Rediscover “Mom Time” thanks to LEGO® Custom Playlists from the YouTube Channel!

LEGOs® are the building blocks of our childhood. ~Unknown

A truer statement has never been heard – at least in our house.  As far back as I can remember, LEGO® has been a part of almost every aspect of play in our home.  From Duplos to learn hand eye coordination and basic building skills to architecture sets to perfect fine motor skills and grow confidence, LEGO® has been as intertwined in my boy’s childhoods as their ABCs and 123s.  In fact, it has been through LEGO® that I’ve created great moments with my children and constructed memories that we already look back on fondly.

And it came as no surprise to me, as we progressed in a digital age, that LEGO® would make the leap from our living room floor onto our computer screen.  After all, as the kids get older and technology changes, I am quickly finding that moments of physical play are being replaced by moments of virtual discovery.  And while at first I was hesitant to jump on the bandwagon and take our play into the computer animated world, once I saw the possibilities and the ways in which it could simplify my life, I was a convert.

Now, how does this simplify my life you may ask?  In a surprising way actually!  J-Man is completely engrossed with taking LEGO® blocks and turning them into magical creations.  And while his own imagination takes him on tons of LEGO® adventures, the ability to see his creations come to life on the computer screen allows him to see his LEGO® world in a whole new light.  With the LEGO® channel on YouTube, he can discover new ways for his LEGO® play to come to life, watch how designers come up with the LEGO® creations and dive head first into the world that he has created by putting together his LEGO® toys. With over 500 videos from the LEGO® name you trust, the possibilities for entertainment are endless!  So, now, while I’m cooking dinner or folding clothes, he can be exploring too – in an online world that has no limits!

But the LEGO® channel doesn’t stop there!  Because through it, he and I can both create play lists of favorites that can entertain anywhere from in our home to in the car to in the doctor’s office.  What does that mean for me?  Quite simply that I have a mobile custom created list of ways to entertain him anywhere we go!  So, if I need 15 minutes to say, oh blog:-), all I have to do is push play on his list on either the computer or my iPad or iPhone and he is instantly engrossed in videos that I know he loves!  It doesn’t matter whether we’re at home, on the road or even in the air, he has access to his list of favorite videos and I have access to quite time!   As a busy mom, this is quite simply one of the best tools around for when I need him to be totally enthralled by something!

With the LEGO® YouTube Channel even us supermoms can get the help with need to be more productive!  We can get moments to focus on our other tasks while knowing that our children are watching videos that are mom-approved!  And it’s as simple as signing them into the device of your choice, clicking on their favorite play list and then sitting back (or running like crazy) to take advantage of your free moments!

These play lists can really be used in endless ways to help make more of the time we have.  For example, take those long road trips where you start hearing “Are we there yet?” when you’re about two feet out of the driveway.  LEGO® to the rescue!  Try out telling your child that if they behave for the first 30 minutes, they will get a LEGO® play list reward!  I can assure you your usually rambunctious child will stay on their side of the invisible line and wait patiently for when they will get to watch their videos.  Or what about when you just have to get groceries but your kiddo is not feeling the grocery store.  Your mobile device is pre-loaded with a reprieve for you that will allow you to stroll down the aisles in peace while your kiddo takes in the newest LEGO® clips.

Honestly, the uses of your videos for kids from the LEGO® YouTube channel don’t stop!  From doctor’s appointments to dinnertime to everyday quite time, this is a tool that  engages your child and saves your sanity each and every day!

So, how do you make your own play list to ensure stress free time for you?  I’m so glad you asked!  This chart makes it so easy that even your kiddo can figure out how to put a playlist together (with your supervision of course!)!  And since play lists can be custom designed for your child’s likes, you can rest easy knowing that they will be watching the videos they love!

So, are you ready to see the playlist that J-Man created?  He considers himself a LEGO® expert and these are just a few of his favorite videos on the YouTube channel!  If you have a LEGO® builder, he says to be sure to check them out today!

You can see our entire custom list here.

So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to the LEGO® channel on YouTube today and let your little builder start putting together their very own custom play list that will make them feel like they have the LEGO® world available at the touch of their fingertip all while giving you the time to make your days as a mom more manageable!

Happy building and creating and remember to make it a LEGO® day!

Thank you to LEGO® and Technorati for being sponsors. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are my own.



  1. says

    You know, we never had legos in my house when we were kids… I’m not sure why, but I feel like I missed out on a LOT. I’m going to make sure to include this in Zach’s childhood as he grows older. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Juliette Mariano-Carlson says

    Thank you for this post! My son, age 5, loves LEGOS and we have an iPad. I will definitely be looking into these LEGO videos for him.

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