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Having two boys, LEGO’s are as much a part of our home as food and water.  In fact, over the last ten years, there have been very few experiences that LEGO’s were not intertwined with.  From the time J-Man was a little boy, he has been a LEGO enthusiast!  In fact, I found an old set of LEGO’s the other day – you know, back when they were called Quatros – that J-Man played with until they actually appeared to be worn.  So, it was a no  brainer to me that as MillerBug got older he would discover LEGO’s and form his own memories with them.  But, oh, what a long way they have come!  And while LEGO’s have always been fun, the LEGO DUPLOs have taken things a step further, to truly mesh learning and play in a way that engages little brains while thrilling them at the same time!

So, it was with baited breath that I waited for MillerBug to be old enough to have his own LEGOS.  And now that he finally is, we’re in building heaven with fun new building blocks that combine learning and play in a way that only LEGO can.

So what is it about these blocks that makes LEGO this mama’s toy of choice for teaching and engaging her children?  Well, it’s quite simple really.  LEGO is all about play and play is essential to little minds.  And when you take into account that when children play with their parents, it creates a stronger bond between them, it’s easy to see why the DUPLO line is one that is so loved!  Because it is the way that LEGO’s can mesh imagination, learning and fun into one creative activity that allows simple shapes to come to life and stories to be created.  With LEGO DUPLO Creative Cakes, Read & Build Playsets and Creative Sorter, you can leave the ordinary behind and be transported into a world where learning is fun and play is essential.

Over the past few weeks, MillerBug and I have learned letters, made friends and sorted shapes. We have based our play on the idea that, through play, children explore and develop multiple senses, which creates more brain synapses and in turn contributes to a child’s overall intelligence.  Now, you may doubt this but simply watch your child play and this idea will be confirmed.   For me, personally, it is amazing to watch MillerBug’s eyes light up and see his excitement over new shapes and objects.  And it has been rewarding as a parent to watch his motor skills develop and his thoughts process as he turns a pile of blocks into an adventure.

We explored our ABC’s while we sang the ABC song and thought of words that started with each letter.  We lined up the letters and practiced the order that they go in.  We built houses and carts and then placed the letters of the first names of the characters in our favorite books in the windows.  It was truly a magical experience.

But I wanted to do more than just teach letters – I wanted MillerBug to imagine and play!  And he did with the LEGO DUPLO Creative Sorter.  In fact, it was his favorite item!  He is at the age right now where he loves to see how things fit together and he was thrilled with the three different lids that came with the creative sorter.  We spent hours pulling out the blocks and building new friends and then taking them apart and putting them back into the sorter in their correct spaces.

It was amazing to see his smile each time we created a new animal.  He was so adorable and would lean over and kiss his new friend before taking him apart so that we could start over!

But, as we all know, play is about more than just the hands on experience – it’s also about transporting yourself into a story world.  And that is why we also absolutely adored the Read & Build Books.  We got the Grow Caterpillar Grow! book and it was wonderful to be able to work through the book and see the characters come to life as you added more pieces on each page!  MillerBug would bring it to me again and again for me to read it to him and put together the blocks.  And with the size of the DUPLOs, his little hands were eventually putting them together too!

Each LEGO DUPLO item we played with sparked creativity, imagination and fun!  And, I’ll have to admit, it was a pretty special time for me as a mom as well.  By getting down on the floor with him and interacting while he engaged his little brain, I was able to see my little boy blossom before my eyes – with enthuiasm and curiosity and exploration!

Are you ready to watch your child explore and experience the benefits of play?  If so, I’ve got something exciting for you!  RIGHT NOW you have a chance to win $100 worth of LEGO DUPLO products!  How awesome would that be?  And just in time for Christmas too!  I can tell you that these products are a phenomenal way to step back and enjoy time with your child simply by playing!  Entry is super easy too!  In fact, it’s just takes 4 simple steps!


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So, are you ready to play?  If so, get your entries in, spend some time with your child and discover the world of LEGO DUPLO and how it can transform your living room into a full out adventure that will teach your child through play – all while helping them to discover and learn!  And for more ideas, check out how we turned play into a truly special time by visiting our LEGO DUPLO Pinterest board.
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