Keep Your Baby Safe with a Diono Radian RXT Car Seat Giveaway! Ends 12/30

One of the most important decisions you make when you have a child is what type of car seat they will ride in.  I mean, let’s fact it, kids are in the car quite a bit.  And ensuring that they are protected in case of an accident is hugely important!  You want safety.  You want comfort.  You want style.  And now, we have a way for you to win all three of these things!

The Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug has teamed up with Super Frugal Stephanie and Diono to bring you a Diono Radian RXT Car Seat Giveaway! Valued at $339! The winner will have the choice of what pattern and they can be found on Diono’s website.

This car seat is the BEST of the BEST, It goes up too 120 pounds and is very well made. I would recommend checking out Super Frugal Stephanie’s Diono Radian RXT Review!

One Lucky Reader will get to win a Diono Radian RXT Car Seat! Please Enter to win using the rafflecopter below.

Good Luck!

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The Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug is not responsible for shipment of the prize. Open to US ONLY. Winner must respond within 48 hours with mailing information and design choice. This giveaway is not associated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+.


  1. Brittney Reader says

    I am in need of a Carseat for my little Girl very badly! We are a military family and cant afford the new amazing mom must haves! This would be an amazing gift

  2. Melissa Saunders says

    My grandson has back problems and has trouble riding in a car. I think this seat would be a great comfort to him.

  3. rebekah says

    we just got a 2nd car for our family and i would like to have a much nicer cardeat then i have now. we have cosco sceneras for our kids cause of our space impacted car. our 2nd vehicle has a abundance amount of space so id love to have this where we cant afford it on our budget.

  4. Colleen Fuller says

    I really need it for my youngest daughter! I would love one! Thank you! My car is so small and two car seats and a teenager in the back is near impossbile.

  5. Sarah Lavinder says

    We need this car seat because we have number 3 on the way. Our almost 2 daughter still fits in her infant car seat and we are hoping to update her into a still rear facing car seat. I have also become unhappy with our almost four year olds car seat and hope to update him as well. So winning one would really help out financially and eventually all 3 will fit in the same row! Which would be awesome as we are potentially moving to Alaska this summer. Would make the drive much better!

  6. robbie says

    My husband and i don’t have kids of our own yet, but we watch others kids constantly. I am a pastor so families from church are always allowing us to spend time with their kiddos. We love taking them places, and giving their parents a break, but it is a hassle switching car seats. Sometimes we have even switched cars. It would be nice to have one we can use for all the age groups, without such a huge hassle.

  7. carola says

    I am tired of taking our car seat in and out of the car! And, we have a second baby joining our family soon, so we’ll need another car seat down the road!

  8. Danica Schaeffer says

    I’d love to win this carseat to replace the one my DD is outgrowing. I love this brand for the extended rear facing options and slim design.

  9. Ingrid Echard says

    I need it so my husband can fit three across in his car. The seat for the baby has expired so he can’t transport him. He already can’t get all of them in his car, but being able to transport three when needed would be helpful

  10. sheir says

    We are in need of another car seat because we are expecting another little addition to our family :) We currently have the sunshine Kids car seat which got bought out by Diono. we absolutely love the seat! it would be awesome to win this seat for our new baby!

  11. DAnay says

    I need this cars eat for my 7 month old because it is the safest seat out there! He has officially outgrown his infant seat and we are in the market for a new one.

  12. Patsy says

    Would love to win this for my daughter. We have to fit 3 across my backseat soon and one more of these is the onlyway it will happen. We just can’t afford to buy one of these (let alone any other cars eat)

  13. Lisa Grieves says

    I could so use this carseat for my 23 month old when I have the new little man come May and then the new little man could take over his Britax seat and I would feel safe as can be with them in good carseats…

  14. Dawn Parsons says

    Could use this car seat as my husband lost his job, LO is getting big and this full time nursing student could use a break!

  15. Elise G says

    I need this for my best friend who is having her first child and i would like to give her something special after all she has given my children.

  16. Ivonne Sanchez says

    I could really use a new carseat I have 6 little ones it would help us out big time. By the way thanks for the giveaway, good luck to everyone :)

  17. Trisha W. says

    I have seven children and our current car seats do not fit in our vehicle and still allow room for non-booster/car seat kids. I’ve read the Diono is very trim and I think it could be a safer solution for our family.

  18. Nicole miller says

    I need a new seat for my niece I have custody of…she is 3 and still in the seat I got for 17.00 at Kmart when she was an does not turn into a booster and this one is much prettier for her

  19. Chelsea b says

    Our convertible carseat doesn’t fit in either car very well. I worry about our daughters safety, the Diono was what I wanted to get but it was too expensive.

  20. Kristin A says

    I would love this for our second car so we don’t have to move both seats around, with this I’d just have to move one seat back and forth.

