5 Ways to Get Back on Track to a Balanced Lifestyle & a Happy, Healthy You! #WowThatsGood #cbias


I’m going to admit something.  Over the holidays I got off track with my eating and exercise plan.  It’s easy looking back to see how it happened. I had family events and dinners to attend, parties galore and guests in town.  What started as one day off track quickly morphed into more and before I knew it had gone back to old eating habits and let my gym shoes collect dust in the closet.  So, as the New Year started I made a commitment to myself to return to my healthy lifestyle.  Since I’ve always been one to struggle with getting back on track once I’m a little bit off of it, I had to sit down and determine easy ways to rediscover my motivation and love of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  For me, it has always started with one simple step and this year is no different.  But as I went through the ways I was going to redirect myself, I realized that I needed a little help.  So I decided to head to Walmart to see if I could find some inspiration!  And then I sat down and put on paper 5 ways to get back on track to a healthy, happy me!  I hope they will help you too!

#shop 5 Ways to Get Back on Track to a Happy, Healthy You

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Start Your Day with Breakfast!  Now, this really should be self explanatory.  Beginning your day with a balanced breakfast is the obvious way to start your day on track.  Unless you are totally not a morning person like me.  I don’t like to cook when I get out of bed.  In fact, pushing the button on the coffee maker is about the extent of what I want to do.  But knowing that a good start helps you make smart choices throughout the day helped me see the necessity of an easy breakfast.  Thankfully, I discovered a delicious breakfast doesn’t take much more effort that pushing a button on the microwave with the Nestle Lean Cuisine Morning Collection!  With amazing breakfast items, I can give both the hubs and I a warm and delicious start to the day!  And since it’s ready in minutes and requires no pots and pans, it’s just my speed for staying on track!

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By adding a balanced breakfast to my daily routine, I’m setting myself up for success from the very start!

Have Plenty of Options!  So you’ve made it through breakfast.  You’re doing great!   Now what?  Well for me the key is having lots of options when it comes to the other meals of the day.  After all, what I feel like eating on Monday and what I feel like eating on Friday may greatly differ.  I’ll be honest and say that an essential part of being healthy for me is being able to eat things that I love – just made better.  And while I do love a good salad every once in a while, I’m also totally into comfort foods!  While browsing at Walmart I rediscovered that with Lean Cuisine I can have my comfort food and eat it too!  In fact, with items like Lean Cuisine Simple Favorites Macaroni and Cheese I can indulge while still ensuring that I’m back on track to healthy living!

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But we said options right?  Well, pasta is for me the love language of food!  And since I can stock up on essentials that include my favorite – pasta – I know that no matter what mood I’m in, I’ll discover the meal to match it in my fridge!  But I’m not just talking any meal!  I’m talking meals that are balanced so that I can make sure my eating choices are ones I can be proud of!

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With endless choices to match my every mood, Lean Cuisine ensures that whether it’s a comfort food day or simply a day when I need a burst of flavor, I’ve got everything I need right on hand!

Keep Meals Simple!  Nothing gets me more off track that trying to plan complex meals. Start with the fact that I NEVER seem to have all the ingredients and then add in the time it takes and well, over the top lunches and dinners are just not my thing.  In fact, it’s not at all unusual for me to start prepping what would be a fabulous meal only to give up half way through and order takeout.  Not a healthy option right?  Thankfully Lean Cuisine has options for the meals I want all in one box!  Take their Wrap Additions!  Everything you need to make an amazing meal is one box – you simply have to add a wrap (even I can do that).  And with tons of flavor and all the ingredients in one place, it’s a simple meal that is oh so good, oh so easy and just right to help me meet my goals!

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Don’t Be Afraid to Snack!  I’m a snacker!  There I said it. The dirty little secret is out!  And it’s often the thing that gets me in trouble.  Since I’ve discovered that taking snacks out of the equation doesn’t work for me, I’ve had to find ways to snack smarter!  By allowing myself amazingly delicious items like Lean Cuisine Stuffed Pretzels (yes, they are as good as they sound) I can treat myself whenever I want without all the extra calories.  Whether it’s a mid-afternoon treat or simply in the place of my lunch, having items that I traditionally consider more of snack foods allows me to stay on track without feeling like I’m missing out!

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Reward  Yourself!  I’m totally into positive reinforcement.  When the kids do a great job, I give them a surprise.  And when I stay on track all day, I deserve the same.  But I don’t want my rewards to undo my choices from the day!  I’ve discovered that chocolate and coffee are the ultimate indulgence for me!  Sound familiar?  We all know that there is just something about the combo that makes it the perfect treat!  In order to not give this up, I’ve added Skinny Cow Divine Chocolates to my daily routine!  For real, you guys – these are amazing and a great way to satisfy my sweet tooth without the guilt!  But I don’t stop there!  I pair them with a delicious cup of decaf coffee sweetened with CoffeeMate Sugar Free creamer for a taste that ends my day just right!  As I take that first sip and taste the first bite of chocolate, I know I can feel good about the decisions I made – including the ones that feel a little indulgent!

