Carry Your Possessions in Style with a Kaboo Tablet Bag! {Giveaway}

Times really have changed.  Back in my 20’s, I would leave the house with my wallet and phone and a makeup bag and be ready to take on any day.  Now, my purse is constantly stuffed with my camera, iPad, iPhone and any other electronics the kids and I will need on a day out.  And while I’m super thankful for the invention of these technologies that make it easier than ever to learn and locate on the go, I often worry about carrying these things with me because my purse can tend to be a big catch all for everything and my expensive electronics are not exactly safe!

Now, for a while I carried a brief case looking bag.  But it wasn’t exactly fashionable.  In fact, it was pretty much the opposite.  But it worked to keep my tablet separate and safe.  But oh, how I wished there was a better option.  And then I found one – with Kaboo tablet bags!

Now, what makes the Kaboo tablet bag different?  Well, they are super cute to start with.  I mean, I would totally carry one of these even if I didn’t have a tablet.  And with their bright colors and cute options, there is a bag for everyone.

 But when you look inside, you can see what really sets Kaboo apart.  Because nestled inside the Kaboo bags is a universal Tech Pouch™, which securely and safely allows your tablet to travel with you!  Now, this was just awesome to me because I could be fashionable and still have everything I needed on a daily basis.  And my days of not taking along my iPad because I was afraid it would get messed up are over.

The Olivia from Kaboo is honestly one of my favorite bags right now because with the universal Tech Pouch™ and multiple pockets and pouches, it keep even my chaos organized!  So, now I can be cute and tech savvy every where I go!  Total score!  It retails for $125 on the Kaboo Website and is worth every penny in this mama’s opinion!

And now, I want one of you to have a chance to discover how amazing Kaboo is too!  So, only lucky winner will receive the Kaboo Olivia Bag in Turquoise!  It’s the perfect bright fall color and is so in right now!  And even if you don’t have a tablet, it will help you keep organized in fabulous style!

Entry is super easy thanks to Rafflecopter!  Just use the form below.

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Prize will be shipped by The Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug.  Kaboo Bags is in no way associated with this giveaway.  We truly love their bags and found a super awesome deal at Christmas and wanted to share our great luck with you by giving you a chance to win a Kaboo bag from us – just cause we love ya!


  1. Katie says

    I always have my diapers (of course) but the thing I never take out of my bag is extra clothes, and my nursing cover.

  2. Mary Ann Knox says

    My wallet, checkbook, pictures, pens, receipts, cell phone, keys, nose spray, some make up, & some hand sanitizer.

  3. Kristin Davis says

    I always carry sugarless gum. Besides fighting bad breath, my 4 & 5 year old boys love it and I always have a couple different flavors in my purse.

  4. Tisha Dawn Charles says

    i always have my cell phone wallet and a pen and little note pad you never know when you will need it

  5. Candice Duffey says

    Epi-pen, Inhaler, Medical card, Keys, Books, Wallet, Chapstick, Innotab for my toddler, snacks, annnnnd more…. I new a new purse so badly…

  6. Michelle Henderson says

    I always carry face powder…Florida heat!…lol. Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity. God Bless you.

  7. Shannon M says

    There are actually a few things I have in my bag at all times.. Diapers & wipes and a snack pack, all for my son.

  8. Chelsey says

    I always carry lip balm. I have at least one stashed in my bag, glovebox, jacket pocket, or on my nightstand at all times.

  9. Jennifer Warren says

    I always carry pen and small pad if paper or notebook. Im a note taker. Always got something I need to write down/remember !

  10. Renee Richardson says

    I always carry a bottle of water. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  11. brandy bear says

    I always have my mascara and chap stik! I cant live without either, plus I always read, so I carry a book with me constantly!

  12. Cheryl Soliz-Sisson says

    I always have a cosmetic case with little beauty necessities in it….tylenol, lipstick, mirror, mini-brush, etc.

  13. Lara Winton says

    I always have my lipstick in my purse and if it is going to be a day with sitting around I take my knitting or crochet with me!

  14. Carol Oddy says

    If I had a bag like that I would have my ipod , phone, make-up and wallet of course! Love the colors but you know how it goes the bigger the bag the more you put in it…lol.Thanks for the great contest need a larger bag!

  15. Amie says

    Hair bands because my hair will get so staticky and drives me insane so I have to be able to get it out of my face.

  16. says

    This bag is in such a beautiful color. Who doesn’t need room for your wallet, camera, cell phone, aleve, and sunglasses. Carry alot of other stuff too, and now I have room.

  17. elaine b says

    oh i carry so much in my purse, the kids get mad at me cause its so heavy to carry around. i carry alot of coupons in my purse and the most important is my cell phone in case the kids or grandkids need to contact me. and to many…way to many pennies.

  18. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says

    Actually there are three essentials (six if your include keys, lipstick and a comb) but the must haves are:
    my inhaler
    a magnifying glass
    and my very-inadequate-but-better-than-nothing proof of health insurance card,,,
    never leave home without it…

  19. Shannon L. Barlow says

    I have a TON of stuff in my purse but the main item I carry with me in it is my wallet. It holds all of my id’s, credit cards and so many other items as well.

  20. shantelle stately says

    I could use a beautiful purse. With a new baby I usually just carry the diaper bag everywhere. Either way, always have the cell on me.

  21. Toni Cosgrove says

    Im thinking money and ID are given… I would say my pain pills and something to suck on in case I cant get a drink.

  22. Anna Hutchins says

    carry iPod and Kindle. Hubby has VA appts and they take alot of time so the iPod and Kindle are for me to listen to, or read while I wait.

  23. says

    I always have a little silver kangaroo and a little green plasitc dinosaur. My boys gave them to me to keep me safe while I’m travelling for work. :-)

  24. Jill Myrick says

    Some of the things that are always in mine are keys, wallet, fever reducer, a baggie with kids snacks and a small makeup bag.


  25. Coriander Warren says

    I am diabetic, so I always have all 4 of my pill bottles and my 2 insulins (plus all the lovely stuff needed for those!)

  26. Michaela K says

    lip balm and cuticle butter and lip gloss at least two different kinds. emory board, nail trimmers. and my wallet.

  27. Gill Colling says

    I carry.. tissues, 2 pairs of glasses, 1 or 2 I-pads (mine and his), his medication, wallet, change purse, trolley coins, notebook, pen, mobile phone, hairbrush..then I sometimes add…, sketchpad, drawing pencils, pencil case, cardigan, gloves, arm and wrist warmers, painkilling gel, hat, scarf and shopping bags. oh and my camera

  28. Marlene Unruh says

    I do carry my Ipad in my purse and I do feel like it is getting damaged. This looks perfect. and not so obvious!

  29. Wayne Lecoy says

    Please Enter Me In Your Carry Your Possessions in Style with a Kaboo Tablet Bag Giveaway.
    It Would Be Great To Win The Kaboo Olivia Bag in Turquoise For My Mother.
    In Response To Your Question Of What is one item you always carry in your purse or handbag?
    I Don’t Own Any Purses.
    Thank You For Having This Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Holly Beloff says

    Everything but the kitchen sink, well at least it feels that HEAVY! I always have my cell phone, keys, wallet, snacks for the kiddos, a binki or 2, empty gum wrapers, a rock or 2… LOL You could find just about anything in my purse!!!

  31. Nanwj says

    Would love this cute bag to carry: phone, insulin pens, glucometer, Nitroquik Rx, inhaler, and 2 other bottles of pills! Maybe I should bring my wallet and calendar–


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