Valentine’s Day Kid’s Craft: Recycle Your Tissue Box into a Cute Card Carrier

This is MillerBug’s first year in pre-school.  And with that come his first parties!  Since he just started in January, the Valentine’s Day party is his first taste of school parties and so we have been working feverishly to get ready.  I’ve purchased little Valentine’s (Jake and the Neverland Pirates of course), gotten his outfit ready and spent lots of time helping him practice eating his Valentine’s Day treats;-)  So all that was left to do was come up with a cute way for him to bring his Valentine’s goodies home.  Yesterday when I was out, I looked at some of the choices but I really didn’t like them and didn’t want to spend money on something I felt like I could make at home.  So, we came home, took a look at the items we had and them put together his first special little box.  By recycling an old tissue box and using a little creativity we were able to come up with something that he’s thrilled to carry!  Here’s how you can make your very on cute card carrier too!

DIY Tissue Box Valentine Card Carrier

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What You Will Need

Empty Tissue Box

Paint and Paint Brushes


Decorations (Foam Hearts, Pearls, Feathers, ect)

Ribbon or Yarn

How to Make It

Start by removing the plastic in the opening of your tissue box (if it has it).  This pulls out easily.   Then cover your entire box in red paint.  This will take several coats to cover the patterns on the box.

Allow your box to dry completely.  Once it is dry, you’re ready to start adding decorations.  You can personalize your box by adding your child’s name in cut out letters on one side.  On the other, stencil on a heart or your favorite shape.

Then, decorate around it.  We used foam hearts for our decoration.  They are sticky but we reinforced them with hot glue since little hands can tear things off really quickly.

After you have your box decorated, take the sharp point of your scissors or a hole puncher and add a hole to each side of the box.

Thread your ribbon or yarn through each hole and tie the end so that it won’t come back through to make a handle.

Finally, add some festive tissue paper to create a special look and to keep the cards from falling down in the box – allowing little hands to easily find them.

It’s the perfect way for your child to carry his or her Valentine’s!

And once the Valentine’s are gone, use it as a special storage place for small toys!



  1. says

    I love that shirt!!! Mommy says no dating!!! I would love to get one for my almost 2 year old Grandson, Liam!! So cute he is!! Miller Bug!!
    I love the idea for the kleenex box too!! Great look!! Thanks for the great idea!

  2. Robin Wilson says

    This is a great idea. We always have them around. I think it could be adapted for any holiday or birthday and is a great way to recycle! Thanks for the idea!


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