Look Your Best with a Vonny Tote Stuffed with Skin Care Products Giveaway! Ends 3/30

How many of you out there are beauty fiends like me?  Since Spring is on the way, I figured it’s time for a bright new Springy look!  And I wanted to give you a way to get one too.  Not only will one lucky person win this beautiful Springy tote to carry everything you need but it will also be stuffed with $100 worth of beauty and skin care products!  Now, if that doesn’t have you glowing, I don’t know what will!

Vonny Everything Tote

Because the question we wondered was what could be better than a Vonny Everything Tote?? And the answer was simple – A tote filled with gorgeous make-up & skin care products! I can promise you that you will not be disappointed… the products are rich, gorgeous, natural. Everything you need to pamper your skin!

Vonny Everything Tote

So, first, what’s so special about this market tote?  Well, it’s the perfect size to carry everything! Staying organized will be easy and beautiful with this bag because it boasts 2 large front pockets as well as the inside pockets which include 3 pouches for pens/pencils, cell phone pouch and a very handy small flat pocket for parking stubs… so you never lose them again!!!  They think of everything don’t they?  It even has over the shoulder straps which are very comfortable and the fun bright interior lining makes it easy to find what you are looking for!

The Vonny Everything Tote is made of 100% cotton canvas, and laminated for easy clean-up.

But, that’s not all!

Mystery Box

The Vonny Everything Tote is filled with $100 worth of Mystery Make-Up & Skin Care products!

No longer will you have to search for the perfect products to give you that warm weather glow – because they will all be right inside your bag!

We would like to say a special thanks to our very generous sponsor Vonny for sponsoring our giveaway!

One lucky reader will win a

Vonny Everything Tote filled with
$100 Mystery Make-Up & Skin Care Products!
($158 total value)

Are you ready to win?  I’m super excited about this one!  Entry is super easy thanks to Rafflecopter.  Just use the form below.

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Giveaway will end at 11:59 PM EST on March 30, 3013.  Giveaway is open to residents of the US and Canada only.  The Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug is not responsible for prize fulfillment.  We received no compensation for this post.  Facebook, Google+, Twitter and all other social media networks are in no way associated with this giveaway.  Please see the terms and conditions section of the Rafflecopter form for full rules and details.


  1. always interested in trying new skin care products

  2. I stay with the same routine for the most part. I usually just wear less in the summer time.

  3. Alana Vester says:

    I usually use more lotion in the winter due to dry skin, but everything else stays the same.

  4. jean rivera hakki

    nice to have to carry my nursing supplys

  5. I stay with the same routine but sometimes add supplement products for specific needs- extra moisture in winter, suncare in summer, etc.

  6. stacey h says:

    i use much more lotion in the winter. in the summer i use much more sunscreen

  7. Michaela K says:

    I try to be more natural in spring and summer, use a little make up as possible and use lots more lip balm and lip gloss.

  8. I change depending on the season. I use higher spf makeup during summer and more moisturizer in the winter.
    April Griffus recently posted..Midweek Mailcall #8My Profile

  9. Heather Adams says:

    I wear less make-up in the summer.

  10. Jamie Lunsford says:

    mine stays the same!

  11. I use a bit less foundation in the summer, when I am tan. I also use a little less moisturizer, since my skin is less dry in the summer.
    I LOVE summer!

  12. I stay the same never change.

  13. same thing,year around

  14. Valarie Collup says:

    This would be awesome, I change with the seasons….

  15. Missy Marie

    Pretty much keep the same routine. Little more moisturizer in the winter and sunscreen in summer months.

  16. Same routine.

  17. Lucy Lopez says:

    I stay with the same routine.

  18. Katie Roch says:

    I make small changes, such as going from rich colored eye shadows and lip colors to lighter or pastel colors for spring.

  19. Kim Barrett says:

    I change it up, because I’m ALWAYS outside in the summer and NEVER outside in the winter!

  20. I use the same… maybe change up the sunscreen during the summer time.

  21. Lesley M.

    I stay the same!

  22. Helen May

    I change it. My skin gets drier during winter.

  23. Amy Martin

    I don’t change by season – I just wear what I want to wear.

  24. Lorayne Gothard

    In Texas the weather doesn’t change much so I stay with the same routine

  25. My routine stays the pretty much the same year round except maybe I’ll use more moisturizer in the winter.


    I know I should.. but sometimes I don’t. Make-up can expire early and I have to watch and count the months for use.

  27. Cindy S.

    No….but I probably should.

  28. shantelle stately

    I always love to try new products. But, I do have to exfoliate and moisturize more often in winter season.

  29. i change it up

  30. I’m a total minimalist so I don’t change things up very often.

  31. Cindy

    Same routine.

  32. stay the same

  33. tracy utphall says:

    Mostly the same

  34. Marion Bruce says:

    Yes, i use a different product in summer,a lighter less oily based with suncreen. I don’t or haven’t used a lot of products but i have been using more this past year and will continue to! i would love to win this!

