Rock Out Anywhere with the Soundfreaq Platform 2 Speaker!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Soundfreaq. I received a Soundfreaq SoundPlatform 2 to facilitate my review.

My hubby is an electronics freak.  So, any time I have the chance to test out a nifty new electronic, I defer to him.  Because while I can make statements about my overall impression, he can take things deeper and really put products to the test!  And that is exactly what I asked him to do with the SoundfreaqPlatform 2 Speaker!  So, get ready to get a guy’s take and hear what the hubs had to say!


I had been looking for a wireless home speaker for the house for quite some time. There were a lot of different wireless home speaker systems on the market, but they never really seemed to meet the needs of what I wanted out of a wireless speaker system. Jeannette will tell you I am very particular with my electronics.

 So when she told me that Soundfreaq was sending us a Sound Platform 2 wireless home speaker to try out, I was very enthused by the spec sheet as it looked both complete and versatile for me and the whole family.  Once we received it, I checked it out and it was very nicely presented, compact and very well made.


 I thought that this Sound Platform 2 from Soundfreaq would be perfect for downstairs in our den where all the entertainment happens. We had needed something small to fit the space, but also something that could still fill the room with quality sound for a while.

 I was very impressed with the initial sound quality as I plugged it up and tuned to our local FM station. The reception was very good and I hadn’t even hooked up the included antenna wire yet.  To further test it out, I got my iPhone out and made it discoverable via Bluetooth and “whalah”, awesome sounding tunes from it as well. I was “Freaqed” out how well this small home speaker system sounded in our den. As I continued to check it out, I saw how you could plug in your phone and charge it while you were jamming out all at the same time.  Very handy!


My only though was “wow” as this system is pretty sweet.  But I didn’t want to stop there.  Next, I got my mp3 player and hooked it up with the headphone jack straight in the speaker.  Finding all the ways this speaker could make music sound great became a challenge.  So I brought out my laptop, synced it up Bluetooth and was good to go.  And what do you know? You can download an app from the iPhone App store or the Android app from Google play and use your phone as a remote. Is that not cool? So at this point, I am just tooling around the den just jiving with the awesome little box of sound. Can you tell I was very, very impressed?


 The boys, of course, had to get in on the action. We searched and cycled through some dance tunes they like on the iPhone and had ourselves a little dance party.


 It was tons of fun for us all as we turned our den into a disco floor all from a cellular phone and a Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 wireless home speaker. I would definitely recommend this to others searching for the right fit in a wireless home speaker system.  I’m so excited and thrilled that I got this nifty little system for our family.  Thanks, Soundfreaq, for making such a complete and versatile home speaker.

So, got a phone?  Hook it up! Got an iPad or iPhone?  Hook it up! Have a computer station that needs some sound?  Hook it up! Got anything with a headphone jack?  Hook it up! Need some great tunes from awesome sounding wireless home speaker system?  Get a Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 and ROCK ON!!!


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