Five Fun Ways to Potty Train!

Over the last month, we have embarked on the Potty Training journey with MillerBug.  Now, many people have said it’s too early.  After all, he’s barely over 2.  But as with everything dealing with children, each child is different and progresses at their own rate.  And since we felt like MillerBug was giving us the early signs of being ready, we jumped in head first.  Now, in the beginning it was super frustrating.  I read all the materials on how to make it work – but what felt like it was missing from many of those articles was the FUN!  And while I’m not delusional enough to think that everything in life is going to be fun, I do feel that if you can make something fun for your kids then why not?  So, we set out to turn potty training from a chore into a party!  Here are a few tips that are helping us on our journey to a toddler who pee-pees in the potty with a big old smile on his face!

Make Potty Time a Celebration

There are few things that little kids love more than a party.  By adding a little song and dance to potty training time, your kiddo will be all to anxious to use the potty.  Create a special song and dance that is not used at any time other than potty time.  It should be silly and all about your child’s favorite things!  Create special lyrics:  “MillerBug is a big boy now.  He used the potty, WOW!  Look how big he is when he goes!  It makes me want to tickle his toes!”  Yes, completely silly but by adding the toe tickle and acting it out every time, you’ll get squeals of joy!  Now add in a little hopping around (this mama can’t dance) and some silly moves and you’ll have a performance that your child wants to see over and over again!  Then, by only performing it when they use the potty, you’ll encourage your child to head to the potty any chance they get in order to have a celebration!

Create a Treat Bag

What’s a party without a goodie bag, right?  Well, same goes for a Potty Party.  Get a brown paper bag, glue a picture of a potty and your child on the front and add some ribbons to make it festive.  Then put treats inside – this can be something like fruit chewies, M&Ms, even raisins if that’s your kiddos favorite.  Then set the expectation that when they successfully use the potty, they get to get one treat out of the bag.  Put the bag somewhere that they can see it but not reach it.  **TIP – don’t keep it in the bathroom – ewwww!**  Then allow them to be the ones that gets the bag down and gets a treat out (with your help) once they have successfully used the potty.

Make a Sticker Chart

For some reason, children love nothing more than stickers.  I think it’s just ingrained in their little brains.  And while I try to avoid stickers in the car (they always end up on your windows, right), the bathroom is a fabulous place for them!  Take a piece of poster board and make a potty chart.  List each day of the week and then make a box for each time you want your child to use the potty.  Attach a plastic baggy to the bottom and fill it with stickers.  Then, each time your child successfully uses the potty, allow them to take one sticker out of the bag and place it on the poster board.  You will be surprised how long they will stand and longingly look at the board and once they figure out what it takes to put a sticker on it, they’ll be waiting for you at the potty each time.

Use Fun Training Pants

Chances are, you don’t want to go straight from diapers to cloth underwear.  If you do, you’ll likely end up with quite a few messes.  However, with training pants the way they are today, you can still give your child a super cool motivation to use the potty.  With different brand choices, you can find pretty much an character you want on training pants.  So find your kiddos favorite.  If you can’t, you can even use a sticker on the front of their pull up to make it super special.  Then store your fun big kid diapers where your child can see them.  Each time you put them on, explain that they are super special big kid pants and that he or she can only wear them while they are working on going to the potty.  The not fun part is taking them away if your child does not attempt to use the potty but you’ll quickly see that they want to earn the privilege of wearing the super fun training pants.

Make the Potty Party Ready

You want your child to WANT to potty in the bathroom, right?  So decorate that toilet!  Window crayons are a great way to do this and wipe off easily.  Draw balloons, their favorite characters and more.  Make it their special potty and put a potty ring on it that is bright and fun.  By making the bathroom one of the coolest places in the house to be, your child will run towards it instead of from it.  Allow your kiddo to help make make it special and get them in on the decorating.  Then explain that going to the potty is a special event and that they need a special place for it to happen.

Potty training is never simple.  But if your child is ready and you use the right techniques it can be a special time that both you and your child will enjoy celebrating instead of a frustrating time that will end with you and your child in tears.  So, stop thinking of it as a task and start thinking of it as a great reason to have fun and celebrate a super fabulous milestone!


  1. says

    I am having troubles with my 3 year old daughter. she started being interested in the toilet around 30 to 34 months old and didn’t like the wet diaper but things have taken a turn and she only wants to do it sometimes. I will have to try some of your tricks.

  2. Susie says

    I’m glad you didn’t listen to those who told you it was too early!! In the 1950’s (before the invention of the disposable diaper) most kids were potty trained by 18 months. We started when my son was just over a year old, he’s almost 15 months now, and he already tells me (uses a sign we taught him and says pot pot) when he needs to go to the bathroom (consistent with #2, still working on #1) and then happily goes on his little potty.

  3. Christina Robinson says

    These are great ideas I do 2 out of the 5. I give treats and make it celebration, but my daughter is still not completely potty trained yet so I will try the other 3.

  4. Elsa says

    Hi, I’m considering using your party bag idea but am wondering how do I stop the expectation of treats once he’s using he potty completely as right now my son won’t make a poo, does it in his underpants but wee isn’t a problem. Thanks.

    • Jeannette says

      I would just ween him off once he gets it down. Change it from every time he goes to if he goes all day. Then if he goes all week. Eventually it will just be a normal occurance! Good luck!

  5. Becky says

    It seems like each child is different. Training my girls wasn’t too hard. The younger one trained herself. But my grandson has been a different matter. The sticker chart worked for a while, then it didn’t. Using pull-ups, he didn’t feel wet, so he just kept using them like diapers. When we changed over to cloth underpants and rewarded each success with a mini marshmallow celebration, that was the magic combo for him. When the bag was empty, that’s when the treats stopped.

  6. Rachel says

    I love that you put these ideas up! The sticker chart works for me so well. My son is 2 1/2 and I just
    Made sure to ask him every 20 min if he had to go and remind him about getting a sticker for #1 and
    Two stickers for #2 , right after he went my husband created a sticker time dance :) and he loved it.
    I reall like to try a dance and song just for going to the potty though :)


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