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Baby Box

OK guys – I’ll admit it, I’ve got baby fever.  Everywhere I look friends are having infants and they are just so snuggly and cute. But they also require lots of…..stuff. When I became a mom for the first time (what feels like almost a million years ago) I was not prepared.  There were so (Continue Reading…);

Bring Your Music to Life with LuguLake


Is music a big deal in your home?  I know it is in mine and we’re always looking for better ways to be able to stream our favorite songs!  Since most of our music now lives on our iPads and iPhones, it’s important to be able to connect our devices in an easy and effective (Continue Reading…);

Sweeten the End of Summer with a Cuisinart Mix It In Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker


We love cool summer treats!  Our reviewer Pam had the chance to test out the Cuisinart Mix It In Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker recently and for her, it was love at first bite!  While she did receive the product free of charge, all opinions are her own. Summertime is the perfect time to eat (Continue Reading…);

Change the Way You Look at Diapers with Charlie Banana


Our reviewer Melanie is an advocate of cloth diapering.  While we fully respect that every mom is different, we love that she wanted to share her thoughts on the subject with you.  She did receive Charlie Banana diapers free of charge to help facilitate this post but all opinions are her own. All moms are (Continue Reading…);

Take Your Music on the Go with Sol Republic


The hubs is all about music and new technology!  So when I was offered the chance to test out the Tracks Air by Sol Republic, I knew that he was the only member of my household who could really tell you how amazing these headphones are.  While he did receive a pair of Tracks Air by (Continue Reading…);

Treat Your Nose Right with Scotties!


How many of you get summer colds?  My hubby has one right now and man, it just makes you feel bad.  In addition to the heat, there’s the raw nose that you just can’t get rid of!  And while I get that it’s not going anywhere for 5-7 days, I do want to do everything (Continue Reading…);

Finish Your Look with Fendi!


 There are few things in mind mind that are more essential than a great pair of sunglasses.  They give you a little hint of mystery.  They hide you when you’re running out without your makeup.  And the complete all of your effortless summer styles!  So needless to say, I think it’s important to find a (Continue Reading…);

Back to School’s Made Simple with an Amazing Giveaway!


Can you believe that summer is already coming to an end? The beginning of a new school year is a very exciting time, but it can also be very costly.Since we know that back to school supplies can cost quite a bit, we wanted to help you out.  After all, back to school should be (Continue Reading…);

Protect Your Electronics with Tech Armor!


I used to thing flowers were the way to my heard….until I discovered my favorite devices.  From my phone to my tablet to my computer, I don’t go anywhere without my electronics.  And while the electronics themselves are important, it’s equally important that I have amazing products to protect them and keep them running correctly! (Continue Reading…);

Bring Style to Your Kitchen with Onyx!


I’m always looking for ways to give my kitchen a touch of style and class.  While I fully recognize there is only so much you can do when it comes to your kitchen decor, finding small touches can sometimes make a really big difference!  We’re so excited to help you make one of those changes (Continue Reading…);