Five Family Friendly Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve!

As a parent, New Year’s is a little different than it once was.  Or at least it is for me.  Where I used to watch the ball drop in a sea of craziness, New Year’s is now much more tame.  Gone are the days of toasts and midnight kisses – replaced by the days of falling asleep way before the ball ever drops because let’s face it, the boys are getting up before the sun regardless of what special occasion it is!  BUT, just because New Year’s isn’t like it used to be doesn’t mean that it can’t be a ton of fun!  So, if you’re like me – caught in the in between phase where the kids are too young to stay up late and you’re too tired to party it up, here are some great family friendly suggestions for a fabulous New Year’s eve – family style!

Find Your Local Celebration

Many towns have local celebrations that are much more kid friendly that you may think.  First Night in Charlotte comes to mind for me – there are games and food and tons of family friendly activities.  Kid’s activities generally kick off early in the day, allowing you to really celebrate kid style!  So bundle up the family, look up your local celebration and get your party on while the sun is still shining!

Have Your Own Party

Just because you won’t be partying it up in New York doesn’t mean you can’t bring the party to you!  Purchase some hats and noise makers.  Get the kiddos dressed in fun clothes.  And then kick the celebration off with games and activities in your own home. If you’re really feeling brave, invite over some of their friends to get the activities going!  In no time at all, you’ll be giggling, grinning and having a New Year’s you’ll never forget!

Make it a Game Night

There are few things that are more fun in our house than family game night.  So, pull out all the games, fix some fabulous treats and welcome in the new year with a celebration that is all yours!  Make this a yearly tradition for even more fun!  Each year the kids will look forward to a memorable game night that helps to welcome in the new year!

Capture Your Memories

Pull out that camera mama!  And then get ready to have some fun!  Look around your home for creative props (I know you still have those boas from your younger days) and get your costumes on!  Challenge the family members to come up with the most celebratory costume to ring in the new years!  Then download the pictures and rank them to crown a New Year’s Eve winner!

Create Your Own Ball Drop

This is really simpler than it sounds.  Really.  Just grab a plastic cup, let the kids get busy making the their perfect ball by adding glue and glitter and all the things kids love and then poke a hole in the top.  Place it on a stick and slowly allow the kids to move it down as the day progresses.  Use a countdown with it (use hours instead of seconds) and even if you give it an earlier end time, you’ll be able to enjoy the excitement of the ball drop all day long!

Regardless of what you do, make it a fun day to remember.  Keep in mind that for your kids, the celebration will quite simply be what you make it!  So put on your thinking cap, get creative and come up with a way to ring in New Year that you and your kids will never forget!


  1. says

    Brilliant! We have family game nights every week – we are getting together with one other couple this year and our children, it will be fun!

  2. says

    I think my most memorable New Year celebrations were during those times when the kids were still small or in their teens. Life was simple then. As they grow old, they have their own circle of friends or families and lead their own lives. Not complaining, but sometimes I really miss the times when they were with us, not visiting, but living with us.

  3. Valarie Lee Gentry says

    I like the Capture your Memories! I love taking pictures, especially on holidays! You can never have enough of them and I can never have enough pictures of my daughter!

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