  35. Lotion is a year thing. Summer use alot of it and sunscreen. I could use something new t help me out.

  36. ohhhh just pick me …its my birthday and im sad

  37. Leigh Nichols

    I have to use more moisturizer during the winter

  38. Kristin Chapman says:

    I always keep mine the same!

  39. i stay the same

  40. Shani

    I keep the same routine.

  41. I mostly stay with the same routine but a lighter application of moisturizing products.

  42. Jane Broadway says:

    I have to moisturize for the winter.. and use less makeup in the summer. Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  43. Cynthia C

    I tend to moisturize a little more in winter.

  44. sherrill gill says:

    I would do the happy dance if i won this!!

  45. sherrill gill says:

    I change my routines in the different seasons

  46. Margaret Smith says:

    I usually stay with the same routine

  47. Tari Lawson says:

    I change it slightly, adding moisturizer in the winter and sunscreen in the summer.

  48. Emily Lepich says:

    I don’t really change it very much. It just depends in what I want to do from a day to day basis which is typically very consistent

  49. no changes

  50. Beth Hill

    I use the same routine.

  51. this will be handy

  52. Kari Johnson

    I stay the same.

  53. EMMA L HORTON says:


  54. Mary Calabrese

    I pretty much stay with the same routine.

  55. Jessica S says:

    I change eye shadows with outfits. In it to Win it my skin sucks

  56. Shonna Hast says:

    Awesome giveaway! I could really use a new tote with fun skin care/makeup inside!!

  57. I’m sorry,but I don’t wear any make-up.

  58. Michelle W says:

    I stay with the same routine

  59. Josie

    usually the same but sometimes I change it up

  60. I pretty much stay the same for the different seasons – maybe more moisturiser in the winter time. And I’ll use bronzer blush in the summer.

  61. Katherine Goard

    It is much different in the summer than the winter.. I have oily skin in the summer and dry skin in the winter…

  62. My skin is dry all year round so really no difference. More dry in the winter so more hydration is needed.

  63. No changed :)

  64. Saraven Tura says:

    Nothing changes in the seasons :)

  65. Virginia Rowell

    I change in the winter because my skin gets real dry.

  66. heather grintz says:

    i use the same no matter the season, but i am thinking about switching the products i currently use.

  67. Rebecca Peters says:

    I pretty much stay the same

  68. I have the same routine year round

  69. julie murphy says:

    same old thing

  70. patricia skinner says:

    I change a little as I use more sunscreen in the summer.

  71. Dianne Arsenault

    A little bit. I use pinker lipsticks and bronzes in the summer.

  72. luv 2 win stuff

  73. Georgia Beckman

    I rarely stray from my routine. I have dry skin & it tends to stay about the same year round. Not flaky dry, just kind of itchy feeling if I don’t use a moisturizer.

  74. I learned early from my mom to stay with the products you find that you don’t react to, she was notoriously allergic to many things including hypoallergenic things sometimes too. So, I don’t change my routine, same -same all year round.

  75. Yes, I wear lighter makeup and use a lighter moisturizer. I cleanse the same.

  76. Sylvia White

    Stay the same

  77. more moisturizer in winter months

  78. amybelle2001

    I stay with the same routine.

  79. I have the same routine….which is very little!

  80. Donna Evans

    I love trying new makeups but generally keep going back to the same old-same old.

  81. Julie G. says:

    I moisturize more frequently in the winter.

  82. I normally stay with the same routine, just up the spf in the spring/summertime


  83. Debra Hall

    no i stay with what works for me

  84. Tracy L Davis

    I stay with the same routine

  85. Lindsey D says:

    generally use the same routine.

  86. I stay with my same simple routine year round.

  87. Jen Haile says:

    I stick to the same routine with an occasional change!

  88. Tally H. says:

    Usually stick to the same routine.

  89. love trying new skin care products

  90. lotion for my dry skin in the winter thats about it

  91. Kristi C

    I pretty much stay the same.

  92. I only wear makeup on special occasions of if we go someplace special so it pretty much stays the same. I use a natural colored pallette anyways, so it isn’t like it ever gets dated.

  93. Teresa Salerno

    I have the same routine but I change the color of my foundation

  94. I change the foundation, but the rest is the same.

  95. I change my routine with the season!

  96. ELIZA ELLIOT says:

    I switch some things up according to season…but once I find a product I like I keep using it…if it ain’t broke don’t fix it…but some new
    shiny lip gloss for summer is always a treat.

  97. I change it

  98. Josephine D says:

    It is mostly the same although I tend to moisturize more during the winter months to combat dry skin.

  99. melanie crumpton says:

    same… creature of habit

  100. Bonnie Gonzales

    I really don’t except for when its really hot I like to use Sea Breeze for freshner.

