Share Your Goals for a Fabulous New Year at the #SoFabNewYear Twitter Party! #cbias



It’s a new year and I personally think it’s going to be fabulous!  I’ve got new dreams and new goals and new accomplishments that I can’t wait to start working my way towards.  And I’m guessing you do too!  If you’re a blogger like me, I encourage you to discover how your blogging goals can be met with the help of the Social Fabric community!  From shoppertunities to support to tutorials to help you make your blog the best, Social Fabric is the place to be for blogger who wants to grow!  And this year they will be continuing the tradition of educating bloggers to grow their blogs at the 2nd annual SoFabCon!

Whether you’re already part of Social Fabric and know how awesome it is or it you’re perhaps hearing about it for the first time, I encourage you to join us on our brand new SoFabChats Twitter Platform to celebrate an exciting new year!  Not only will you get to be one of the first to experience this amazing platform created specifically for Social Fabric Twitter Parties but you’ll also get to share your goals and hear tips and tricks from Social Fabric Members!

Join me at the #SoFabNewYear Twitter Party on SoFabChats!

DATE:  Monday, January 6th

TIME:  1-2pm ET

PRIZES: 10 $50 VISA Gift Cards

RSVP: #SoFabNewYear Twitter Party

LOCATION:  SoFabChats Party Tweet Grid

HOST: @jmanmillerbug

CO HOSTS: @dawnchats, @dentistmel and @turningclockbac


PARTY RULES: #SoFabNewYear Official Rules

Invite your friends!  After all, this party is too SoFab not to share!  Use the tweet below!


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