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Through these tips, I’m discovering that living a healthy life doesn’t mean depriving myself.  In fact, with the help of the right items it can mean just the opposite!  Knowing myself, a plan that means giving up items I love will never work for me.  So instead, I’m embracing the tastes I crave but doing it in ways that fit in with my lifestyle instead of sabotaging it!  If you’re ready to do the same, be sure to head to Walmart and stock up your freezer and panty!

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Then commit to getting 30 minutes of exercise a day, eating balanced yet delicious meals and rewarding yourself for your efforts!  Because that’s all it takes to make 2014 a year that you can feel great about!  Not only will you start and end every day feeling fabulous about the choices you are making but you will also discover that living a healthy, happy lifestyle can taste better and be easier than you ever dreamed!

Ready to try Lean Cuisine?  Right now there is a money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose a feeling great to gain! Don’t wait!  Discover how to get started here today!

Happy 2014!


  1. I have no idea why I never realized they sell Lean Cuisine at Walgreens. I like the part about rewarding yourself. Happy 2014 to you as well.

  2. Love the Skinny Cow Divine Caramels! They are the perfect sweet treat.
    Tammilee Tillison recently posted..Achieving a Balanced Lifestyle with Nestle Lean Cuisine, Skinny Cow Chocolate and Coffee MateMy Profile

  3. Happy 2014 to you too Jeannette ! I will definitely try the Skinny Cow Divine Caramels.

  4. Great choices! I am always looking for ways to find balance between health and convenience.

  5. Alaina Bullock says:

    I never fell off my healthy-eating routine since I never had one, lol. However, it is one of my New Year’s goals to start eating more healthy, because I do not do so at all. I do love Lean Cuisine, although i have never tried any of their breakfast foods. They look so good here, I am definitely going to give it a try! They are definitely making it easy to eat right with all that they offer!

  6. I must confess that I have been off track for quite some time now. I need to get back to eating a Lean Cuisine frozen meal for lunch.
    Angela recently posted..My Samsung Galaxy Studio Experience in NYC #NextBigThingMy Profile

  7. melissa

    I eat a Lean Cuisine almost every single day!!! It is what makes me stay healthy! What great choices!

  8. I love being able to grab a lean cuisine for lunch – it means I can have so many different flavors despite the kids always wanting their usual fare…
    Heather – Acting Balanced Mom recently posted..MMMMonday – Bean Round-Up for Bean Day!My Profile

  9. Those stuffed pretzels looks awesome. I think they would make a great snack or even a party appetizer!
    Chrysa Duran recently posted..Join Us for the Slim Fast 14-Day ChallengeMy Profile

  10. Yum, yum and YUM. I’ve had the chance to try lean cuisine salad additions and skinny cow chocolates. I love them both, although the lean cuisine I’ve come to really love and have weaved into my diet often. I will have to try the wrap additions.

  11. Need to get my exercise in! When I live in the city, it is easy yo bike everywhere. In the country, have to drive 20 miles to get to town. Too much, especially in the winter!
    idara wolf recently posted..Quinoa Stuffed Bell PeppersMy Profile

  12. Thanks for all the great tips and food reviews. Very informative.

  13. sandy weinstein

    like lean cuisine, but wish they were less $$$, just bought some skinny cow treats, love them

  14. I need to start eating breakfast. I always run out of time :-(

  15. I just realized today that the Lean Cuisines are at Walgreens! They have a good deal going at my Kroger now too. Good for work lunches.

  16. ive never had lean cuisines but im gonna try them i need to get on track

  17. this year I want my family and I to live longer and therefore I am trying to stick to a healthier diet for all of us. I am being more conscientious of our intake. Too much preservatives and fillers in food therefore I suggest we start by reading labels as much as possible.


  19. Michelle Fidler says:

    The Lean Cuisines are good, yummy, and now I’m hungry! I have a Sesame Chicken at home in my freezer. I like Coffee Mate, too, but I use the powdered kind. I love flavored coffee. Hadn’t seen the cheese and spinach pretzels before, but they look good.

  20. Love Lean Cuisine, although i have never tried any of their breakfast foods. I try to stay healthy and this is the product I choose..

  21. Starting the day with breakfast is super important! Lean Cuisine is yummy too for lunch!

  22. Rebekka S says:

    I enjoyed this blog post, I’m working on becoming more healthier and I love lean cuisine :)

  23. It is so hard to get back on track! Thank you for sharing how you are doing it! #client

  24. Cathy Jarolin

    I too need to get back on the right track..Lean Cuisine products I do like. So that’s an Idea I might try. I love the Skinny Cow Snacks..I love how you planned your get back on the right track.. You really gave me something to think about. Thankyou for Posting this article. :0}

  25. Emily Wells

    This is some great advice, thank you!

  26. You’re right! It’s so important to eat healthier and stay on the move too! #client

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