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I don’t need to tell you how much we love to celebrate.  In our home, pretty much any occasion is celebration worthy.  Good grades, winning a game, simply making in through the day.  So, when I was asked to join in on a celebration, of course I said yes.  After all, any reason to part is a good one, right?  So, we’ve joined up with one of our fabulous bloggy friends who is celebrating a pretty special milestone – 10,000 fans of Facebook!  Congrats girl!  And to really celebrate, we want YOU to win!  So,
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  1. Oneila vicki Byrd says

    The best surprise was when my husband gave me a diamond bracelet and $500 more for my trip to meet my grandmother on Christmas day

  2. Kim Gordon says

    Best surprises in the world….when they said “it’s a girl” then 2 1/2 years later it’s a boy. Then 19 months ago “you’re getting a grandson”!

  3. peggy fedison says

    best surprises were when my daughter was born, then my son.. then years later.. my grandaughter , then grandson.. and just this past jan 11, 2013 a new grandson !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. says

    My boyfriend surprises me all the time. Last night I came home from work to find a Valentine’s bag on my computer filled with chocolate and a bottle of expensive perfume that I have always wanted, but could never afford. He’s the best man I could have ever asked for in my life!

  5. Megan M says

    This past Christmas, my daughter used her own money from her first job to buy me a beautiful comforter set because mine was old and worn out. That touched my heart more than any other gift I have ever received!

  6. Jessica Ingram says

    My boyfriend built a stellarium out of a projector he bought from a school and suprised me by “bringing heaven down ” for me… Sweetest thing ever … i cried. :)

  7. Jill Myrick says

    My biggest surprise was my engagement wring from my husband on Christmas of 2002.
    It was really well disguised.


  8. ellen chevarie says

    when my chuldren gave me a 10k white gold mothers ring.they opted for real gems instead of simulated gems and wow it was a surprise and sooo had in order of birth my 3 children and 3 has room for 1 more.the youngest is 18 and does not have any children.they gave it to me at christmas.

  9. Tammy Smith says

    My best surprise ever was finding out I was pregnant with my baby girl (now 10) after having 2boys, ands being told I couldn’t have anymore ever! :)

  10. Caitlin Clark says

    Definitely has to be when my husband proposed on my birthday, on the steps of the place where we eventually got married! Still have that ring, that husband, and that sweet sweet memory!

  11. April Brenay says

    For valentines day my husband got me a waffle marker, but when I opened it inside had a red Ipod engraved with I LOVE YOU :)

  12. Melanie Rhodes says

    Finding out I was pregnant with our daughter when a fertility specialist had told my 6 weeks prior I had about 1 percent chance.

  13. Jessica Wahowske says

    The opportunity to take my pension as a lump sum so I could my trailer then my man got a newer trailer for his birthday.

  14. Kara Jeremias says

    Off the top of my head, it would be the Camaro that was gifted to me when I was 18. Loved that car.. and still miss it.

  15. Debbie Bashford says

    My dad brought home a 5 year old samoyed dog named Yukon on a night in Feb of 1967. He was my best gift and best friend

  16. Ashley Parks says

    My best surprise was my daughter!! …. She was born almost 2 weeks early and only a few hours of labor… so that was a great surprise!! :)

  17. Jo Ann Moffatt says

    The best surprise I ever had was when my Mom and Dad bought me a brand new saddle for Christmas when I was 14. I knew my new horse was not far behind! I had sold my Shetland pony the year before as I had had him for 4 years and my feet were almost dragging on the ground. My heart broke when I had to sell him but he went to an incredible home. A few months later I got my new horse and my feet were far from the ground!

  18. Margie Young says

    The best surprise for me was when I was pregnant before they could tell if you were having a boy or girl. We all ready had a wonderful son and were so hoping for a daughter but figured my folks and his folks both had 2 sons first ,we would too. When our daughter was born and they said you have a little girl, I just couldn’t believe it , it was such a surprise and a wonderful one at that !

  19. Seyma Shabbir says

    My second son. I was told I was not pregnant by 2 doctors, was experiencing medical problems so I thought it was something serious, went to another dr. thinking it was cancer and told I was pregnant!

  20. Jeannette Laframboise says

    My best surprise was a gorgeous carved chest that my mother gave me as a gift. We had been out shopping one day and she saw me admiring it and I never dreamed I would ever own it as it was so expensive. My mother didn’t have much money herself but somehow she managed to purchase it and I was so shocked that I had to sit down as I literally felt like I would faint.

  21. Maddie K. says

    A pair of diamond earrings from my mom. She gave a pair to me and one to my sister. Color me hugely surprised. I have worn them everyday since. I even went and got second holes put in my ears just for the earrings. I only take them out to clean them and when I went to surgery they had to come out, but my husband knowing how important they are to me (my mom has passed away) put them back in my ears in the hospital when I was in the critical care unit. Now that’s love.

