It’s Not Too Late to Find Fabulous Holiday Deals with RetailMeNot!

Last minute Christmas shopping is pretty much what I do.  Honestly, I’m so bad at figuring out the perfect present last minute and then having to pay premium prices and shipping in hopes of receiving the present in time to give on Christmas day.  And let me tell you, paying shipping is one of the things that I HATE to do.  I mean, it just feels like such a waste of money to me when I can take advantage of free shipping options for most of my online shopping if I just plan in advance and know the right places to look.

And this year, RetailMeNot has been the right place to look for me.  Why you ask.  Because RetailMeNot makes saving money easy and fun.  In fact, it even makes it a little bit of a challenge.  You see, each day in December they are putting up great new deals, money saving offers and even free shipping!  So each morning I get up, head over to the RetailMeNot site, and find all types of inspiration for gifts that my friends and family will love at prices that just leave me giddy!

In fact, one of my favorite feature on the RetailMeNot site right now is the Free Shipping Tab.  I can quickly and easily click on it do discover what stores I can take advantage of free shipping at and still receive my gift by Christmas.  Last year, I ended up paying more for shipping then the actual item that I bought for my sister-in-law and it still did not get here by Christmas.  But this year I don’t have that worry.  I know where I can get free shipping from and still have my gifts in time.  And as if I could even get more excited about free shipping, right now the “12 Days Till Free Shipping Giveaways Day” is going on.  Up until December 17th, you can go to that page daily to find great free shipping deals AND enter to win fabulous giveaways!  It just doesn’t get any better than that!

So, here if my holiday gift to you – a hard learned piece of advice.  Don’t wait till last minute!  I just heard on the radio this morning that next Monday (December 17th) will be the busiest shipping day of the year and that the post offices and FedEx and UPS offices will be CRAZY!  So instead of trying to ship your own gifts this year, take advantage of RetailMeNot’s free shipping offers that are good till Monday!  And let them take the work out of giving for you – all while saving your a little cash!

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