DIY Treasure Box Kid’s Craft Made with Popsicle Sticks

It has been raining here for DAYS.  Now, normally that would not be that big of a deal but with J-Man out of school, we all have a major case of cabin fever!  And since we didn’t really want to go out in the cold rain today to get new supplies, we wanted to created a craft using what we had that would be fun and entertaining.  After taking stock of our supplies, we decided to use the old idea of crating a treasure box by gluing together Popsicle sticks.  But to make it a little brighter, we first wanted to add some color to the boring sticks!  Here’s how we used turned them into a treasure box that J-Man now cherishes!

DIY Treasure Box Kid’s Craft 

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What You Will Need

Popsicle Sticks (number needed depends on desired height of box – we use roughly 90)

Elmer’s Glue

Paint (colors of choice)

Paintbrushes or Sponges

Start by determining how many colors you want your box to include.  Then, divide your Popsicle sticks by that number.  Using your paintbrush or sponge, cover your Popsicle sticks with paint.  This does not have to be done perfectly as a lot of the sticks will not show and a more uneven finish tends to produce some pretty cool results.

You really only need to paint one side of your Popsicle sticks.   If you want to paint both it is perfectly fine but the bottoms of the sticks will not show in the end.

Once you have painted all your Popsicle sticks and allowed them to dry, divide them in to piles by color.  Pull out six sticks of different colors and set them aside.

Now, you are ready to start assembling your box.  Choose the color you want to start with and lay two of the sticks parallel to each other COLORED SIDE DOWN.  Then blue your other two sticks to them with drops of glue.

Alternate colors and continue to glue to sticks to each other.  We used four of each color (making and entire “box” shape) for each layer.

Contine layering your sticks until you have only they six sticks you set aside left.  You may have an odd number of sticks – if so, discard any that are not part of a full rectangle layer.

Once all of your Popsicle sticks are in place, allow your box to dry until it hardens enough to give it some stability.  Then, take the six leftover sticks and glue them across the bottom (colored side facing down) to create the floor of your box.

Once the bottom of your box is glued on, turn it over and allow it to dry.

You now have a treasure box that can be used for any number of things – spare change, keys or as J-Man discovered, storing LEGOs.

This is a perfect item to set on your counter or even give as a gift.  And your child will be super proud that they were the able to create their very own treasure box!


  1. Merry says

    This looks like a fun project for a dreary winter day! I like the room for creativity–the basic project is simple enough that there’s room to experiment with different colors and patterns.

  2. Elle says

    Aww, this was one of the first major projects I remember making as a kid! It wasn’t painted but did have sea shells I think. You guys did a great job!


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