Finding a New Way to Care for Color Treated Hair


I’ve been coloring my hair for so long now that honestly, I can’t remember what my natural color is.  Now it’s not that I don’t think natural is pretty but for me, adding depth to my look with hair color is the perfect way express myself.  While choosing a color for my hair is as (Continue Reading…);

Five Spring Fashion Essentials for Moms


I am so glad that Spring is finally here!  It’s like overnight the weather warmed up, the flowers started to bloom and the world became a much happier place in my mind!  Beyond these small changes that make me super happy, the warmer weather also means that I can pack up my winter clothes and (Continue Reading…);

How to Make a Sweet Caramel Creams Flower for Spring


Spring and more specifically Easter are all about sweet treats in our home.  But it’s not just about finding ways to surprise the kids.  In fact, my hubby is a HUGE caramel lover….and it stands to reason that he would be petty stoked to find more Caramel in our home.  So when Goetze’s asked me (Continue Reading…);

Tips for Keeping Your Child Cool During Summer Travel


With summer quickly approaching, our reviewer Melanie is looking for ways to keep her adorable little girl cool! Since she knows that time in the car can’t be avoided, she was excited to partner with RECARO to review their Convertible Car Seat.  While she did receive a car seat free of charge, all opinions as (Continue Reading…);

How to Make the Most of Your Time Online


The hubs and I both spend quite a bit of time online.  In fact, he and I have gotten into the habit of sitting together and checking our emails, surfing Facebook and catching up on the news.  While I know it’s not that “connected” time we need, it is so nice to be in the (Continue Reading…);

Helpful Tips for Traveling with Kids


Traveling is tons of fun….but it can also be stressful.  Especially when you happen to be traveling with kids.  Forget the dirty looks or the outrageous amount of things you need to take with you.  The simple fact that you’re responsible for another human being is enough to make any parent sweat bullets.  And while (Continue Reading…);

Six Essentials Every Mom Needs in Her Handbag


As a busy mom, I basically live out of my purse most days.  And while it can quickly turn into a catch all, I do try to clean it out weekly to ensure that I’m never caught out without the mommy essentials that I need for daily life. So what are those things?  Well this (Continue Reading…);

Top Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her


Ok, guys.  It’s rare that I speak directly to you but I’m thinking since it’s “that” time of year, you may be needing a little help to make your Valentine’s Day special.  If you’re like my hubby, you’ll be needing some hints on what that special lady in your life wants.  And since I consider (Continue Reading…);

Tips for Styling Short Hair

Short Hair

I get asked about my hair….a lot.  Some people love it.  Some people hate it.  Some people just don’t care.  But with 2015 being the year of the pixie cut in my opinion, I’m all about mixing it up and not being afraid to go short.   However, going short it not easy.  Trust me. (Continue Reading…);

Ways to Effectively Manage Your Health

Health TN

This time of year I really start thinking about my health.  Between New Year’s resolutions to eat better and work out more and the dreaded cold and flu season, I spend more time than normal thinking about things that I can do to ensure I stay healthy.  And the older I get the more important (Continue Reading…);