  21. Rachael says

    I could use this seat because its the TOP of the line. Car seat safety is one of the most important things in my life. This would be sooo nice to either keep or give to a friend, since I have 9 prego friends right now 😉

  22. debra says

    I need this for my youngest as all the car seats we have will expire by the time he needs them (4 year age gap between him and my older one)

  23. says

    My son is ten months old and just about to outgrow his infant seat – we’ve had our eye on this one for months now, but we don’t have the extra money to spend on a seat… this would be SUCH a huge blessing for us!

  24. Melissa says

    I have one child left in a car seat but I would give this to a local family who lost everything in a fire, their car was parked in the attached garage.

  25. Tamar says

    My daughter is going to outgrow her carseat and upgrade to the carseat my son is in. I need something for him when there is no carseat left

  26. Rebecca O says

    We’re having our 3rd and this is the only car seat that will fit 3 across in our Van. We are planning on adopting soon so we’ll need to put kids in front and back.

  27. Beth Scoggin says

    I’m currently shopping for a convertible for my youngest who is 18mo. We need something that will last until 3yrs rear facing, minimum, longer if possible! We have 4 little boys so having something that is narrow to fit in the car and still have room for other seats next to it is best. This would be the perfect seat!!

  28. amanda selenke says

    my son is 18 months and our current seat is so bulky in our car we can’t fit people in the back seat with him. I want to keep him rear facing as long as possible and this seat is amazing. Safe and compact!

  29. Gina Demaree says

    I am expecting my fourth baby at the end if January, and because of financial issues,my husband and I haven’t been able to get a carseat yet!

  30. Jessica Barnhart says

    I need this car seat for my new niece that I will be watching 3 days a week. my cpst told me a radian is the only seat that I can get to make 3 across in my sedan work.

  31. Emily R. says

    I need this carseat, because my daughter just turned a year old and we desperately in need of another carseat so when she is with a babysitter she is safe in their car as well. Both my husband and I work a lot so we want to make sure she is safe in all cars.

  32. Heather Mann says

    We are having a little boy in March. I love this seat but could never afford it. I would be so grateful to win this!

  33. Leslie Galloway says

    This would be a great gift for my friend who is expecting her first! Mine are both in boosters now.

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (

  34. Lisa Pritt says

    I need one for my son because all we have had is hand me downs even though you should not use pre-used carseats. My son is growing out of the one we have now.

  35. Shannon L. Barlow says

    My son and his girlfriend are expecting their 2nd baby girl in March, 2013. This would be an amazing gift to give them to bring their new bundle of joy home in. Thank you for that chance. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!

  36. vicki says

    I need this car seat for my granddaugter. My youngest daughter has just left her abusive husband and I had to travel over 1000 miles to get her and my two granddaughters. Since my daughter is currently unemployed I am trying my hardest to provide for all her and the two girls needs on my disability. It is hardso sinc Santa had to visit we are using an old booster seat for my oldes granddaughter,, who I just fouond out is not aowed n he booster seat is currently has. Since I have no money to prvide a new seat at this time this would be a great gift for her and her grandma. I personally would be grateful for the new seat which will provide for my granddaughter’s safety and secuirty. Thanks for a chance to win this great car seat.

  37. Brenda says

    I need/want this car seat for my daughter whom is having her second baby due in April 2013. I would love to surprise her with a new car seat.

  38. says

    I would love to win this for my son & soon to be child when I become pregnant again :) it looks very safe for your child & that is why I would love this :)

  39. Karen says

    My youngest is 9 months and will need a convertible soon. I would love to be able to keep him rear-facing to 45 pounds!

  40. Emily Lepich says

    I need for my soon to be two year old who is currently in her sisters hand me down carseay and it’s getting old

  41. Julie says

    My baby is turning 2 in February and needs a better car seat. Hers is pretty used from older siblings and probably not bear as safe as this one!

  42. Marguerite Maldonado says

    I need this car seat for my Nephew that is coming in May. My sister-in-law cannot work due to pregnancy complications and her husband(my brother-in-law) is having trouble finding a steady job. His profession is landscaping and it is hard to find work in the winter/spring months.

  43. Lara Winton says

    My 18 mth old has outgrown his seat and we cannot afford a diono but it’s our dream seat and would make my year!!

  44. Leanna Morris says

    We need a new carseat for our grandson who has bout outgrown his current one. We could never afford such a nice seat nd would love to have one for him!

  45. Brandi Simon says

    I need this carseat because my daughter outgrew her old one and all we had money for a replacement was a backless booster. A less than perfect situation for a petite 35 lb little girl :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  46. Erin Whitley says

    Would Love this seat for my 2 year old! My 4 year old already has one and it is amazing and I feel very confident in how safe she is.

  47. Kyla Stevenson says

    I would love to have this carseat for my daughter because all she has is a booster seat. She’s 4 and she can’t sleep comfortably in the car with that seat and I know she would be comfortable in this one.

