How to Discipline Effectively without Raising Your Voice


I know that at times our kids can push us to the limit. I know because I have been there several times myself. However, no matter how much you want to yell and scream, you keep the thoughts and raised voice inside your head. Why? The answer is simple, yelling and screaming will only cause (Continue Reading…);

4 Easy Ways to Become a More Engaged Parent


Having a child is a big responsibility. They count on you for support, guidance, and love from the moment that they are born up until the day you die. It is important that you as a parent become engaged in their activities. Of course, when the child is of a young age, their support needs (Continue Reading…);

4 Tips to Help Take the Fear Out of Potty Training

4 Tips to Help Take the Fear Out of Potty Training

Potty training can be tough.  While I can’t speak for girls, I can say that little boys are a challenge when it comes to the entire process.  It takes patience.  And time.  And is something that is rarely mastered overnight!  Both of my boys have been a challenge to potty train.  They showed very little (Continue Reading…);

How to Turn Electronics Into a Learning Tool for Your Preschooler


Although many parents tend to shy away from using electronic devices as a learning tool for preschoolers, I do not.   And while I do limit my kid’s time in front of the screen, MillerBug is quite interested in playing with my tablet or another electronic device when I am not busy using them. In (Continue Reading…);

Music & Your Baby: A Creative Guide to More than Lullabies


My babies are getting older and while there may not be little feet running around my home anymore, I know many of you are navigating through parenthood for the first, second or even third time.  So I am super excited to welcome Melanie Aldridge to the J-Man and MillerBug family!  She’ll be occasionally sharing fun (Continue Reading…);

5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Becoming a Parent

Parenting TN

Although being a parent surely has its rewards (in spades), those that throw caution to the wind about when to have a child will certainly be in for some surprises. Trust me, I know!  Having my first child at 22, I expected a perfect little “toy” who ate on command, slept on command and of (Continue Reading…);

Teaching My Preschooler Life Lessons with Disney’s FROZEN #FROZENFun #CollectiveBias


When you have little kids, it seems like you have to teach life lessons in any way you can.   I constantly find myself teaching my boys from everyday experiences; sharing my thoughts on who I want them to become and the characteristics I want them to embody.  And, honestly, most of it goes over (Continue Reading…);

6 Simple Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Love of Reading


Teaching your child to read is important.  Note, we did not say easy but will did say important. Not only will it help them develop comprehension skills, it will also broaden their minds to think about other people and lands far away.  In other words, books hold the ability to get their minds to wander (Continue Reading…);

Easy Ways to Turn Your Picky Preschooler into an Awesome Eater!


Kids are funny when it comes to food! Some kids will eat everything that is put in front of them. Others tend to be a little fussy about the food that is given to them at mealtimes.  My son, well, he seems to fall into the latter category!  As a parent you have a decision (Continue Reading…);

Easy Ways to Encourage Creativity in Your Preschooler


All parents know that each child is unique and learns certain skills at their own pace. Some parents become concerned if their child does not hold the pencil the same way as his sister or even does not pronounce certain words clearly. These skills are learned skills and take some time to develop. However, spending (Continue Reading…);