Suprise! It’s a Diamond Candle Flash Giveaway! Ends 3/4

The weekend has been kind of gloomy over here.  It’s been blowing snow and we’ve been stuck inside the house.  So, just in case you’re suffering from the winter blues like me, I thought a little something sparkly might help!  So, we’re going to be doing a super quick giveaway for a Diamond Candle!


In case you’ve never heard of Diamond Candles before (which would be shocking but it happens), let me tell you a little more about them.  They are earth friendly, all natural soy candles that come in a variety of scents.  From floral to fruity to delicious favorites that will make your mouth water, Diamond Candles leave nothing to be desired in the smell department!  But they get even better.  Because inside each candle is a ring worth between $10 and $5,000!  You may just get a pretty trinket but you may also get a whopped diamond that is sure to stun!


That is what makes these rings truly so much fun!  Because you never know what you’ll get inside!  If you’re like me, the minute you get your candle you’ll be ready to burn it and will wait in anticipation until your prize is revealed!  It really is cool to pull it out, open it up and see what you got!  And you never know, you really could win BIG!


So, are you ready to make your home smell fabulous and get a special surprise for yourself all at once?  If you are, you’re ready for this giveaway!

The winner will receive a Diamond Candle in their choice of scent (from those available on the site at the time of the win) to brighten up their winter days!

Entry is super easy thanks to Rafflecopter.  Just use the form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST on March 4, 2013.   Giveaway is open to US residents only.  Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are in no way associated with this giveaway.  Good luck!


  1. says

    I will be happy when Winter is over. We got over 20 Inches of Snow Here in Lees Summit,Missouri and although I joked about us not getting much before it happened, I sure as well am not going to do that again.Our Snow blower wasn’t even started in the summer and my poor man had to rent a dingo to clear off the driveway. He hurt for days and I feel sorry for him in the pain. He says we are going to get more snow and I and he’s not going to deal with it again. Thanks for the Giveaway, I’ve always wanted to try a Diamond Candle.

  2. Maria Finkbeiner says

    I am tired of being snowed in and cannot wait for all the wildlife to come back around and to just be able to get outside again! Can’t wait for drilling and playing at the lake again!!!

  3. Michaelyn Pappert says

    I am so ready for winter to be over!!…We have about 4 inches of snow on the ground, and it has been flurrying since I woke up this morning!! I know I am from MI but, PLEASE….I want the sunshine and my garden back…..SOON!!!

  4. Erin B says

    Love these! Would love to win one! I want winter to be over so I can not have dry itchy skin anymore!

  5. Carolyn Herrell says

    I am ready for winter too be over so we can get the Harley’s out on the road again. I’m thinking we should maybe move somewhere where we can ride all the time!!

  6. Michelle G. says

    I am ready for winter to be over before it even starts. I don’t handle the cold very well. I am, however, an expert bundler. But, I am definitely ready for some warmer weather.

  7. Julie Edwards says

    I am ready for winter to be over so I can start preparing for my summer 40th birthday celebrations

  8. Barbara Gillespie says

    I am ready for winter to be over because I want the warm weather and to be able to go out camping with my kids.

  9. Amy says

    I HATE wearing a coat. I don’t know why but I feel very claustrophobic in a coat. So, bring on SPRING!!!

  10. peggy fedison says

    urgh cos its sooooooooo cold and i keep getting sick grrrrrrrrrrrr. i had esophagus cancer and surgery for it. 2 days after the surgery both my lungs collapsed and i got a blood clot in my lung and pneumonia. since then, ive had pneumonia 3 times. most recent was january. im soooooooooooo over winter hehehehehheh

  11. Michaela K says

    I’m ready for Winter to be over so I won’t be as achy and miserable. Cold weather does a number on me. I can’t wait for summer, flip flops and painted piggies!

  12. Kris DeVoss says

    I am so ready for this winter to be over … I am raising my grandson … He feels cooped up in the winter … Jj. Has Dyspraxia & the second diagnosis is still undecided … Jj. NEEDS to be able to get outside and run and play … Thank you for this giveaway!!!

  13. Patricia B says

    My surgery will be over and I will be on the road to recovery. I will be able to enjoy the spring!!!

  14. Tracy Ames-Dennison says

    B/c we want to move, and I do not want to do it in the freaking snow! AND we just got more snow, and are expected to get even more!

  15. robin henry says

    I so want to win this candle, I so love candles, and I so am over winter, live on fixed income and cant afford to purchase a candle at this time

  16. Jennifer Hedden says

    I am not really ready for winter to be over. But I do look forward to the beautiful flowers that comes with spring.

  17. Fay P says

    I’m ready for winter to be over because I don’t like the cold. I grew up in warm weather and miss it!!

