Relax in the Pool with the Swimways Spring Float {Review & Giveaway}

I am a Swimways Swim Team Ambassador.  I received products free of charge as part of this role.

If you’re a busy mom like me, relaxing doesn’t come to your mind often.  Especially not when it comes to pool time.  Because chances are, if you’re in the water you’re working on swimming with your little one!  However, I recently had the chance to try out the Swimways Spring Float for those moments of solitude (also known as when grandma has the kiddos) and let me tell you, relaxing and the pool now go completely together in my mind.

The Swimways spring float is the perfect size to take to any destination for a little rest and relaxation.  I have actually discovered that it’s a great size for mom or for older kids and the little ones love enjoying it too!

Spring Float1

So, what do I love about this float?  Well, pretty much everything but there are several factors that really make it stand out to me.  Let’s start with it’s spring technology.  This allows it to open and close instantly, for easy assembly and break down when, say, you have your hands full with little ones at the pool.  It is super easy to close down and comes with an elastic strap to keep it secured.

Spring Float2

And once you take the elastic piece off, the float pops out to be the perfect size for anyone!

Spring Float3

With it’s stretch mesh accents, it conforms to your body to allow each person a perfect fit for comfort as they float and also allows cool water to come through the bottom to prevent overheating as you relax in the water.

Spring Float 4

In my mind, this is the perfect float for summer time fun and I can’t wait to take it with us on our beach trip later this year.  That way, while the hubby watches the kids, I’ll be floating away the day in complete relaxation – just like I deserve!

But, as any mom knows, the pool is not all about you – in fact, it’s mostly about your kids and swimming fun!  That’s why it’s super important to know that your children are safe around water.  And one way to do this is to make sure the have appropriate water safety and swim instruction!  And now, I’ve got a great resource for you!  Be sure to pick up a few great tips from the Swimways blog and water safety expert Mario Vittone on how to choose the perfect swim instructor for your child!  After all, you’ll be able to relax on your float much better knowing that your little one has the basic skills they need to be able to swim on their own!

So, are you ready to enjoy the rest of the summer in the water?  You’ve got the tools to make sure your kiddos have great water skills.  Hopefully you’ve got lots of Swimways items to make pool time lots of fun!  And now, we want to give one lucky winner a Swimways Spring Float so that after all the fun you have with the kiddos, you can take a few minutes of relaxation for you!

Entry is super easy thanks to Rafflecopter.  Just use the form below.

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Giveaway will end at 11:59 PM EST on July 26, 2013.  Giveaway is open to US residents only, 18+.  The Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug is not responsible for prize fulfillment.  We received a Swimways Spring Float to help facilitate this review.  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all other social media sites are in no way associated with this giveaway.  Please see the Rafflecopter form for full terms and conditions.


  1. aimee albert

    I would love to lay around in the pool and to relaz with this.

  2. Helen May

    Nothing a comfortable spot to relax! With triple digits all weekend and no air conditioning……would like to cool down! Thanks!

  3. Would love to use this while my daughter swims in the pool!

  4. renee Stenberg says:

    My husband would love this for floating down the river

  5. nice gift, would love to use it this Summer

  6. nap time

  7. gerri dumas domicolo says:

    I could float around in the pool with a Mimosa. Verrrry relaxing :)

  8. I would love to take this to the pool to relax and catch some rays!

  9. Jena Whipking

    It’s lightweight and easy to carry around and I would love to use it in the pool!

  10. Lucy Lopez says:

    I would love this for my husband who works outdoors in this heat and could sure use some relaxing time in the water.

  11. Lena N.

    It would help me relax by floating around!

  12. Emily Adams says:

    I this would allow me to relax while swimming with my daughter!

  13. Janet W. says:

    This would help me relax in the pool because I can lay comfortably and float!

  14. Amy Honious

    i would not help me this summer (had abdom surgery 2 weeks ago), but i do have one of my kids (grown and moved out) who has been swimming several times/week with his fiance and friends. i think they would really appreciate this if ‘ol mom wins! thanks for such a nice and timely giveaway!

