I’ll Never Feel Alone Again Thanks to StreetSafe #cbias

Being moms, we can sometimes think we are invincible.  It’s just natural as we go through our daily routines that we forget about our own safety.  We sometimes go places our kids are and enter situations that may not be safe without even a second thought, because that’s just what moms do.  However, just last week I was at one of J-Man’s basketball games and one of the moms got ready to leave.  Now, let me say most of us moms bring our sons to their basketball games alone.  Our husbands might be working or, as in my case, they may be at home with other children.  And as this mom went to leave, one of the dads on the team, who just happens to be  detective at our local police department, looked at her in shock and asked her to let him walk her out.  We all looked at each other strangely because we’ve walked out of the games all season, not thinking once that there may be danger right outside the door.  So, when he came back in, we were curious to know what had prompted this offer to accompany our fellow mom to her car.

We listened attentively as he explained that some of the locations our team played at were not always safe.  And since we often have 7 PM games, it’s pretty dark when we go out to the cars at the end of the night.  He asked if we had ever stopped to look around and make sure street lights were on.  Or if we watched our surroundings instead of listening to our children tell about their awesome shot at the buzzer.  And as I listened to him talk, a chill ran down my shine.  Because it often doesn’t even enter my mind to look around.   And while I’m generally cautious, I rarely think about what to do if something were to happen.  Would I be able to dial 911 in time?  Would I know how to respond?  Would anyone even know where I was when something happened?  These were questions that were concerning not only because of my own safety but also because I was often responsible for my own child and occasionally some of his friends after games.


The whole conversation really got me to thinking and I came to the conclusion that there HAD to be a better way to ensure my safety.  I wanted more than anything to know that even when I was alone or just with kids, someone knew where I was and could send help if need be.  And when I heard about StreetSafe and I instantly had hope that I would never have to feel alone again!

So, what was it about StreetSafe that was so appealing to me?  Well, it was simple actually.  I always have my phone with me (Don’t you? Be honest!).  No matter if I have a purse, wallet, even keys, my phone is never far from my hand.  But I’ve often worried in a dangerous situation if I would be able to dial 911, calmly convey my location and wait until they arrived.  Because, while some of you may not know this, I am a little bit of a panicker.  My hubby has to talk me down when I get really upset or worried and it’s super hard for me to get calmed back down.  Not exactly what you need in a dangerous situation, right?  But with Street Safe, there is always someone just a slide of the keypad away who can talk me down, pinpoint my location, call the authorities and even give them my description if need be!


I was already pretty excited about the security that just knowing about this app was making me feel so I quickly downloaded it so that I could see how it worked.  I was super impressed that I was asked to give tons of identifying information as I registered and was even able to upload a picture of myself in case authorities needed it (heaven forbid).  Then I simply followed the link I was sent after entering my phone model information and was able to quickly and easily download it to my phone.

As soon as I had it installed, all I had to do was click on the app and I was given two options – set off a silent alarm which would immediately send help or request a call back.  Now, I wanted to see how quickly I would get a response and also to make sure this really worked the way I thought it did, so I slid the request a callback button.  As you can see in the picture above, the tab stayed showing my request until I received a callback.  And I even timed it!  It took 37 seconds to get a call back from a very helpful LIVE person!  There was no “Enter your phone number or code” or anything like that – I was able to pick up the phone and have another person on the other end who was there to help me!

He quickly explained that a LIVE person was always there – to help with uncomfortable situations or even just to talk to me if I was walking alone and did not feel safe.  So, on those nights when I was making the trip from the gym at a school I was not familiar with to my car in the dark, all I had to do was request a call and the person on the other end of the line would “walk with me” until I was safely in my car.  Now, that made me feel good!

Never Feel Alone with StreetSafe

But what if the situation was a little more desperate.  What if there was someone standing in front of me and I couldn’t make a call?  Then I could simply (and discreetly) slide the silent alarm button which would notify Street Safe that I was in danger and trigger an immediate call to the police with my exact GPS tracked location!  Seriously, I was feel so much safer at this point!  And as I started to feel safe, I began to think about all the ways that this could help my family feel safe as well.  Because I needed to share this tool with them to help them prepare for situations that I hoped they never faced!  But in case they did, upgrading to a family plan was simple and I could then have even more peace of mind knowing that my son and husband had access to this service any time they needed it!  In fact, when I had talked to the live person (remember the one who will walk with me), he even encouraged me to have my son give them a call to help him better understand how they could be there to help him in any situation!

So, as soon as the hubs got home, I grabbed his phone and told him he HAD to download something NOW!  And while I expected him to be resistant (he hates when I mess with his phone) as soon as I explained to him what the app did, he was more than excited about it.  In fact, he pointed out how great it would make him feel knowing that I was safe even when he was not with me!  And it could also help him if there was ever an emergency when he was on the road driving to work – especially with the dangerous winter conditions he sees making his 40 minute commute every day!

So, now I know that my family has security at all times.  None of us are every truly alone, even when we physically are.  And I never have to feel worried or scared walking through dark school parking lots late at night because StreetSafe is literally just a touch of my phone screen away.  I have a feeling they may get to know me well before this basketball season ends but that’s OK!  Because giving me the peace of mind to enjoy my son’s games without having to worry about the trip to the car afterwards is just one of the many reasons that they are there!


To find out more about StreetSafe, be sure to check out their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.  Then download the app to your Android, iPhone or BlackBerry today because the safety you are ensuring may be your own!

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  1. says

    Thankfully I live in a low-crime area but I still get nervous when I’m alone at night sometimes. It’s always nice to find ways to feel more secure.

  2. Sylvia Ortiz says

    This app is perfect for my daughter, who takes the bus to work and back. I am always so worried about her safety and I make sure she lets me see her before she leaves the house, so that I can at least know what she was wearing – in case something happened to her. She’s had several instances with strange men following her and/or attempting to pick her up. Thank you very much for this great share!

  3. Mary Dailey says

    This is a fantastic product that anyone could use. I’m going to check into it. I did have a giggle at the photo of you looking scared! LOL

  4. says

    Love this! I have panic attacks and when my son was young I was always calling someone to talk me down so I wouldn’t upset him and they prevented me from doing a lot of things I might have done if this was available.

  5. essijay says

    i’m one of those women that feel invincible… i mean… most men take one look at me and think “oh, no way in hades” :-) i’m fat, ugly, and poor… not exactly the intended target.
    but this is a good idea for those other women to feel safe.
    until we have a society that actually punishes men for hurting women instead of victim-blaming.. hmm.

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