  22. michelle warner says

    my husband is not a holiday guy and today he surprised me with a diamond necklace, i am amazed. he has never doen this before, usually he just throws money on my desk and says happ y valentine babe, i love ya. but he got me good this year, and all day he was so nice and lovey it was the best day ever for me. not the necklace the extra attention.

  23. Debra Simning-Chapman says

    For my 45th birthday my now husband answered my personal ad for dating and we’ve been together for over 5 years now.

  24. Wayne Dougherty says

    A couple years ago, Fed Ex delivered a envelope that informed me of winning a grand prize sweepstakes from Kraft. The trip and event were valued around $10,000 and there was a check for $1000. That was quite a surprise.

  25. marie channing says

    the best surprise I had was falling in Love with the most wonderful man in the world …after a bad first marriage this was the best surprise for my heart

  26. Laura Cook says

    When the ultrasound tech said “It’s a boy!” After having 2 girls we didn’t think a boy was a possibility! 😀

  27. cindy says

    I have never been surprised by anything. I wish someone someday would surprise me with something. I plan everything and hubby never gives gifts so no surprise there.

  28. Janine Horn says

    After 20 yr marriage and 28 yrs of being single- I met the best man rver and we love each other alot. Talk about surprise!!! :)

  29. Chelsea o says

    Meeting my now husband…oh and of course when I found out I was pregnant….though the first time it wasn’t really “surprise” so much as “finally!”

  30. Haylee Marie Rowe says

    I haven’t received many surprises, but I would have to say when my fiance has surprised me with flowers. Its a wonderful feeling to get a surprise JUST BECAUSE :)

  31. Christy Stokely says

    The best surprise I ever got was at Christmas a few years ago when my daughter bought me a laptop computer that I had wanted for a long time but couldn’t afford. I use it everyday and always remember how surprised and happy i was to receive it.

  32. says

    The best surprise ever received was being told last year that I was finally cancer free… “Really Huge surprise” and then a series of winning some products to help rebuild my health and serenity…

  33. says

    i guess you can call this a suprise it sure was to me they did a autrasound on me when i was pregnant told me i was having a girl it turned out to be a boy and everything we bought was for a girl even the babys bed room.

  34. says

    my family gave me a surprise 60th birthday daughter and grand daughter flew 1300 husband went to the hosp .where i worked and arranged for me to have 2 weeks off.this was my wonderful kids ,husband and my extended famliy….how lucky am i!!!!!!

  35. Tari Lawson says

    The best surprise I ever recieved was the gift I got for my 40th birthday. My husband totally surprised me with a trip to a spa in Mexico. My best friend was in on it and went with me.

  36. Beth Hill says

    I box in the mail with 2 cordless wireless smart phones for the house that I won from the Extra TV giveaways!
    Great surprise.

  37. robiestephanie says

    The best thing or person I aever received was the birth of my two amazing nephews Devon and Jayson they are my greatest blessing

  38. Roe Clark says

    This past Christmas….my children surprised me at 8am, knocking on my door…drove all the way here to make it a special Christmas…they were not supposed to make it and rearranged their schedules to surprise me…we had a wonderful holiday! :-)

  39. Mary Ellen Davison says

    When our daughter gave birth to our 1st grandchildren—twin boys, and then 4 years later, our daughter-in-law gave birth to twin boys, too!! It’s like Noah’s Ark around here, and so much fun…we have 6 grandchildren, including 1 girl…life is always exciting and surprising!

  40. Chelsea Plevinski says

    When I found out I was pregnant (the baby we lost) my husband (then just boyfriend) was a grad student and I was an undergrad and I was scared to tell him. I picked him up from school and said “we have to talk” and then showed him the box of 3 tests I took that were all positive. He said he was happy, and that when I told him the we needed to talk he thought it was bad news like I had cancer or something! My surprise was how happy he was. He felt that we both wanted kids at some time and he was in his late 20’s so why not? He had planned on asking me to marry him anyway after I finished my degree, so this would all come just a little bit sooner!

  41. says

    Oh boy that’s a tough one! I think when I found out that had sold our last house in less than a week! We were at a point where we were going to be getting into some financial trouble, and getting rid of the house was a big priority. It happened so fast I can still hardly remember that phone call from our realtor!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  42. Melisa Berardi says

    A white gold necklace with a heart charm with my kids and hubby’s birthstone with another heart inside the outer heart with a diamond representing me. Holding us all together Sweet!