  15. Eloise C

    This would be great to take to the beach with me and relax in the waves. The kids would love it too! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!


  16. This spring float would certainly be a huge step up from our pool noodles! It looks so relaxing and just what mom needs for some in pool lifeguarding

  17. Cathy Tougher

    The spring float would be so comfortable to float on in the pool. Those big bulky plastic rafts are so uncomfortable and they stick to your skin…yuk.

  18. Jennifer says:

    It looks super comfortable! Would love to relax in this!

  19. Nicole Lancaster

    With the Swimways Spring Float I could float around my pool all day sipping sweet tea.

  20. Colleen Schilinski

    Winning this would get in the water alot more than I do now, because I’d love to relax the day away while laying in the sun – enjoying the day.

  21. we have a pool and no floaties, I could use this every day!

  22. Relaxing on a pool float on a warm summer day is always wonderful! :)

  23. Marisa May

    I’d love this to lounge in our pool while the kids play.

  24. ellen beck says:

    This would be fantastic to kick back and lounge at the lake!

  25. Rebecca Xavier says:

    I would love to use this with my daughter.

  26. Colleen Maurina says:

    This float looks so comfortable! I could see many hours floating in the pool on this float. I like that it folds up and is very compact for storage.

  27. This would give me a place to relax while my kids play in the pool.

  28. I can relax in my float and not worry about falling off!

  29. Denise Dixon says:

    Looks comfortable

  30. caroline g

    my hubby would love this! he likes to just float and relax.

  31. Denise Dixon says:

    Looks comfortable and would love to use it at the lake

  32. Denise Dixon says:

    Looks comfortable and would love to use it at the lake

  33. Denise Dixon says:

    Looks comfortable and would love to use it at the lake.

  34. Amanda Nawer

    I could make a quick get away with this from the grandchild

  35. Amanda Nawer

    I could make a quick get away with this from the grandchild

  36. Rhonda Best says:

    I could float around in the pool with my kids.

  37. Amy Settlemyer says:

    This would be perfect to lounge around the lake.

  38. Amy Settlemyer says:

    This would be perfect to lounge around the lake.

  39. rebecca day

    it would save me money on buying more mine just popped

  40. my way of relaxing

  41. I would use it by my pool and not let the kids use it!

  42. I would use it by my pool and not let the kids use it!

  43. Debra Hall

    i would give this to my daughter she stays in the pool

  44. we go to my son’s house with the pool I could really relax over there with this..

  45. Victor Galbraith

    I can keep cool, stay afloat and totally relax all at the same time!

  46. Love how it is lightweight and folds up! It would be great to relax in while the two little ones play!

  47. I could use this to relax over at my parents house who have a backyard pool!!

  48. Debbie E says:

    Floating in the pool – relax time!

  49. Megan Cromes

    give as a gift.

  50. i have back problems so floating would feel great! and with the stress in my life i could use the relaxation

  51. joanne major says:

    i would lay around and read the gossip magazines

  52. Michaelyn Pappert

    This will help me survive this unGodly heat we’re having right now!!!!

  53. Would love to use this in the pool

  54. I would use this at the pool when it’s too warm. :) That would help me cool off and relax. :)
    Jessamine D. recently posted..Pajanimals: Pajama Party! DVD ReviewMy Profile

  55. Cassandra Eastman

    It would be perfect to keep at Papa & Nana’s house when we go swimming on the weekends!

  56. Gina H.

    It looks so comfy & relaxing.

  57. Aldra W says:

    I always choose spring floats over regular inflatable ones for the pool. They are perfect for staying cool in the water without being fully submerged. You also do not have to worry about awkwardly climbing up on top of those blow up floats with the chance of falling in the water as soon as you get up on it (Story of my life-haha)

  58. Kathy Lane

    This would be so nice to have for my pool.I could really relax floating around.

  59. william saylor

    This would be great to relax on in the pool after a long day.

