Get Gorgeous Hair with V05

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I’ve been waiting forever for the warm weather to arrive but not what it has, the fuzzies for my hair have come right along with it.  And while I wouldn’t trade the rising temperatures for anything, I am needing to find a better haircare routine to ensure that even with heat, humidity and more, I (Continue Reading…);

Treat Yourself with a $50 Winner’s Choice Gift Card Giveaway!

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What’s your favorite place to shop?  Hurry!  Don’t think – just answer.  Now, how would you like a little shopping spree on us?  But it’s not all about shopping!  From restaurants to stores to simply stocking up on groceries, we want to give you exactly what you want and need!  And to do that we’re (Continue Reading…);

Treat Yourself with Fisher Nuts!


I’m a little nutty at times.  And it shows in my food preferences.  My of my favorite snacks is nuts so I’m kinda been in love with Fisher Nuts for more than a little while.  I love that the provide high quality nuts that are perfect for snacking.  In fact, I add them to all (Continue Reading…);

Display Your Favorite Memories with a Nix-Digital Photo Frame!


I’ll admit it – I’m a picture hoarder.  I have hundreds of pictures that I absolutely adore but I forget about them because there is no way that I can display them all in my home.  Until now.  With the changes in technology, there are now better ways then ever to display and showcase your (Continue Reading…);

Cook Up Fun with a Hape Kid’s Mixer!

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My kids love to get involved in the kitchen.  In fact, MillerBug pulls his chair over and waits expectantly every time I say the words cake of cookies.  One of his favorite things to do is pour the ingredients into the mixer and be involved in the process. But sometimes, when I’m making something really (Continue Reading…);

3 Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle and a Great Borton Fruit Giveaway!


With Spring in full bloom, I’m working on getting my healthy eating back on track.  Sadly, during the cold winter month I put on a few pounds (call it insulation) and get a little lazy about my gym visits.  But as soon as it warms up outside, the desire to get fit and get outside (Continue Reading…);

Celebrate Earth Day with Entenmann’s!


I received an Entenmann’s prize pack that included coupons, gift card and upcycled lunch sack.  All opinions are my own. Earth Day is only a few short weeks away and in my home we’re thinking of all types of fun ways that the kids can get involved with the efforts to live a greener life.  From (Continue Reading…);

Sit Back and Relax with Mighty Leaf Tea


Tea is one of my favorite drinks!  Whether enjoyed hot or cold, it’s a great way to relax and slow down in order to enjoy the day!  We want to help you enjoy yourself this Spring with an awesome Mighty Leaf Tea Prize Pack Giveaway! Do you have a special place and time that you (Continue Reading…);

Get Ready for Spring Grilling with a Kalorik Grill & Panini Maker!


Even though it’s warm enough to head outside to the grill, sometimes you just don’t want to!  I know my hubby is the grillmaster in our house and sometimes I like to give him a break.  But that doesn’t mean that I want to sacrifice the taste of grilled foods!  From steaks and burgers and (Continue Reading…);

Treat Yourself with a Winner’s Choice Gift Card Giveaway!

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What’s your favorite store?  Quick! Don’t think and answer.  We all know we have that one place where go tend to steer our cars towards whenever we need anything.  For some it’s Walmart.  For others Target.  Maybe you’re even an at home shopper who’s answer is Amazon!  Regardless of where your favorite place to shop (Continue Reading…);