Protect Your Child from the Sun with SwimZip UV Protection Sunwear!

During the summer we are outside a lot.  Literally from the moment the kids get up in the morning till the sun goes down, we’re playing in the pool, heading to the beach or even just filling up the kiddie pool in the front yard.  Growing up near the beach myself, outdoors are just an essential part of summer.  But with that summer time fun comes the worry about my children’s skin. You see, as I have gotten older I have worried about my exposure to the sun when I was younger and it seems like each year the sun is hotter and the burns can be worse.  So, I’ve been looking for ways to protect my boys that are cute and simple.  And thankfully, protecting my boys from the sun is a zip thanks to SwimZip!

So how did SwimZip come to be?  The creator, Betsy, was diagnosed with skin cancer at 26.   As scary as that was for her, it spurred her on to make sure that her own child did not have to fear the sun and she turned a situation none of us would want to face into an opportunity.  Through using her own experience, she developed a line of UPF 50+ sunwear that parents would love to put their kids in!


We had the chance to try out SwimZip on MillerBug and let me say, as a mom I’m in love with it!  Let’s start with the look.  The SwimZip suits are so cute!  They are cut great and fit perfectly.  The shirts match with the shorts to create a fun, child-friendly look while still offering superior protection from the sun.



I could not be more please with the look of the SwimZip.  But on top of the look, let me tell you what is really fabulous!   The zipper!  I know I have been at the beach or pool numerous times trying to get MillerBug’s shirt on or off him and it’s always such a struggle!  The zipper is probably one of my favorite features of the SwimZip!  It makes putting the shirt on and talking it off so simple – even when he is wet!


Now, even if this suit didn’t have sun protection properties, I would love it because it is just so cute!  But the fact that it does protect my sweet little boy from the sun makes it a hands down choice in my mind!  Because, as a mom, I can feel good about putting him in his SwimZip each time he goes out in the sun, knowing that I’m doing all I can to keep his skin safe!

I’m not the only one who thinks that SwimZip is amazing though!  It has also been featured on the Today Show because of it’s great concept and Betsy’s efforts to protect children’s skin from the sun!  Since clothing is the single most effective form of skin cancer protection according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, why not protect your child the best way you can, even when they are in the water!

Be sure to head on over to the SwimZip website and order your child’s suit for this summer today!  They have super cute choices for both boys and girls that you’re sure to love!  And be sure to keep an eye out on the blog later today – because you just might have a chance to win your very own SwimZip, along with some other amazing products that you’re sure to need in just a few weeks when Spring Break starts!

Remember, keeping your child’s skin safe is your responsibility.  Thankfully, SwimZip is there to help you do it in super cute style!

I received one or more of the products shown above for free in order to facilitate this review.  Regardless, all opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Amanda Selenke

    This is a great idea, I have a pull on swim shirt, but those are so difficult to get on and off when he is wet. The zip up shirt is brilliant!

  2. Mary Ann Knox

    Skin cancer is also a concern for my family as well. My brother was diagnosed with skin cancer at the age of 21. The shirts are super cute!

  3. Shannon L. Barlow says:

    I’ve NEVER heard of SwimZip. I guess I’m gonna have to read about it. I’ve read some of other peoples comments and kind of have more of an idea but still not sure if I am sure of exactly what it is.

  4. steve mccuan

    Great product that can save lives

  5. Janet W. says:

    I love that these products are UPF 50+! It’s so important to protect our young children from the sun! This outfit is adorable!

  6. I protect my kids by using sunscreen and sun protective clothing, like this! This is so cute!

  7. Christina Howell says:

    I think this idea of protective clothes is so smart! I come from a family that is fair skinned so we burn so quickly and I am constantly staying out of the sun and putting on sunscreen. Anyways, I also like the zipper feature too!

  8. The SwimZip shirt looks fantastic. We love rash guards and this looks much easier!Ross Olson

  9. michelle oakley warner

    awsome review and awsome pics of the little man too cute, thanks

  10. chelesa sims

    I never heard of SwimZip but i think is a great idea to have sun protection in the swim suits

  11. Mary Diehl says:

    It is nice to see another option for swim suits besides what I am familiar with, The Gap. We go to the park all summer besides the swim shirt my son is usually the only kid with sunglasses on!

  12. this would be great for babies their skin is si delicate and i hate putting lotion on them

  13. Deborah D says:

    What a neat idea!

  14. Darlene Jones-Nelson

    I love how the shirts are sheer like. A great Idea for kids.

  15. Cindy S.

    That zipper makes it so easy. What an awesome idea. We live in Southern California and avoiding sunburns is a real challenge. This would be great for us.

  16. Cindy S.

    By the way, your little boy is adorable!

  17. Denise Smith

    my kids and i are very fair so we burn easy also my youngest is autistic and she is 9 years old she would and could use this this summer

  18. rachel rohde

    i love it! i always hate letting my son go around with no shirt in the sun.

  19. I love that outfit… sun protection is so important

  20. I have never heard of this before but it is a great idea and very cute and stylish also. Anything that keeps mys child protected from the sun is awesome in my book. Thanks for sharing this post because I honestly never knew that this existed.

  21. Mikki Cross

    How adorable is Miller Bug. A natural…I also love the look of the swimzip line. I am impressed that they came up with a much needed item, especially as the ozone layer gets more & more degraded.

  22. susan

    I love how easy it is to use and it looks great too! A great way for a little one to enjoy the outdoors.

  23. We have GOT to get some of those for one grandson. He has the fairiest skin and skin cancer is a worry these days.

  24. Gotta love when things are cute AND functional!
    Breenah recently posted..Dara!My Profile

  25. Robin Wilson says:

    We are sunscreen users but it is almost impossible to use while wet, I don’t care what the manufacturer says. I have a couple of shirts that have UV protection and I use the UV product by RIT that you can treat your clothes with. However, this for kids is above and beyond anything that I have seen or used!!

  26. Shanna Schulte says:

    That is so cute and a great idea!!! Can never be too careful in the sun!!!

  27. Susan Johnson says:

    The zipper makes all the difference for me, it is so hard to get those rash guard neck holes over Christopher’s big noggin that it’s not a very positive start to a day at the beach. Thanks for the pictures in your review that show the zipper and how the shirt fits- many of the swim shirts are too tight around the neck and make it uncomfortable and sweaty if you’re anywhere but in the water.

  28. Jo-Anne Pfoh

    great advise and review thank you

  29. Karin DiNarda says:

    these are awesome swimwear, great review!

  30. This looks great–I’m looking to get my kids something for the beach this summer.


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