  18. jodi zimmerman says

    even though we live in Colorado I am not a skier and I am looking forward to getting in better shape by hiking, walking…in the sunshine!

  19. Donna Foster says

    my older boys live in 2 different states and I want to be able to visit without having to track a ‘snow storm’ from here to there =)

  20. Janice Bright says

    Tired of the cold gloomy weather…love for spring weather to get here 75 degrees and sunny is perfect

  21. Amber Wood says

    I can’t wait for winter to be over so I can plant my first big garden and 2 flower gardens, at the house we just bought, plus teach my son about gardening, and just getting out and enjoying the warm weather and not being cooped up in the house!

  22. dallie davis says

    I have SAD & this drab weather just gets me so down, I am ready for some sunny, warmer weather. Thanks for this giveaway.

  23. Shannon Cross says

    Florida can’t seem to decide between highs in the upper 80s to highs in the low 60s. My skin and allergies are over it.

  24. Chelsea o says

    Everyone has been sick at least five times this winter, croup, RSV pinkeye, colds, flu. Ready to be done!

  25. christina flynn says

    I am ready for winter to be over because I love the spring time! Love the warmer weather and the pretty flowers! Also I like the daylight to be later! Thank you for this great chance to win!

  26. Shannon Dewease says

    Not really tired of winter yet, I live in the south and not looking forward to a hot summer yet!

  27. Shanna Schulte says

    I would love for winter to be over so that I can take my babies to the beach! Also, my babies have been getting colds pretty often since it is cold one day and not the next here in southern GA so I would love for them not to feel bad anymore!

  28. Mary Dailey says

    We didn’t really have a bad winter, but I’m ready to dig in some dirt and make up some pretty pots of flowers.

  29. Angela Ivey says

    Honestly I don’t want winter to end here….I live in Louisiana and work in a warehouse where we do not have heat or air conditioning. Summer around the corner means excruciating heat in and around 100 degrees….I cherish the winter months for as long as possible :))

  30. Dianne says

    I will be so glad when winter is over so I can have more play time outside with my grandbabies. I hate that it’s so cold to play for long. Need that warming sunshine.

  31. eileen marie says

    I am tired of shoveling our seemingly endless driveway! Plus I’m ready to haul out my cute sandals!

  32. stephiejay johnson says

    Im ready for all the sickness of winter to be over sick right now along with 2 of my kids

  33. Laurel Wycoff says

    Winter makes me blue. Even though we live in Florida, I struggle thru the winter. I don’t enjoy the cold weather so I’m looking forward to the warmer weather.

  34. brandi glenn says

    Because it means works starts again for me and I can stop worry over not working all winter. But I do enjoy the time I have off. :)

  35. Myrna says

    I am NOT ready for winter to be over. It has been absolutely beautiful weather here in So Cal. My daughter and I were at the beach 2 days ago and it was 86 degrees.

  36. Jane Thomas says

    We didn’t really have a cold winter this year in south Alabama, but ready for summer to go swimming.

  37. mary ellen ashenfelder says

    I;m looking forward to being outside more — working in the garden — taking long walks and just enjoying the warmer weather.

  38. Ann Fantom says

    I want winter to be over because I’m tired of always having a dirty car windows that are hard to see out of.

  39. Joni Mason says

    I’m ready for winter to be over so I can do more outdoor activities with my 2 year old grandson!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. IRENE CYPHER says

    I live in FL and we have the snowbirds down for the winter. I’m ready for them to go home so it’s not so crowded here.

  41. Donna Cheatle says

    Sunshine! I need sunshine. I’m so tired of the cold, bitter, boring days. I want to be outside, in the sun! I am SO not a winter person

  42. joanne gentry says

    I know many have had it worse than we have, but it feels like we haven’t seen the sun in a month and it has snowed the last two days. I live in Georgia, I am ready for flip flops again!

  43. Peggy Greco says

    I am ready for Spring because grass turns green, flowers bloom and air is sweeter and bit warmer overall!

  44. Mia Dentice Carey says

    I’m ready for winter to be over so that they will start opening up the pools.
    My son can’t wait to go down the big water slide…he’s officially 4 ft!

  45. Tammy Schweitz says

    I am lucky I live where not a problem . I love winter here in Arizona. I know summer here are a killer. So enjoy the winter here more .

  46. K.Pugh says

    I’m ready for winter to be over because it’s been long cold and snowy Maine winter.
    Thanks for the chance.

  47. Amanda Greene-Lebeck says

    Spring is our family’s favorite time of the year, so that is why we cannot wait for winter to be over. We do flower beds, and veggie garden and not to mention all my houseplants love the sunshine!!!

