How to Make DIY Hand Crafted Valentine’s Day Cards

Keeping with the theme of making instead of buying my Valentine’s Day items this year, I decided that it was time to tackle the age old tradition of Valentine’s Day cards.  And while I wanted them to be super simple, it was also important to me that they looked elegant.  After all, I wanted them to rival the cards that I generally buy every year for family and friends.  So, I picked up a few crafting items and set to work.  And what I came up with is super simple and pretty fabulous in my opinion!  Here’s how you can make simple DIY Hand Crafted Valentine’s Day Cards too!

DIY Hand Crafted Valentine’s Day Cards Tutorial

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What You Will Need

Red and Pink Cardstock

Designed Paper of Your Choice (Scrapbooking Paper is great)

Edging Scissors

Scallop Edging Tool from Martha Stewart Home

Elmer’s Glue

How to Make It

Start by folding your pieces of cardstock in half.  Then, on the bottom edge of the front of your card, use your scalloped edge tool to add a design.

Repeat this on all of your cards.  Then, cut long strips of your patterned paper to past on the inside of the card so that it will show through your design.

Next, using your edging scissors, cut our hearts, letters and shapes to paste to the front of your card.  The key to these cards is making them original but simple.  Don’t over complicate things by adding too much to your card.  Allow the understated elegance of them to do all the talking.

Using your glue, attach your shapes and letters to the front of your cards in a fun pattern.  Then allow them to dry!  You are left with super cute cards that are unique, beautiful and completely special because they are made by YOU!

So take stock of what supplies you have, pull out your glue and get ready to make the perfect Valentine for the special people in your life this year!


  1. Terri Herman says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! I made my own Christmas tags this year using stamps, special cut scissors and twine. I will try my hand at Valentine cards now!

  2. Rich Hicks says:

    what a fun project to do with the kids. NOthing like a homemade valentine card!

  3. These are adorable! I’ll have to make my Mom one for Valentine’s Day. She loves homemade gifts. Thanks for the idea =D

  4. vickie marks allbright

    oh i love these thank you for sharing

  5. I really like the idea of homemade gifts. How nice to give a homemade card as well. I used to make cards for my parents when I was a little girl. I used construction paper as the base and pretty pictures out of magazines, and Doilies (paper) that Mom kept to use for lining dessert plates or whatever. I haven’t done that for years. I may have to give it a try it again for my hubby!

  6. Peggy Greco

    These cards are adorable!!


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