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It’s no secret that I struggle to fix fabulous meals for my family every night.  If fact, I think that is the hardest resolution I made this year.  Because by the end of the day, I’m frazzled (yes, I get frazzled daily), tired and generally in no mood to cook.  So, I’ve been looking for a way to make fabulous meals easier and quicker to prepare while still providing the nutrition my family needs.  And this often boils down to the items that I’m preparing.  Fish is one of the items that we eat most often in our home – from flounder to cod to salmon to shrimp, all of us love fabulous items from the sea.  But fish is not generally quick.  In fact, on days we want fish, I have to go to the store (30 minutes at least), bring it home and bread or marinate it (another 30 minutes and then stand outside at the grill or inside at the stove and wait for it to cook (about 15 to 20 minutes).  By the time I have it all together and sides fixed to go with it, a good hour and  a half of my day is gone.  And considering the fact that I don’t get home from picking J-Man up most days till close to 5, that puts us eating dinner super late.

So, lately I’ve been looking for a way to make things easier.  And since my family is definitely not giving up fish, I had to come up with a solution that would work while still fitting in with my time constraints.  So, I headed off to Walmart to see what I could find.  Now, MillerBug’s absolute favorite thing to eat right now is Mrs. Paul’s Fish Sticks.  He could eat them daily and they are super simple to fix.  I simply pop them out of the box and into the oven and while I’m putting up the toys or emptying the dishwasher, his dinner is cooking.  So, I thought, what if I could do the same for the rest of the family?  And while fish sticks are super yummy, I wanted something a little more grown up for the rest of us – something that would combine veggies, fish and carbs to create a meal that was both fun and simple!  And as soon as I spotted the Mrs. Paul’s Fish Tenders, I knew that I had found an item that I could make a fabulous meal with!


You see, my family loves tacos.  And I mean really loves them.  J-Man asks for them several times a week.  But we love fish too!  So I thought what if I took the Mrs. Paul’s fish fillets and made yummy fish tacos – just like the ones shown on the box!  It sounded like a meal everyone would love.   And while fish tacos are good plain, I wanted my tacos to be great!  So they needed something to add a little pizzazz to them!  As I walked down the aisle I saw the frozen veggies.  And while I was originally going to get some Birds Eye vegetables for the side, as soon as I saw the BirdsEye corn, I knew what I wanted to top my tacos with – fresh corn salsa!


 So, I grabbed a bag of corn and the other items I needed for my corn salsa.  But there was still something missing.  Since I had my fish and my corn, I though I should add something green.  At first a salad was my thought but then it hit me – I could make these fish tacos perfect with a little bit of lime cilantro slaw on the top.  And if my guys didn’t want it on their tacos, it would still be the perfect side to put with the fish tacos!  And since I already had most of the items I needed for it, I only had to grab a bag of cabbage.  Then I picked up a few odds and ends that are always on my Walmart list and headed for the checkout.  Since MillerBug had helped me with my shopping, he had his own little buggy and was eager to check out as well.


Once we reached the front and checked out, we were ready to head home and get to creating!

Now, here is the awesome thing about this recipe.  As soon as I got home, I went ahead and made the corn salsa and slaw while MillerBug slept and then set them in the refrigerator.  That way all I had to do in the afternoon was put the fish in the oven and thrown the tacos together – it really doesn’t get much simpler than that!

Spicy Corn Salsa Recipe

Cook your bag of Birds Eye Corn according to the directions.  While it is cooking, dice up a half an onion, half a red pepper and half a jalapeno pepper.  Mix your diced veggies with 3 tablespoons of cilantro and 2 tablespoons of lime juice.  Once your corn is done, add all the ingredients together and mix them well.  Cover your corn salsa and refrigerate for 3 to 4 hours.


Lime Cilantro Slaw Recipe

Pour one package of pre-shredded slaw mix into a large bowl.  Add in 2 tablespoons of light Mayonnaise, 2 tablespoon of Rice Vinegar, 4 Tablespoons of Cilantro, half a diced onion and 2 Tablespoons of Lime Juice.  Mix all ingredients together well.  Cover and keep in refrigerator until ready to use.


After mixing up my corn salsa and slaw and putting them in the refrigerator, I got the rest of the things on my to do list done and cleaned up the kitchen.  As I looked down at my watch, I realized that I actually had time to spare before picking up J-Man from school and since all I had to do was pop the fish in the oven when I got home, clean up would be a breeze too!  So, I took the extra time to sit down with a book and actually take a few minutes for me!

Once “me time” was over, it was time to go get J-Man, assemble my fish tacos and feed my family a fabulously simple meal!

Fish Taco Recipe


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What You Will Need

Mrs. Paul’s Fish Tenders

Soft Taco Shells

Spicy Corn Salsa

Lime Cilantro Cole Slaw

How to Make It

Prepare your Mrs. Paul’s Fish Tenders according to the direction on the box.  Once they are ready, spread cilantro lime slaw and spicy corn salsa on half of your taco shell.  Place two Mrs. Paul’s Fish Tenders on top.  Fold over the top half of your soft taco.  Serve and enjoy!


Now, come on ya’ll!  It doesn’t get much simpler than that, right?  Or much more delicious!  And it was so easy to make!  I wasn’t running around stressed out at dinner time and the family and I were able to sit down together for a fabulous dinner that each of us loved!


In fact, both J-Man and the hubs devoured their tacos, went back for seconds and asked when we could have them again.  And I can’t blame them because I have to say the fish tacos were pretty darn fantastic!  The fish was so tender and tasty and the spicy corn salsa and lime cilantro slaw complimented it so well and provided a fabulous burst of flavor that kept you coming back for more!


This is a dish that I am sure will become a regular in our house.  Since it’s simple for me, delicious for the whole family and well-balanced too, there is really nothing about this meal that you won’t love!  So, if you’re a fish lovin’ family like we are, I encourage you to simplify your meal time with Mrs. Paul’s and Birds Eye.  You’ll love the convenience of putting fabulous meals on the table without all the time and mess and your family will adore seeing mom a little less stressed!

If you’re ready to make dinner tonight simple, be sure to grab some great money saving coupons from Mrs. Paul’s and Birds Eye Vegetables.   Also be on the lookout for great inspiration when Mrs. Paul’s/Van De Kamp’s Fish Tenders and Birds Eye Vegetable have demos at your local Walmart from March 7-10!

And if you want to see more on how I created this fabulous meal, be sure to check out my Google+ album.

No go!  Eat!  Enjoy!  And delight in the fact that putting a fabulous meal on the table at night doesn’t have to take all day!

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    Yum! I really want to try that slaw recipe. Yes, I have also been struggling with meal ideas and motivation to get it all done … I am pregnant and most days dinner is sneaking up on me before I know it. Thanks to all these fabulous #FishnVeggies posts I have already had fish tacos twice this week. ..and I loved every bite!

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    Those fish tacos look AWESOME. I used to order fish tacos all of the time when we went to Red Robin but they took them off of the menu but not I am gonna try these and hopefully these can be the replacement.

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    This is the perfect weeknight meal! Simple enough that the kids will eat it (I have a fish stick lover too) but you can dress it up so the adults don’t feel like they’re eating kids food again! Awesome!!


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