  48. Lynne Z says

    Spring is a time of new beginnings… I love the Spring flowers and green grass that start the new season

  49. Deborah says

    Actually, I’m not in a hurry to see winter over, but I do look forward to planting our vegetable garden!

  50. Susan Johnson says

    I want winter to be over because I am currently staying in Portland, Oregon, while my nephew is being treated for cancer at the children’s hospital here. It rains and rains and RAINS here, and I really want it to warm up already and be dry so he can go outside when he is between chemo treatments.

  51. Jaque R. says

    Actually I am not ready for winter to be over. I wish it would last another 6 months! I live in the desert and winter is a rare treat. :-) Thank you.

  52. Jennifer says

    I actually prefer winter much more than summer, but I am definitely ready for fresh summer produce!

  53. Mona says

    I’m ready for winter to be over b/c I’m sick of having to bundle up to go out anywhere. Sometimes I don’t even bother going out unless it’s crucial.

  54. Kym Benton says

    Kansas City had 2 major snow storms in one week…both over 9 inches..
    Need I say more!!! Come on Spring :-)

  55. Denise Smith says

    I hate cold weather love the warmer weather every winter the kids cant go out and play like they can in the summer

  56. Melissa Hartley says

    I like fall & spring the best .. & loved seeing snow but enough is enough .. time for sitting on the back deck & watching the birds :)

  57. Robin Wilson says

    Well it is 24 degrees here and I just came in from taking the dog out. Takes her 10 minutes to find “the spot” I am freezing!! I am ready to be able to take her out in the middle of the night without bundling up!!

  58. Charisse says

    My husband and I moved into our first house this Fall, and I wan winter to be over so that I can do my first Spring flower bed!

  59. Connie Lee says

    I want winter to be over so I can go outside without putting on a heavy coat. I also look forward to working in the yard and enjoying my flowers.

  60. Eric Sanders says

    I live in the snowbelt’ area of Michigan and it’s sooo cold here. I am ready for winter to be over really bad

  61. Pam says

    Because I am so tired of it being cold outside. I want sunshine, heat,green and flowers when I step outside.

  62. Stephanie Hirsch says

    Winter never really started in Texas, but I am definitely ready for beautiful spring time weather or getting to play in the pool with my kids!

  63. Lorayne Gothard says

    I live on the south side of Houston Texas so not a real need for winter to be over except the pool will be open!!

  64. Kathy Davis says

    I am not sure I am ready for winter to be over. One of my friends just saw a snake in her yard. I hate snakes!!!

  65. melissa williams says

    I am ready for winter to be over because I’m tired of scrapping snow and ice off of my car every morning. We are hoping the snow will melt before easter.

  66. Michelle C says

    I find winter to be a depressing time of year, so I’m ready for spring! Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  67. Colleen Schilinski says

    I am ready for winter to be over because my husband’s cancer is now in remission, and we have reason to celebrate.

  68. Rinki Ghosh says

    I am ready for the winter to be over because it’s became very tough to maintain my dry skin in winter from being cracked and dried.Moreover,I can’t wear the stylish outfits in winter because they hided by the sweaters and jackets.

  69. jennie biskner says

    Im ready for winter to be over so i can enjoy the spring timidityy husband and daughters outside doing the things we love to do without freezing.. :)

  70. misaki covington says

    im ready for winter now becaz i am sick of the rain and i have been riding my bike alot and i hate it when it rains

  71. natalie nichols says

    Three reasons
    1- I work at UPS unloading the big trucks and we have NO temp. control. It’s freezing, literally
    2- I run, but running sucks when it’s freezing, especially when you already have to work in the cold
    3- I have Psoriasis. Enough said

  72. Dene Cizek says

    I’m not ready :( We are so in need of a several day deep freeze. It’s gonna be another summer of bugs and West Nile, not looking forward to it at all

  73. deb soliz says

    Although it is not as cold here in California as it is in other parts of the country, I am so ready for the spring. I want to get out and walk without being cold and see the flowers start blooming again.

  74. Lisa R says

    I hate living in weather with snow, we’ve finally had enough at our house. We want it to be pool weather again

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  75. Darlene Owen says

    I live in Western NY and seems like we have had lots of snow and cold weather this year compared to last year, I feel like I am always cold.

  76. Missy says

    I don’t like the cold and my skin dries out really bad in the winter! Oh I want to wear my flip flops !!

  77. elven johnson says

    I just found out that my headaches are coming from propane & we heat with it I’m so tired of those headaches.

  78. Peggy D says

    I’m ready because I’m over being cold all the time, and having dry skin!


  79. Amy (Merriam) McCain says

    I want to open all the windows in my house to get rid of the dry, dusty, stinky air!! And I NEED warm sunshine on my head and skin!