  48. Tiffany F says

    I need this seat because I could not afford to get my 1 year old a high quality seat and I would love to know that she is safe as possible when we are in the car. I have heard great things about the safety of this seat.

  49. Maddie Klingaman says

    I would like to be able to give this to a friend of mine who just had a baby who is having issues and after four weeks is still in the hospital. He just had open heart surgery. He has Kleefstra syndrome and will need all the best that there is to give him. He is so loved by so many people and I would really love for Cody to have this.

  50. Jolisa S says

    I need this AWESOME carseat for my littlest girl Peyton! She’s almost 7 months old and with two older siblings things can get tight!!

  51. Amanda Armstrong Hopkins says

    I need it for a friend of mine that is a single mom.. she could use any help she can get 😉


  52. Nicole R says

    I need this because my son is QUICKLY outgrowing his current car seat and money is tight so to win one would help A LOT!

  53. Nicole Acuna says

    My daughter completely outgrew her infant seat and is ready to graduate into a bigger seat, I LOVE Diono seats they are the best quality, super comfy for baby and look amazing!

  54. tracy ames-dennison says

    We have 2 in seats, and one was in my MIL’s car when it got hit. We only have the 2 seats and have been borrowing one.

  55. Tracie W says

    Times are tough and my little man is reaching the size where his rear-facing is just too small. It would be a blessing to win him a new seat.

  56. christopher Kulesa says

    We are desperate need of this seat. We have 4 children and our 3 year old had to give up her good seat for.her little sister who out grew her infant seat. So now our 3 year old is in an expired seat that is too big for her until we can afford a new one. One one income this is very difficult. This would be the best blessing ever for us.

  57. Leah CB says

    We really need a 2nd car seat. It’s such a pain to switch it to my husband’s truck or when she goes with her grandparents. I like to leave mine in the car where it’s strapped down tight.

  58. Vicki D. says

    Our nephew and his fiance are expecting a baby. They don’t have much money, so this would be a great help to them.

  59. Dana Adams says

    My darling baby girl is 5 months old and has outgrown her infant carseat. I would love to win one of these fancy new convertible ones to know she’s both safe and stylish. :-)

  60. Hillary Clayton says

    My son needs a seat his grandmother can use daily, while she watches him after work, while I’m in class at uni.

  61. Trisha Burkhart says

    I really need this so that I can take my grandson with us when his mother goes into labor with his baby brother. I already have one for my granddaughter. This is perfect. MY husband just lost his job and I really need the carseat.

  62. Amber Magyari says

    I need this because I wrecked my car with my son in his car seat. Financially I can not afford another right now so my friend is letting me borrow her’s until her baby who is born in March is born.

  63. Dawn Conner says

    I need it because we have one in a highback booster, one in a 5point and one in an infant carrier which very soon she will out grow! Thank you for the chance at such a great giveaway!

  64. Tammy Lawrence says

    We have a pregnancy support center in our town, and I would love to be able to donate this car seat to a very, very needy mom & baby!!!

  65. Amanda Hughes says

    Hi! I need the seat for my 4 year old, who is too incredibly tall for the regular booster/car seats for her “age”, and then it would be passed down and used for the new baby that I am currently 14wks pregnant with! :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  66. lindsay says

    This would help a lot being a mom of three ! thanks for the wonderful giveaway goodluck everyone and beautiful carseat by the way !

  67. says

    I need this, preferably in plum, for my little Sophie. She is totally jealous of her baby brother’s Diono, and New Year’s Eve is her 3rd birthday….So naturally, this would be the perfect surprise for her! Thanks so much for the chance as well as for all of your hard work!

  68. Nancy Smith says

    So excited this contest is finally coming to an end! Thank you to the sponsors of the contest and good luck to everyone who has entered. One of our lucky kids is going to be safe in the car for years to come!!!!! :)

    I could use this for my daughter who outgrew her scenera RF she’s almost 3 and we’d love to rear face for at least one more year!! We also have a little boy due in May, so this will help us to not have to shell out money for both kiddos!

  69. Betsy Krumbholz says

    Having 2 beautiful granddaughters with a grandson due on March 5th I definitely am in need of another car seat! This product looks awesome.

  70. Heather R. says

    My niece is getting closer and closer to outgrowing her Britax convertible and is only going on 2 – we rear face to a minimum of 3 in our family so a Radian is a *need* for her. :)

  71. sbittner says

    just love all the new info I am learning about erf and caraway safety. I plan on erf. ds as long as possible I just wish I had know all of this with dd,but now that I know better I will do better.

  72. amanda blue says

    I need this seat because my wild two year old managed to cut his car seat with scissors. I hope i win this incredible giveaway

  73. Jen says

    Also.. I need this because not having to switch the same carseat around constantly would be SO much easier :) (I am thankful for the carseat we have and that we are able to CORRECTLY install it each and every time! :) )

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