Easy Ways to Turn Your Nursery into a Toddler Room

Babies grow up much too quickly as we know all to well.  And in our home recently, we’re really been hit with the realization.  Because one day MillerBug was doing just find in his crib and the next he was able to get over the top – a problem which we definitely needed to address!  So, we took a look around his room and decided that it was time to make the transition from a crib to a bed and from a nursery to a toddler room.  And while this was sad in some ways it was super exciting in others, because it meant a chance to makeover a room that we created before we knew him and match it to his personality.  As I started thinking through ideas, I ran across some great tips – both from friends and family – that are super helpful when you’re looking to transition your nursery into a toddler room.  I hope they can help you too!

Easy Ways to Turn Your Nursery Into a Toddler Room

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Tip #1:  Go with Your Child’s Personality

When we first start designing our children’s rooms, we are often making the best guess we can of what our child will be like.  We often go for gender specific color schemes and items that all children relate to.  However, as you transition their room into a toddler room, it’s a great time to take into account the things they love and make their room somewhere they will want to be!  If your daughter is into butterflies, go with that theme.  If you son loves trains, that works too.  Pay close attention to the items that they get excited about though in order to create the perfect room for them.

Tip #2:  Have Fun with the Decor

I am an accent person.  I love pillows and throws and bright pops of color.  However, with nurseries it is often more difficult to incorporate these ideas.  But as you transition your child’s room into a “big kid” room, these can be fun ways to make it feel lively!  Add some bright cushions to the chairs or use them to create a reading nook in the corner.  Little kids love nothing more than to bury themselves in pillows and cushions and create a world where they can learn and play.  Be sure to pull in elements that are both fun and functional so that your child’s room serves a purpose without being cluttered.

Tip #3:  Choose a Bed that Will Thrill Your Child

Moving your child into a bed can be scary – both for you and them.  So choose a bed that they will get excited about!  There are so many ways to make their bed fun – from car and toy shaped toddler beds to comforters that they can’t wait to get under.  Even if they are small, let them help make the choice on what type of bed they like.  Looking at consignment shops is a great way to find toddler beds and they generally aren’t very expensive so that when the novelty wears off, you can easily make a change.

Tip #4:  Color Those Walls

Children love bright, fun walls and you can completely transform their rooms with very little effort.  Consider adding a coat of paint or purchasing wall stickers that match the decor of their room.  Posters of their favorite cartoon characters are also a great way to transition the walls with very little money or effort.  Let your child be in the room as you add their new wall hangings and show your excitement over them.  I bet you that your child will be excited too!

Tip #5:  Celebrate the Change

Children often look to their parents for how to react to new situations so get ready to celebrate their big kid room!  Talk it up. Tell them how proud you are of them for making this move.  Let them know they are just like their big brother or sister now if they have one and that they are no longer a baby.  Spend time in their room with them and talk about all the cool new features.  Your excitement over this big step for them will help them to embrace it too!

Transitioning your baby’s room from a nursery to a toddler room can be hard.  It can bring tears.  But it is also a very exciting time.  So make a big deal out of it and before you know it, your child will be spending tons of time in their fabulous new room!

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  1. Michelle Perez says

    Right now I’m in a 2 bedroom apartment with a 15 month old girl and 3 month old boy. It’s kind of hard to find the right balance in the room to suit both of them

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