5 Easy Ways to Help Your Sick Baby Feel Better

Thankfully my children don’t get sick very often.  But when they do, it really seems to take them out.  Just this week, out of nowhere, MillerBug came down with a double ear infection and bronchitis.  And while seeing him feel so bad left me feeling totally helpless, I realized that there was some things that I could do to help him feel better.  Here are some easy ways to care for a sick baby {and make you feel better in the process to}.

5 Ways to Help Your Sick Baby Feel Better

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Realize that Schedules Don’t Apply to Sick Babies

I’m a real stickler when it comes to my kid’s schedules – especially those related to sleep.  However, when your child is sick they probably will not want to sleep when and where you want them to.  So, for just a few days, thrown your schedule out the window.  If they want to sleep at 10 am instead of noon and if they are more comfortable curled up in your arms than they are in their crib, that’s fine!  Watch your child for signs of what they need and when they need it – even though they are small, they are great at showing you how their body needs to heal.

Don’t Be Afraid of Medicines

I know that many of us don’t like to give our children medicine – even over the counter.  I try to avoid it unless it is necessary.  But if your baby is sick, you probably need to consider it.  If they are running a fever, call their doctor and make sure you are giving the right does and then give them what you can to help them feel better.  There is no point in letting your child walk around with a high fever when they are things that can help control it and make him or her feel better.

Forget TV Limitations

When you’re sick, what do you want to do?  Personally, I want to lay in front of the TV and sleep.  And while I know that limiting your child’s TV time is super important most days, sick days are not one of those times.  Find a good show that they love or a fun Disney movie and curl up with them in bed.  Allow them to just be still and snuggle with you while they give their little body a break.

Hydrate {Even with Sprite}

Getting a sick baby to drink can be a challenge – especially if they have a sore throat or upset tummy.  Try introducing some drinks that they may not usually get.  Stay away from the caffeine but try something like Sprite or Ginger Ale.  The new taste and fizzy bubbles will not only help soothe soar throats and upset tummies, but it will get them wanting to get fluids in, which is super important.

Know When to Call the Doctor

Often, tummy bugs and viruses can work their way out at home with a little TLC.  However, watch your child closely and know when to call the doctor.  They are times when love and rest and care just won’t cut it and an antibiotic is needed.  At the first signs of this, call your doctor and have your child seen.  There is no reason to have them suffer when it can be helped.

When your child is sick, you often feel helpless.  And so often as parents we try to be more in control at these times.  However, by taking a step back and allowing your child to show you what he or she needs and throwing some of the structure out the window, you’ll be better prepared to provide your little one with the love, attention and support they need to beat their bug!

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