  43. Corinne Soto says

    Yea, i’m going with my princess, who was our happy OOPS. LOL, Irish twins can be difficult to handle on certain days, but i wouldn’t know what to do without her at this point! She’s my perfect mini me

  44. says

    Best surprise was finding out I was pregnant when we had been trying, but decided to take a couple of months off and actually were trying not to get pregnant of all things!

  45. Jennifer Ullrich says

    The best surprise I have ever received is a telephone call from a radio station letting me know that I had won a Family Camp Getaway at Hume Lake.

  46. Danielle says

    When my husband proposed. He had always told me that he didn’t believe in marriage and so I never expected him to ask.

  47. Kathy Davis says

    The best surprise I ever had was when my daughter told me she was pregnant. They had wanted a baby for over 7 years and didn’t think it would ever happen.. Our granddaughter is now 6 months old!!! What a blessing!!

  48. courtney hennagir says

    my hubby surprised me with a trip to the salon to get a haircut and color! can’t wait til tomorrow to go!

  49. Kristina says

    one our 1 year wedding anniversary my wedding ring set was stolen. I was completely devastated and heart broken. So my husband gave me my presents, knowing nothing could replace my rings, and he had gotten me a diamond pendant & a heart locket. I lost something so precious to me, but now have something I will forever Cherish.

  50. Candice Hull says

    Besides an engagement ring and being pregnant with my boys? I would say…..a surprise weekend away my husband planned.
    Thank you

  51. Lori May says

    my husband is not one to remember anniversaries, birthdays stuff like that. To him, it’s just another day. But 2 weeks ago, my husband remembered our 21st wedding anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Dana D says

    the best surprise was when i realized i was pregnant with my 1st son. I had no idea! I was already 13 weeks along when i read an article about the signs of pregnancy. WOW!

  53. Ashley Seals says

    Flowers in hospital after i had my daughter from my hubby or the giant bear i got on our first
    v day together!!!

  54. shannon m says

    I would have to say when my now husband proposed. He had been away with the ARMY for about 4 months when he was finally able to get a 10 day break over Christmas. A few days before Christmas, he wanted to take me to a local place that had huge, beautiful flower displays, christmas shows, gardens to walk through.. just breathtaking. We had stopped in front of a water display when out of nowhere he dropped to one knee and proposed. I wasnt expecting it in the least. I was speechless but it was so amazing.

  55. carol lewis says

    When I had my first baby and she was te 3000th babay of the year at the hospital-they paid our whole bill! Which we needed!

  56. Pauline M says

    Definately my son on a serious note, but for fun… a gift certificate to get a belly button ring. Last thing I would have expected and could not stop laughing!

  57. Cheryl Chervitz says

    I received a $250 child support check, part of a payment owed for over 25 years. I had no idea that the state had it.

  58. corey says

    In the first year my wife and I were dating, she surprised me on my b/day with tickets to an NHL game where my favourite team was playing. She went through a bunch of odd things at a college fundraiser in order to win them.

  59. Michelle Crowder says

    Best surprise I ever received was the news that I was pregnant with my oldest daughter after being told it was VERY unlikely I’d ever conceive a child!

  60. Darlene Jones-Nelson says

    It was this Valentines day! I was waiting for a gif I thought he got and by the morning I didn;t get it but After the mail ran I did! I was all upset almost all day, then Bam I got my Diamonds.

  61. Tracey Andino says

    I would have to say a handwritten letter explaining my boyfriends feelings.. I love getting a straight from the heart love letter.. that’s the best surprise you could ever get!

  62. Michelle Tucker says

    Some flowers from my husband…and the card read “You still look better naked”

    I think that card gave the driver quite a fright.

  63. anita m sanchez says

    My best surprise I ever got was at our 25th renewal of wedding vows ceremony my dad showed up to walk me down the aisle. He was not around for the first one. It was a blessing and a joyous event in my life that left me speechless.

  64. Cindy Thurman says

    Receiving a toy poodle for Christmas when I was a teenager, my family hid her in a shoe box and brought her out last, much to my surprise. My entire family cried when they saw how happy and surprised I was!

  65. Keoammara says

    My biggest surprise was finding out I was pregnant the weekend I refused to drink. I had this feeling that I was even though that pregnancy was my first. I am so happy I trusted my women’s intuition! Now I am blessed with my one year old baby boy and hoping for another big surprise!

  66. Lia Becas Jacobsen says

    My first best surprise was conceiving my son after 5 years of infertility and the second best surprise was hearing his children, my Grandkids, were on their way. MUSIC to my ears and now they are 3 and almost 2! I relive those surprises every time I see them <3 Truly blessed!!

  67. Lauren Becker says

    Hmm…I’m not sure. I don’t really get surprised with BIG things. My friend got me a digital camera for my b-day last year and that was kind of a big deal. No idea!

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