  101. Kristen Wirth says:

    I change everything up for Spring and summer it’s been a long winter here in Pittsburgh PA and this would
    be a wonderful prize to win!!!

  102. Robyn L

    stay with same routine usually

  103. I’ve recently started using Physician’s Formula, but the routine is pretty much the same.

  104. Erika Fultz says:

    Exfoliate more in the summer, but pretty much the same otherwise.

  105. michelle Perry says:

    Again this would be awesome to win

  106. kelly woods says:

    I stay with the same routine

  107. I change my skin care routine when something is no longer working…. seems to be about 5-6 times a year. A product will work wonderfully for a while, then my skin gets all dried out, or I’ll have a massive (makes my teenage nephews fell sorry for me) breakout, or I will just start itching like crazy. And I never find something that works twice…

  108. Casance Kendrick

    stay with the same routine

  109. Claudette Lariviere

    Yes, I do use more facial moisturizer in the winter time :-)

  110. My routine is simple and stable.

  111. Jennifer C says:

    My routine hardly changes.

  112. In Spring and summer I don’t use as much make up as in colder months

  113. I very rarely change my routine. Thanks for the chance to win!

  114. Lynne T. says:

    I pretty much stay the same.

  115. nicole

    yes- use light weight/humidity proof products in summer

  116. Pretty much stays the same.

  117. Susan Smith says:

    It pretty much stays the same year round.

  118. pretty much the same just extra moisture in winter months

  119. Lisa Littleton says:

    I use the same through out the seasons.

  120. nicole hunka says:

    I have to change it. We have hot summers and dry winters. I don’t moisturize in the morning in the summer and I use a heavier moisturizer in the dryer winter months.

  121. Would absolutely love this I never buy for myself I always spend what I have on my girls. Which is what I rather do but this would make my month for sure.

  122. Laura Lemons says:

    I only change by using more lotion in the winter and change some of my makeup colors in the spring and summer, but I use the same types of makeup and moisturizers.

  123. velma

    i would love that never won nothing on here.

  124. Stephanie Larison says:

    My routine stays the same.

  125. I change my skin/makeup routine for the seasons :)

  126. Deneen K Berry

    I believe it is VERY IMPORTANT to change unless your are getting FABULOUS RESULTS

  127. I stay the same routine with my skin and makeup unless my skin decides to act up in some way than I must change it. In summer, I use extra SPF on my skin to keep it from burning.

  128. jennifer mcdonald

    yes, mostly my moisturizer.

  129. Same routine…I need to stay stuck in a rut:-)

  130. I have the same routine…in fact, I only just started really getting a routine

  131. Bettina

    I go with different colors depending on the season.

  132. Terri Herman says:

    I use a little less make up in the summer, but make sure my sunscreen is on.

  133. mary simonton says:

    i stay the same

  134. I stick with the same routine

  135. Stephanie V. says:

    basically same but lighter moisturizer in summer

  136. Barbara Maher-Erwin

    I pretty much stay with the same routine, but don’t use as much makeup in the summer.

  137. I have the same routine every season

  138. Peggy Rydzewski says:

    I change it up. Changing eye liner color on daily basis

  139. Beverly Metcalf

    My routine stays about the same all year, except I like the lighter pastel colors for spring and summer. Thanks for this contest.

  140. Nicole C. says:

    I do the same!

  141. jenn sin says:

    Saame yr round just more moisturizer in the winter

  142. Vikki Billings says:

    It stays the same

  143. Nicole Acuna

    I generally switch to lighter face serums during the summer and spring and heavier creams during the winter, during the summer and spring I tend to wear metallic bronze or a more neutral pallet switching to sparkly tones during the winter.

  144. vicki carter

    Basically the same.

  145. missy wilber says:

    I only wear makeup once in awhile now, 3 teenagers and a bf of 19 yrs, who has time? LOL i dont wear much in the summer makes me feel yukky when its hot. BUT love anything girly and LOVE this bag and my 21 yr old daughter will help use the stuff inside :)

  146. Crista Perry says:

    I don’t use to much make up but when I do it’s almost always the same no matter what season.

  147. Gwendolyn Campbell says:

    I use foundation during winter months, spring and summer I only wear eye shadow, mascara and lipstick.

  148. amy rouse

    always keep the same routine

  149. karin hermann says:

    i keep it the same but i add extra moisturizer in the winter

  150. I use the same routine

  151. Always the same, but wouldn’t mind changing it if I won!

  152. I don’t wear much make-up anyway but I try to change eye colors a little and use more moisturizer in the winter
    Lisa Williams recently posted..MonoFoil ~ Clean Redefined ~ GiveawayMy Profile

  153. Tracy Dennison

    I pretty much keep mine the same though I do use more moisturizer in the winter.

  154. Stays the same

  155. Patsy Jones says:

    Same, maybe wash my face more in summer because of oilyness!!

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