Finding Diapers for Even My Little Squirmer with Huggies! #HuggiesWalmart #CBias

There are not many things about toddlers that are predictable.  But the one thing that is predictable is that they are constantly going.  Constantly moving.  And it takes a tough diaper to keep up!  As a mom, it’s a good day for me when I can reach down and not be greeted with a wet rear end or change a diaper and not see a rash.  And since it is a given that MillerBug has to have diapers that keep up with him but still keep his skin rash free, turning to Huggies was the only choice that really made sense.

I’ve trusted MillerBug’s rear end to Huggies since he was a tiny baby but I’ve become even more dependant on them since he has turned into a wiggly, squirmy toddler.  Because if my child is one thing, he’s a mover and a shaker.  And for me, it has been hard to find diapers that keep up with his constant movements.  But since I know that Huggies are a brand I can trust, they are constantly on my shopping list.  And since Saturday is shopping day at our house, we packed up the family and headed to Walmart to see what kinds of deals we could find!

Now, if you’re anything like me, you know what you’re looking for when you go shopping.  But you also want to get those items in the most economical ways.  And lets face it, diapers are a pretty big expense.  So I was really hoping to find some deals on the diaper aisle that would help up save some money for the holidays but still keep MillerBug dry and happy!  So we headed over to the diaper aisle to see what we could find and how we could save!

Now, tip number one that I always follow when buying diapers is to buy the larger packs.  It’s a great way to pay less per diaper (and to avoid frequent trips back to the store for more).  So, I quickly located the boxes of diapers on the bottom shelf and was super pleased to see that beloved Roll Back sign on my Huggies!  Woot!  Woot!

With the special packs on Roll Back, I was looking at some fabulous prices and what mom doesn’t love that?  I located the size 4’s and was thrilled to see that I could get 98 diapers for just $22.94!  That is less than 24 cents a diaper and a little more than 2 cents less per diaper than one of their biggest competitors!  And while a 2 cent per diaper savings may not sound like a lot, when you use as many diapers as we do, it can really add up!  So, thrilled with my find and the size of the packs, my decision to trust Huggies was once more confirmed.

I added my Huggies Snug and Dry diapers to my cart and picked up the rest of the items we needed for the week.  Then we headed to the register to check out and head home (because, just between you and me, somebody was in need of a diaper change!).

Once we arrived home, MillerBug was all too ready to get a new Snug and Dry diaper on!  In fact, he didn’t even want to go to the changing table and was just super ready to dive right into his new box of diapers.

So, I know, I know, you saw that these diapers had a great Roll Back price but you want to know what else makes them so special.  Well, having tried just about every brand of diaper out there at some point in my two boy’s lives, I want to tell you (and even show you a little).  Huggies Snug and Dry are the top diaper that I have tried that both keep MillerBug dry and help me avoid nasty diaper rashes!  As a baby, he was super pre-disposed to really nasty diaper rashes (I’m taking the type that make you as a mom cringe). That was why I tried about every brand of diaper out there to find one that worked for him.  And Huggies always did.  I would notice less diaper rash with Huggies than with any other brand!  And now that MillerBug is a toddler, there are some other great Snug and Dry features that are just as useful.  Take the waist band for example.

The stretchy waist band allows you to really let your baby move while still getting protection from leaks.  Instead of cutting into your child’s tummy the way non-stretchy diapers do, the Huggies provide them comfort and protection!  And with the stretch of them, the tabs on the sides don’t break off like some of their competitors  Which leads me to the tabs on the diapers.

If you have a squirmy child like me, you know that you have about 2.5 second to get the old diaper off, get them clean and get the new one one.  Which, as a mom, I’ve mastered.  I’m like the diaper ninja!  But in order to keep my times quick, I need strong tabs.  And nothing is worse than when the tab on the side of the diaper just breaks completely off while you’re trying to change your little wiggle worm.  I have found that Huggies are stronger and don’t pull off – even when I’m yanking them to get them on quick!  That’s a huge benefit in my eyes!

And finally, the cuteness.  Let’s face it – you want cute diapers.  Even though not a lot of people see them, you do!  And Huggies provides designs that are baby friendly and have great characters on them.  Just look at the Mickey Mouse design on the front of the Snug and Dry diapers.

MillerBug likes to point to his friends when he has his diapers on and that’s super cute in this mom’s eyes!

But what it all comes down to in the end is how they wear.  How they work.  And I can say that Huggies can go anywhere my MillerBug can.  They can bend and move and twist in every direction without missing a beat!

And at the end of the day, they do it all without leaving him chafed or with a rash but instead with skin that is, well, as smooth as a baby’s butt!  Which is how it should be!

So take it from this seasoned mom – if you’re looking for diapers that perform up to even the pickiest mom’s standards, you’re looking for Huggies!   In my MOPS group, when new moms ask me what diaper I trust, I don’t have to hesitate when I answer!  I can tell them Huggies without  thinking twice!

If you’re looking to keep your baby clean and dry no matter how active they are, be sure to pick up a box at the great Walmart Roll Back Prices!  Or simply grab some for your next baby shower to pass on the Huggies experience to a soon-to-be mom.  Regardless of how you share the Huggies love, now is the time to share it!  And to help make our world one of smooth, dry, rash-free baby bottoms!

To learn more about Huggies, be sure to visit their website and check them out on Facebook and Twitter.  And then check out my whole shopping experience and find out more about how Huggies keeps up with my little squirmer in my Google+ album.

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  1. I am so with you on buying bigger packs. Diapers can be so expensive; every penny counts. We love the Huggies Overnight diapers!
    Melanie S recently posted..Family Fun on Neighborhood Toy Store Day!My Profile

  2. Love the Mickey Mouse design. So cute!

  3. I’m with you. I’m a firm believer in the Huggies brand. I tried others and they just didn’t compare.

  4. So cute! What a happy child! I miss those days of little ones running around!
    Janice recently posted..Two Fun and Meaningful Ways to Reduce Christmas Present OverloadMy Profile

  5. Your son is so adorable in his Mickey Huggies! Although it’s been quite a few years, Huggies were always my go-to diaper.
    angela recently posted..Fijit Friends Yippits from MattelMy Profile

  6. I am and will always be a Huggies fan! That is all my kids wear!

  7. We use cloth but on the rare occasions I need disposables I get the Huggies Pure & Natural. Toddlers are harder to diaper no matter what though!
    Darcy recently posted..5 Quick Party Snacks for Unexpected GuestsMy Profile

  8. What a cutie pie! Great tips! I have no clue about diapers, but someday I might need to! I always hear nothing but good things about Huggies.
    Jennifer recently posted..Perfect Holiday Gift of Remington Hair RemovalMy Profile

  9. How cute are those diapers! And a great price too. We got our diapers from Walmart often too when my kids were little.

  10. Your little man is adorable! I love that he notices Mickey on his diapers!
    Tonia recently posted..Starbucks Perfect Pairings & A Holiday Boutique SaleMy Profile

  11. My Grandson is 20 months old now and still uses diapers. I love huggies. I used to use them for my kids years ago!! I will have to check out Walmarts price!! Thanks for the info!!!

  12. Christian Alejandro N. says:

    love the pics! Great diapers!

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