Best Ever Toffee Crunch Bar Recipe


I can’t believe it’s Christmas week!  It seems like I wait all year for this week when I’m off work, the kids are off school and it’s all about family.  And baking.  And enjoying the tasty treats that we will be sure to work off in the new year.  Just the other day my mom (Continue Reading…);

Seasonal Treat: Dark Chocolate Peppermint Haystacks


With Christmas a little over a week away, I’m starting to fill my kitchen with seasonal scents and flavors in preparation for upcoming gatherings and parties.  Every year during the holiday season, my family makes haystacks.  They are the perfect combination of sweetness of crunch that we all tend to crave.  This year though instead (Continue Reading…);

18 Festive Christmas Cookie Recipes


Christmas is next week ya’ll!  And that means it’s time to think about Christmas cookies. I was thrilled to partner with to create a list of can’t miss holiday cookies!  In our home, we make cookies for Santa every year.  I love to get the kids involved and really keep things festive.  So this (Continue Reading…);

Holiday Treat: Peppermint White Chocolate Pretzel Recipe

Peppermint White Chocolate Pretzels7

You guys!  My kitchen looks like a bomb exploded in it but I just made the perfect Christmas treat!  If you’re like me and love the mixture of sweet and salty with a surprising holiday twist, you are not going to want to miss this recipe! So, how did I come up with it?  Well, (Continue Reading…);

Celebrate with Baked Eggnog Donuts


In case you haven’t noticed, I’m in the mood for holiday cooking!  Favorite flavors are all over my kitchen and I’m just so excited to turn them into delicious treats that the entire family can enjoy!  One of my favorite holiday flavors is eggnog.  However, I don’t really enjoy just drinking it.  Instead I think (Continue Reading…);

‘Tis the Season for Peppermint Pound Cake!


Around December 1st, something magical happens in my home.  All my dishes take on a festive feel and the smell of peppermint fills the air.  In fact, I’ve found that I can take just about any ordinary desert and make it merry and bright with just a few additional ingredients!  And that’s just what I (Continue Reading…);

25 Amazing Recipes to Make from Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving TN

Yawn! Is anybody else stuffed from a day of amazing eats?  I know I am but now the question becomes, what do I do with all those leftovers?  You see my family likes to go a little over the top.  In fact, we always end up with way too much food!  So this year I’m (Continue Reading…);

Lighten Up: Lemon Garlic Shrimp Recipe


I know, I know.  Most people are thinking Turkey and dressing right now but not me.  You see, I’ve made a conscious decision that this year, I’m going to eat health over the holidays.  Now that doesn’t mean I’m not going to indulge now and then but it does mean that I’m working on finding (Continue Reading…);

20 Mouthwatering Winter Salads

Winter Salad

With the Thanksgiving holidays quickly approaching, my mind is on food!  And while I know we’ll have the traditional Turkey and Dressing, I also know that we’ll be having tons of salads!  Why?  Because we love our greens!  So when asked me to partner with them for a sponsored post showcasing my favorite winter (Continue Reading…);

Start a Holiday Tradition with Cheesy Spinach Pinwheel Rolls


With Thanksgiving approaching, I’ve been spending lots of time thinking about the items that will go on my table.  For our celebration, each of the five families will be bringing their favorite foods to contribute to the Thanksgiving feast.  In the past I’ve always brought rolls.  And while plain old rolls and butter are always (Continue Reading…);