off with chips or crackers, a few grilled peppers and a little chocolate and you have a perfect lunch for yourself or to share with girlfriends!

Now go eat a great lunch and enjoy how it tastes!

Patti Gail (AKA Mom to me) is the mother to two grown children and four grandchildren.  From a young age, she has cooked amazing meals using creativity and flair.  No two meals ever taste the same in her house because she adds in different ingredients and a dash of love to each!  Her concoctions have been known to fill bellies, produce smiles and encourage family meals that no one wants to walk away from!


  1. Lynne says

    Thank you – tuna salad is made often for lunch here because it’s quick and easy…this still looks quick and easy, but also lots tastier!

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