Make Back to School Shopping a Big Deal with Target! #targetbacktoschool

Target TN

I’m excited to partner with Target for a sponsored post to show you how you can make your back to school shopping mean more!  All opinions are my own. There are few things that I love more than summer….except for maybe the end of it. Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy long summer days (Continue Reading…);

Be Ready for Back to School!


Can you believe it’s already time to start thinking about going back to school?  I know I’m nowhere near ready but I know it’s time to start ordering clothes and searching for supplies.  While back to school time may be  a little (or a lot) stressful for some, we’ve got a great giveaway to help (Continue Reading…);

Make Over Your Bedroom with Beyond Bedding!


Need a little help finding new bedding?  Our review Jacqui was excited to partner with Beyond Bedding to share how she made over her son’s bedroom!  While she did receive a complimentary bedding set, all opinions are her own! Last summer we decided as a family it was time to move. We had to do (Continue Reading…);

Our Favorite Summer Songs & a Fun Nutella Recipe #SpreadtheHappy


It’s su-su-summertime and that’s sure to have you singing and dancing along.  During the summer, music is a constant in my home.  From rocking out in the car with my boys to streaming our favorite songs by the pool, we’re all about upbeat music that simply makes us happy!  In fact, just this past weekend, (Continue Reading…);

Be Back-to-School Ready with Cariloha


Can you believe that back to school time is right around the corner.  Here in our home we’re already starting to think about back to school essentials for both me and the kiddos.  From shirts to shoes to the necessary socks, I love super soft items that let us go about our everyday activities in (Continue Reading…);

Celebrate Summer with Little Debbie

Little Debbie3

I’ll admit it – I have a sweet tooth.  And both of my boys just happen to have inherited it.  So most days we end the day with a special treat while we sit on the porch and talk about our favorite things that have taken place.  While we’re not picky at all about our (Continue Reading…);

How to Perfectly Grill Squash


I’m all about my fruits and veggies during the summer.  But let’s admit it, you don’t want to slave away in a hot kitchen just to put amazing sides on your dinner table.  After several weeks this summer of missing out on the summer fun as I stood over the stove, I decided that it (Continue Reading…);

Get Fit with Fitbit!

Fitbit Flex

Jacqui from our review team is working to get fit!  She partnered with Fitbit to review the Fitbit Flex.  While she did receive a complimentary Fitbit, all opinions are her own. A few weeks ago I had I very rude wake-up call. I couldn’t keep up with my children: every time I tried playing with (Continue Reading…);

Winning Rocks! Giveaway Linky – July 21st

Winning Rocks

Why Buy It When You Could Win It? Welcome back to another week of fabulous prizes! Looking for great giveaways to enter? Want to share your fantastic giveaway? Then you’ve come to the right place! Link up your family friendly giveaways below weekly then enter away! After all, Winning Rocks!

Comfort is Key with Jambu Shoes


Confession time: I have a little bit of an obsession with shoes.  I think that each and every outfit needs their perfect pair and I truly believe that the shoes you wear are an expression of your sense of style.  However, since hurting my back about 4 years ago, I am much more selective with (Continue Reading…);