  60. Mary Beth Hilbert says:

    With a severe injury to my leg, this would be a great help to be able to cool off and spend time with the kids in the pool. great idea for someone who needs flexibility

  61. ron bartlett sr. says:

    Nice way to get atan &stay cool at the same time

  62. Mim Bidlack

    I would be forced to go visit my brother. Swim in his pool and drink his homebrew.

  63. This would be great to float around in the pool and cool off.

  64. Penny W says:

    It’s been so hot here lately and I love the way this float still gives your body contact with the water to keep you cool!

  65. heather zeh

    I’m 2 weeks post c section and one of these look like the perfect way to let me enjoy the pool yet stay out of water. It’s gonna be a long summer with no swimming but this just may help

  66. Cindy S.

    I like the little extra support under the knees….that would really help me because I have back issues.

  67. Kimberly Schotz

    I can imagine myself floating in the pool with the kids splashing about

  68. This looks super comfy, plus lightweight enough to make it easy to carry to the pool!

  69. love to gift this to my niece she would love it.

  70. This would help me by letting our 16yr old use it, and let him float away from the smaller ones, or maybe give the little ones rides on it.

  71. Michele P says:

    relaxing in a pool or lake on a float is so nice… it would keep me (or my daughter) cool and be lots of fun too.

  72. this would be great to share with my kiddos to help keep cool in the pool!!

  73. Holly C

    We have a nice pool that seldom gets used. Hopefully winning this float would motivate me to go out and enjoy it.

  74. Julie S

    we just bought a pretty nice little pool, only three feet, but I can float in that :)

  75. Kristen Benzo says:

    I could float in the river at the park we host.

  76. Cindi

    I am going through the empty nest syndrome and out oldest son is getting
    married in August. Also, our youngest son is away at college. I need
    to relax in a pool…
    Thanks, Cindi

  77. jeannine s says:

    It would help me float around the pool and relax after the kids go to bedc


  79. Lacey Burd says:

    We’re actually getting a pool next week, so we don’t have any kind of floaties yet. This would be perfect for relaxing in the pool! Thanks for the chance :)

  80. Mary Williams says:

    It would help me relax at my best friends pool….I love floating around while chatting with her!

  81. Samantha D.

    I’d use it to relax either in my uncles pool or take it to the Indiana dunes and drift on the Lake Michigan waves in the hot sun.

  82. Sandy VanHoey

    It would help my sister relax while she is in the pool with her grandchildren. She works all the time so on her days off, she likes to take the kids in the pool

  83. Amy Otrosinka

    I don’t have a float so it would be great to win one.

  84. Helen Marie Jones says:

    I would relax on this in the pool after a hard day’ s work.

  85. Helen Marie Jones says:

    I would relax on this in the pool after a hard day of work.

  86. Maxine Rose says:

    My 3 kids love to swim–I love to relax. Winning this would allow me to be in the pool with the kids relaxing while they play.

  87. Our kids usually take all of our floaties, so this one would be just for me and my wife. Thanks! We could really use this at the lake.
    Ross Olson

  88. Jennifer H

    Relaxing in the pool on a floatie is fun

  89. I have fibromyalgia and the water always makes me feel better :)

  90. It would be fun to use in our pool, even though the pool is small…I’d feel like a queen :)

  91. I would help me to relax and get a little bit of sun.

  92. brandi hawn

    i’d like to use this in my pool while the kids are swimming to relax and use the cup holder for an adult beverage :)

  93. Stephanie Ann says:

    It would be great to just float in the pool on a hot summer day! that would definitely be a great way to relax

  94. It would be perfect for this California heat to lounge in the pool….our grandson would love it also!

  95. Brandy W. says:

    This would be perfect to float our local river!

  96. Wendy M.

    We usually spend our weekends at Lake MI and we love these floats. I can testify, they are durable! We’ve been using them since my daughter was a baby so for over 5 years and we love them all.

  97. Dorothy B

    I would use it as a great stress reliever just float my troubles away!

  98. Becky H says:

    I would use it to just float around all day!

  99. laurie

    it so relazing to me when you lay on a float

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