  80. ann scally says

    Love spending time in the garden and at the beech if I am lucky. Want to put my woolies away and start living again x

  81. Mikki Cross says

    I am so ready for winter to be over. I’m tired of hats covering my ears and flat head from the hats. and itchy skin from drying out from the heat. Which reminds me that I am so totally over my heating bill and did I mention slippery sidewalks.

  82. Brenda White Myers says

    I am so tired of looking at brown dead grass and no flowers or leaves on my trees. I have a beautiful yard with tons of flowers in the summer and I’m READY to see them again :)

  83. jennifer serrano says

    I hate the cold… i moved to florida from ny to get away from the cold. I have back problems and the cold makes the pain worse

  84. christal c w says

    Living in the midwest….Im sick of it already. It just seems to last, last, and last. Sumer goes by too fast

  85. justine martin says

    i’m ready for winter to be over so that my 5 young children can spend much much more time outside playing and less time inside. They’re getting restless lol.

  86. Karen Beck says

    I would love to get some warmer weather because my car heater does not work and I’m tired of freezing on the way to take my kids to school in the morning1

  87. Tammy says

    I am ready for winter to be over because I dislike cold weather. I love being able to wear tshirts, shorts and flip-flops.

  88. Geoff K says

    Because I’m ready to go back outside and run and play tennis again — cabin fever is starting to get to me!

  89. KRISTYN H. says

    I’m so ready for spring with beautiful flowers and mild breezy weather. Not to mention pretty dresses and bright colors!

  90. Kayla Coleman says

    I am ready for winter to be over and spring to be here for the warmer weather obviously lol but also so the flowers and the smell in the air and nature! Also I love being able to take my kids outside to play without thick coats and gloves and hats lol. I can’t wait to take them to the park.

  91. KarenZ says

    I’m tired of having my hopes up when i see little flecks of snow, but not enough to stick and play with. I’m tired of getting sick, the cold, and lugging around big puffy jackets when it gets warmer in the afternoon.

  92. Rebecca Peters says

    I’m ready because my one winter jacket got a big tear in the sleeve and no longer keeps me warm and I cannot find any new ones i want! I also love to be able to send my kids outside with out bundling them up!

  93. April W says

    I am so ready for winter to be over because I am a shorts and flip flop kind of person and this weather even in the south is unusally cold. I want spring or at least 65 degree weather and that would be so great. Also, to be able to spend quality time with my family outside for those cook outs would also be great.

  94. Karen Gonyea says

    I’m tired of everything looking gray from the salt on the roads to the sky…..I am ready for some blue and green and orange and yellow, etc :)

  95. says

    I want winter to be over because I’m tired of being colder and colder. My heat is on 58. It’s miserable!!! Thanks for this giveaway. Oh, my New Years Goal was to be more positive-I POSITIVE I’m miserable!

  96. Lisa R. says

    I am ready for winter to be over so I can wear all my cute sandals. My husband is ready for winter to be over so I will finally shave my legs again… :-/

  97. Ginger Bingham says

    Because then Spring is here everything is bright & smells so good & one of these candles just makes it even better!!

  98. Kathryn Mcneal says

    I’m ready for winter to be over so my knees will stop hurting, and so I can start wearing my cute summer clothes again

  99. Lori Hoffman says

    This cold dreary weather is getting pretty depressing … ready for some warmth and sunshine! Nothing can cure the winter blues like the warmth of the spring sunshine on your face and seeing those flowers starting to bloom! :)

  100. Raye W says

    I’m ready for spring flowers and green trees! My grandie wants to go camping with his Nana again, I know he’s growing up fast and won’t want to hang out with me as much, so our camping trips are priceless for me. :-)

  101. carren larsen says

    Because I use a wheelchair t get around, when there is snow and ice on the ground I am pretty much stuck in the house. I want to go out more often. Hurry spring!

  102. carla says

    It has been a depressing winter to say the least. I lost my job and things have been really hard. I’m looking forward to Spring and new beginnings.

  103. Zipper McGee says

    Spring really speaks to me. Winter not so much. I’m ready to walk through the grass with no shoes on.

  104. Prajakta Rajurkar says

    I’m ready for winter to be over because I am missing my cute lil summer floral outfits to be flaunted 😉

  105. carol says

    im ready for winter to be over because i am ready for warm weather and be able to wear my new clothes and shoes everyday. plus love all the new flowers.

  106. essijay says

    ready for winter to be over so i don’t have to worry about the cigarette smoke from the neighbor’s apartment coming into my apartment through the furnace vents… and i can get out and exercise more when there’s no snow/ice on the sidewalks

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